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Word from the Wolfe Pack | February 23rd, 2022

Welcome back to the Wolfe Pack everyone! Sit tight, we’ve got some interesting backstage news and rumors to address but before we do? We’ve got an exclusive breaking news memo from the desk of Jim Connors himself!

BREAKING NEWS: First Participant Named for the Drake Memorial Cup!

Last night saw a wild show at the North Charleston Coliseum, but in the wake of some big moments, it seems that BRAWL General Manager Jim Connors still has one last trick up his sleeve.

The EWC Network can now confirm that the first representative of the Drake Memorial Cup, and it’s a doozy!

“After competing in the WonderCrush match at our season opener, Stitches made it very clear that he had some high aspirations for this season on the red brand…and I think the Drake Memorial Cup is a great opportunity for him to chase those aspirations!” – Jim Connors, BRAWL General Manager

Can the clown take home the Cup and earn a Golden Ticket opportunity? Be sure to watch StrangleMania XVII LIVE on Pay-Per-View on March 28th to find out, and stay tuned for further developments on who else will be participating!

Rumors & Backstage News

  • Romance on the Road?
    • Are things heating up for an EWC legacy? There was a spicy little exchange between Jason Hunter and Alexandra Calaway on fighter talk – could it be that Jason looks to follow in his mother’s footsteps and look for love in the industry? It could be too soon to tell, but things in the EWC tend to move quickly. Our backstage team will keep their ears open at Rampage, just in case anything new develops in this budding relationship.
  • Queen’s Cross?
    • Rumblings from the Malone camp are starting to indicate that the red hot start from the self-proclaimed Queen of the EWC has the former Undisputed champion seeing red. Buddy Love’s comments on Paramount 16 evidently left a sour taste in Malone’s mouth, leading our team to overhear her saying “Buddy is going to dig Killjoy a grave he won’t be able to climb out of”. Ramblings of a madwoman? Or will the Love family be the downfall of our Undisputed champion?
  • Injury Report from Paramount
    • Trainers from Paramount have been mum on the extent of the situation, but there are rumors that Amber Lisa Hall may have sustained an injury in her match with Jason Rayne at Paramount 16. While we’ve not been able to confirm any reports, it’s worth keeping in mind as she’s still scheduled to stand off with Ku on Prime 92.
  • Stuck in the Mud?
    • Despite what would be considered a rousing success at Brawl 579, the former Indy champion turned Brawl superstar Dio might be in hot water with his girlfriend and International championship contender Iggy Swango. Rumors backstage are that the philosopher missed out on a big night for Valentine’s Day and the lavish flower display sent to her locker room in South Carolina seems to confirm that Dio might be his own crux at this point. After losing to Iggy at the Brawl season opener, are these two on their way out already? Or will their relationship transcend the February holiday?
  • Legendary Wrath following Brawl?
    • We’re continuing to follow the story that we broke several weeks ago regarding Tommy Love and Tara Michaels. After the confrontation on Brawl 579 resulted in the seeming termination of both the Love family contract and Tara’s contract with the Hunter family, our backstage sources are reporting that both Ruthann Hunter and Tara were seen in a heated argument. While the EWC cameras were busy with the X-Division match, eye witnesses say the argument resulted in Ruthann Hunter storming off to end the conversation. With Jason scheduled on Rampage this week and the mother/son team slated to mix it up at Stranglemania with Olivia Saint and El Chupacabra… it seems the last thing the Hunters need is ongoing drama with their legal counsel. We’ll continue to keep an eye on this as it develops and potentially makes waves heading into the show of shows.

Remember – if you’ve heard any juicy gossip or rumors backstage, your anonymity is safe with us! Report your rumors anonymously to us here and we’ll see you next week with another, Word from the Wolfe Pack.

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