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The High Spot

Breaking down every episode of PARAMOUNT Wrestling

Lisa Goldrush: Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the High Spot!

Javier Lopez: Lisa, the season has just started and we have so much to get into, so let’s cut to the chase and get right into the opener for Paramount. And I don’t mean our first featured match but the absolute bombshells dropped by Paramount General Manager Chris Brock and the Executive Director, Melody Malone!

Lisa Goldrush: Those two had Paramount buzzing from the minute the show started! Chris Brock announcing the Paramount Power Rankings. Paramount superstars have the chance to watch their opportunities in real time as every single win, loss, and draw will dictate their place in the Paramount pecking order.

Javier Lopez: Proving your worth in the ring nets you opportunities, and I can’t wait to see how this affects the landscape of Paramount. Think about it! How many times did we see contender after contender decided on the whim of one night? One match? Not to mention, the incentive for Paramount wrestlers to go out and get the win on other shows, showing everyone just how dynamic and stacked this roster is? I have a feeling I know which one of the board members wanted that clause added.

Lisa Goldrush: And then, we get the announcement of the Pure Rules. The Dynasty championship, here exclusive to Paramount, and everything that entails. For a company with ‘Extreme’ in the name, Javier… this is bold.

Javier Lopez: It absolutely is bold, but you heard it from the lips of the Executive Director. This championship, this identity is going to be what sets Paramount apart from every other brand in the EWC. Plus… she gave us a good plug too.

Lisa Goldrush: That she did! And I think it’s fitting that we fulfill that plug and get to last night’s opening bout.

Addy Aquilla v Shaker Jones

Winner: Addy Aquilla
Ringside Fan Reaction: Shaker and Addy really put it all into that match. I think I heard Shaker say some things after that Addy Star Press that probably can’t be repeated on television. Shame he didn’t walk away with the dub. Mr. 24/7 needs a win streak bad!
IWC Reaction: I almost feel bad that these two had to follow up the Executive Team’s announcement AND Sally Talfourd. Social media was all buzzing about those three, and by the time the attention turned back to the ring, the match was over. DVR doesn’t lie though, Addy clearly wanted this win more. She’s never opened the season with a win, so this is a big step in the right direction for her.
Bump of the Match: Addy hits Shaker Jones with the Mexican Destroyer

Lisa Goldrush: A great win for Addy to kick off the 2024 season, tough break for Shaker Jones though.

Javier Lopez: Tough break indeed, but I think the regular match just doesn’t really play to Shaker’s strengths. He really thrives in those chaotic environments, and with Paramount’s emphasis on traditional wrestling, it’ll be interesting to see how well he can adapt in this new environment.

Lisa Goldrush: And of course, Issac Hale with a reminder to the EWC that NextGen will be airing April 4th, live from Duluth Minnesota. NextGen has produced some incredible talent here in EWC, from Sunny Skye to Kenzie Ford, and ZERO who both took their talents to Rampage this season.

Javier Lopez: Speaking of taking their talents elsewhere… Lisa, the absolute bombshells dropped on Paramount. The return of 3pAC, and the exclusive signing of former EWC Undisputed champion, former International champion, X-Division champion, EWC Tag Team champion, and former FSW champion, Xavier Reid! The entire Love Club is exclusively on Paramount!

Lisa Goldrush: And on top of that, Xavier Reid making his official declaration. His rematch for the Undisputed championship will happen at Stranglemania! Javier, if Paramount plays their cards right, it could be a stacked roster of nothing but champion after champion after champion.

Sakura Yamamoto v Tanja Devereaux

Winner: Tanja Devereaux
Ringside Fan Reaction: Tanja creeps me the f— out! I swear she hexxed me or something, my nachos didn’t taste right all night after this match. Sakura got mauled, poor girl.
IWC Reaction: Statement. Win. That’s all there is to it. Tanja was in the Apple TV+ title match last season opener, now she’s nearly curtain jerking the show. She went into this match absolutely pissed off, and it showed.
Bump of the Match: Tanja with a Death Valley Driver to Sakura

Javier Lopez: Lisa, Tanja said it herself leading up to this match with Sakura, she hasn’t forgotten that draw she pulled against Sonya. Seeing her name on the marquee for the Dynasty championship in the Main Event wasn’t just motivation for Tanja that was personal.

