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Weekly Roundup for 2-19-2022

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Roundup! Each week, we’re going to cover what you missed in EWC action, catch some highlights, check out our featured superstars, and look at two matches coming next week you’ll want to set your DVR to watch on repeat!

This week, we caught up with Paramount and Prime as they hosted their season openers in stunning fashion! Contenders were determined, opportunities claimed, and the action has never been hotter so let’s get right into it starting off with a PRIME showdown in Milan.

PRIME #091 – Recap & Highlights


David Miller Vs Aeon Khronos   WINNER via pinfall: Aeon Khronos

Match Highlight: Aeon runs at Miller for a Clothesline. Miller ducks before hitting Aeon with a knife edge chop and a Snap Suplex that sends her into the turnbuckles. Miller kicks off the turnbuckles and drops down on Aeon with a Legdrop.


TRIPLE THREAT Winner faces Scorpio at PRIME #92 for the Showtime Broadcast Championship

Lorenzo Vs Amber Lisa Hall Vs Dalilah Ashe   WINNER via pinfall: Dalilah Ashe

Match Highlight:  Amber rolls out of the ring as Lorenzo runs off the ropes. He flies through the ropes with a Tope Suicida that sends Dalilah Ashe crashing into the ringside barrier. Lorenzo rolls her into the ring before dropping on her with a Slingshot Legdrop. Lorenzo dumps Ashe into the corner but before he can follow up, Amber runs in and hits an Avalanche. All three drop to the mat.



Melody Malone Vs “Headhuntress” Aiya    WINNER via pinfall: Melody Malone

Match Highlight: She turns in time to see Malone dive at her with a Springboard Meteora and a series of Right Hands. Malone pulls Aiya to her feet and runs off the ropes. Malone leaps for… something but Aiya uses the momentum to push Malone further into the air before bringing her down to the mat with a Pop-up Powerbomb. Malone staggers to her feet but is dropped by a Shoot On Sight by Aiya.



Senshi Of The Blade Vs The Southern Express   WINNER via pinfall: The Southern Express

Match Highlight: Megumi lifts Jimmy for a Suplex but he slides out of it hitting Megumi with a Clothesline. He turns as Narumi runs at him for a Superman Punch. Clutching a pain in his knee he manages to avoid it. He throws Narumi at the ropes but she falls out of the ring as Bobby pulls the ropes down lifting himself to the apron. Jimmy lifts Megumi, Bobby leaps. Good Night Milan!!!


TAG TEAM BATTLE OF #1 CONTENDERS MATCH  Winner faces The Southern Express for the EWC World Tag Team Championships at StrangleMania

Halo Syndicate Vs Sabotage (Eddie & Callie)    WINNER via pinfall: Sabotage

Match Highlight: Carrie has dragged her way to a neutral corner and Clark runs looking for a Cannonball but Carrie rolls out of the way. Clark crashes into the corner as Carrie dives tagging in Nina. Nina leaps into the ring and hits Clark with the full Chrissy Shuffle of a Right Jab, a Left Hook, a Right Cross and a Spinning Roundhouse Nina then hits Clark’s thigh with roundhouse kicks. Nina whips Clark off the ropes and then hoists her into the air hitting a pop-up X Factor.


NON TITLE   #1 VS #2 INDY CONTENDER   Winner faces Narumi Tsutsumi for the Indy Championship at StrangleMania

SAIDIE SHARPE Vs SCORPIO   WINNER via pinfall: Scorpio

Match Highlight: Scorpio reaches an arm into the air breaking the count. Saidie lifts Scorpio to his feet and grabs him in a front facelock that she turns into a Hangman’s Neckbreaker position. Saidie pushes Scorpio away but he turns around in time to eat a Spinning Heel Kick. Scorpio staggers to his feet as Saidie grabs him in a Waistlock. She jerks him for a German Suplex but can’t lift him. Scorpio starts to laugh but Saidie puts her hands on his shoulders and leaps over Scorpio taking him to the mat with a Head Scissors that she rolls into a cover.


PRIME #91 MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Southern Express vs Senshi Of The Blade

Price’s Prospect

Price has got his eyes on his entire pool of talent on Prime, but one he’s recently given an exclusive sneak peek into has been Amber Lisa Hall. In fact, catching up with the Prime General Manager, he told us “She didn’t pick up a W on the night but Amber Lisa Hall impressed the hell out of me Sunday night. She put in the work during the off-season and you can really see it in the ring. She looked strong, cool and collected. I think she’ll have a good year”. She avoided taking the pin on Prime, but bounced back strong with an X-division rules win on Paramount over Jason Rayne. She’s also been testing the waters on Brawl, giving GM Jim Connors a piece of her mind at the season opener. This little ‘incident’ has led to Brawl’s own Ku coming over to Prime 92 to square off against Amber in what one can only assume is a pre-Parabellum brand on brand battle for supremacy. Though in Victor Price’s eyes? We can only expect the win from his Prime superstar.

PARAMOUNT #16 – Recap & Highlights

Prime set the tone for this week, but two-time GM of the Year Chris Brock wasn’t about to let Paramount come across as the ‘B’ show for the week and threw a hell of a season opener right in the heart of Paramount country in Daly City. What did the Cow Palace see? In addition to the shock of the century with Candy turning her back on her 3C brethren, take a look at the recap of the intense action on the orange brand!



Bathsheba Vs Mark Keaton Vs Adriana Aquilla Vs Faith Rivers    WINNER via pinfall: Faith Rivers

Match Highlight: Inside the ring, Keaton’s frustrations are being beaten out of him by Addy Aquila, who hauls the Canadian to his feet and hits a couple of forearms, a superkick that sends him off the ropes and right back into a beautiful snap suplex. With Keaton down, Lo Divino rises smoothly to her feet and takes only a cursory glance back before launching into an Addy Star Press right in the center of the ring… but Keaton rolls out at the last second, leaving an empty pool!



Shaker Jones Vs James Keaton     WINNER via pinfall: And STILL CW BROADCAST CHAMPION: James Keaton

Match Highlight: Shaker falls backward against the turnbuckles as James repeatedly strikes with knife edge chops. After the fifth chop, Shaker spins James around and lands several knife edge chops of his own. James blocks a chop and takes him down with a double leg take down. James keeps control of the legs and uses them to catapult Shaker back into the turnbuckles.



Jason Rayne Vs Amber Lisa Hall    WINNER via pinfall: Amber Lisa Hall

Match Highlight: Amber is the first one back to her feet. Amber grabs the folding chair off the ground and swings it down toward Jason’s prone body. Jason rolls out of harm’s way and jumps to his feet. Jason kicks the chair out of Amber’s hands. Amber responds with a spinning backfist to the side of Jason’s head. Jason stumbles backwards a few steps, bumping into the guardrail. Jason grabs hold of the guardrail to prevent himself from falling over. Amber kicks Jason in his abdomen, grabbing his head as he lurches forward. Amber follows up with a flowing DDT. The crowd lights up.



Melody Malone Vs El Pablo    WINNER via submission: Melody Malone

Match Highlight: The strikes slow and abate, but Melody isn’t done, locking up a guillotine from which she stands, teeth grit as she drags her larger opponent to his feet. Her eyes gleam at the crowd who are decidedly against her efforts, and this just spurs her on; she drags El Pablo backward until she can get a foot onto the bottom rope, which she uses to flip forward, releasing the choke and landing atop her foe’s shoulders. From there it’s a twist and a drop to land an authoritative, and acrobatically-dictated backstabber!



Gabrielle Visconty Vs Killjoy Ito   WINNER via pinfall: Killjoy Ito

Match Highlight: The Undisputed Champion tries to behead The Angel with an up-close Clothesline, but Gabi is able to duck under the arm. She sneaks behind Ito and slams a boot hard into the center of his back. He tries to keep his balance, but falls down to a knee. Gabi kicks hard at the other one, trying to force him to fall forward onto his stomach. It takes a few more well-placed assaults to the back of Ito’s legs, but finally Gabi gets what she was aiming for as Killjoy stumbles forward.



Dalilah Ashe Vs Darius   WINNER via pinfall: Darius

Match Highlight: Darius is getting back up to his feet as Ashe slams a wooden crutch across his back. Darius bows his back as Ashe pulls his head back while placing the wooden crutch around his throat. She pulls back as he struggles to regain his breath. Ashe loosens her grip while driving her forearm across Darius’s face. She spins him around looking to knee him in the gut but Darius catches her with a nasty headbutt. Ashe staggers a little before Darius catches her with a hard right hand into her stomach.



Marcu$ $t. John Vs Isabella    WINNER via pinfall: Marcu$ $t. John

Match Highlight: $t. John sticks to the ropes, keeping to the edge of the ring as he spares a few harsh words for Isabella’s beau. Her face twisting in rage, the woman comes forward and misses a full-rotation roundhouse kick, allowing her slippery foe to get behind her. He looks to be fighting for the finish with a sleeper hold, perhaps trying for the Million Dollar Dream, but Isabella jams her heel into his right ankle and twists him off-balance. Reacting quickly, he instead drops a guillotine elbow across the ex-marine’s throat, driving her to the mat and hooking the leg.

Brock’s Blockbuster

The two-time brand of the year is nowhere for talent to hide from the spotlight, and this week Chris Brock is shining that light directly onto one fiery lady. ‘La Belicista’ Isabella might’ve failed to get the win over Marcu$ St John, but the Paramount GM has been nothing short of glowing in his review of the former marine turned pro wrestler. Not that we can argue, her training at Ace King’s school has already started to pay off as she narrowly missed the victory in the main event on Paramount 16 and finds herself yet again in the main event this coming episode of Paramount in her biggest fight to date – going one on one with the Undisputed champion himself – Killjoy Ito. Should Isabella pick up the victory at Paramount #17, she could shake the very foundation of the Undisputed championship scene…

Coming Soon – Matches to set your DVR for!

Brawl #579  – Candy v Iggy Swango | This match has HUGE Stranglemania implications! Both women are former champions, and both women captured wins in the Brawl season opener as they head into episode 579. Iggy has seemingly turned her career around over night, while Candy is coming off not only a win in the insane Wondercrush match with Stitches but coming into Brawl with a very..sour attitude after the explosive situation we witnessed on Paramount #16. This match has all the makings of an early season classic and you will NOT want to miss it!

Rampage #496 – Karver VS Megumi VS Mercenary |  Rampage is going big with a triple debut with colossal stakes! Debuting for the green brand are former Prime and Paramount superstars, all looking for their share of glory on Rampage, and one of them is going to find it in the form of a shot at the HBO championship at Rampage #497. A title shot is big enough, but whats even bigger is remembering the news broken on the January 26th edition of the Wolfe Pack, where the broadcast champions will all be competing in a ladder match to earn a shot at their brand’s top championship. Could one night rocket one of these three superstars into superstardom? Find out on Rampage this week!

News & Updates

Price’s Payday? – Catching up earlier this week with Prime GM Victor Price, not only was he high on Amber Lisa Hall but he was beyond hyped up for the tag team scene. In fact, he’s reported some big news for Stranglemania exclusively to us here at the Weekly Roundup!   “I can’t say enough about our Tag Team Division here on PRIME. Senshi Of The Blade took the Champs to the limit and came close to winning. I know they’ll put in the extra work to get right back to earning W’s. Sabotage, they’re going to Mania with gold in reach .. I’m so proud of them .. and not that they need any extra motivation .. but when they beat The Southern Express and bring those championships home to PRIME .. I’m going to give them an extra Million Dollars .. out of my own pocket”

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