Lisa Goldrush: Personal was the name of the game all night at Paramount 39. And we need look no further than the Television Championship match to prove it. Jason Anderson has a long history in this business and a certified pedigree, but Marcu$ is bound and determined to get his name into that same atmosphere.

Television Championship Match
Jason Anderson v Marcu$ $t John

Winner: Marcu$ $t John
Ringside Fan Reaction: This was HYPE! The crowd was on their feet the whole match. Marcu$ and Jason put on a hell of a show. When Jason cracked Marcu$ with the B.J.A I swear I thought I heard Marcu$ nose break.
IWC Reaction: A quick paced match, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Marcu$ $t John and Jason Anderson. These two were well matched in the ring, the near falls were crisp, both men look like they didn’t miss a step in the off season. I expect they’ll clash again VERY soon.
Bump of the Match: Marcu$ with the Money Stomp 2.0

Lisa Goldrush: Marcu$ with a successful defense, but Jason Anderson put up a fight that surprised everyone.

Javier Lopez: An MVP performance you could say, Lisa. Marcu$ said he was going to take second place to no one and that he was going to have to evolve to represent not just Paramount but ALL of the EWC as Television champion and so far he’s living up to that goal.

Lisa Goldrush: You’ve got to believe Chris Brock and Melody Malone are happy to see the Television championship staying on Paramount early on as we begin to pave the Road to Stranglemania. But before we could get a preview of what may come at Stranglemania last night, Amber Lisa made an appearance leading up to our Main Event, but got a surprise visit from the Cajun Queen Tanja Devereaux.

Javier Lopez: Tanja spraying the mist into Amber’s eye, can we just call it what it was Lisa? Salt! All Tanja was, was salty about the Main Event and not being in it. She very nearly cost us a championship match!

Lisa Goldrush: Tanja seems determined to keep an eye on that championship, and her two points earlier in the night get her that much closer…

Xavier Reid v Sally Talfourd

Winner: Sally Talfourd
Ringside Fan Reaction: The crowd was SO mad at Sally all night. You could feel it in the air. I think it kinda sucked though because Xavier was really all in, and I think the crowd was more mad than excited tonight for these two.
IWC Reaction: Reid and Talfourd giving a preview of what might come at Stranglemania. Both went into this match hard hitting, but Sally had Reid telegraphed. He got some good licks in, but that High Hopes from nowhere reminded him who the champ is.
Bump of the Match: Sally countering the Bastard Bomb into High Hopes

Lisa Goldrush: The Undisputed champion walking out with her second win on the season, but giving up valuable insight to Xavier Reid as he has his eyes locked on Stranglemania.

Javier Lopez: Xavier Reid is a student of the game, Lisa. He’s been down this path before and every chop, every forearm, every kick, they’re all little lessons he’s tucking away for later. He might not’ve won the match, but you better believe that he didn’t walk out of Paramount with nothing to show for it.

Lisa Goldrush: Let’s talk about our main event…

EWC Dynasty Championship Match
SONYA v Amber Lisa

Winner and NEW Dynasty Champion: Amber Lisa
Ringside Fan Reaction: This was intense. I don’t think I’ve seen Amber or Sonya go that hard EVER! Sally Talfourd ringside was rude, she said I smelled like something but I can’t pronounce whatever it was. El Pablo felt bad for me though and offered me some of his Skittles so that was cool! I’m gonna list those on eBay later if anybody wants authentic El Pablo Skittles!
IWC Reaction: Absolute. Banger. If this is what Paramount has in store for the Dynasty championship, sign me up. What a breath of fresh air from the crazy off the wall title matches. Those can have their place, but this was something special to see. Amber Lisa and Sonya showed out, star making performances from both of them.
Bump of the Match: SONYA with the Dreadnought Bomb

Javier Lopez: Lisa, I can’t think of a better way for this championship to get its start. The Dynasty championship, decided in an absolute slugfest between two women who embody everything this championship was made for.

Lisa Goldrush: Both Amber Lisa and Sonya set a high, high bar for the Dynasty championship. If I’m not mistaken, this is Amber’s first championship here in the EWC to boot!

Javier Lopez: She’d better hold on tight too, because with the first episode of Paramount in the books, we’re looking forward to Paramount #40 in Las Vegas! More points are on the line, every match with stakes tied to it going forward – and it all starts on February 21st as Adrianna Aquilla welcomes Raca Jakodi to Paramount in her own special way to kick off the show. What are we feeling, Lisa? Do you think Raca’s going to come in with something to prove? Or will Adrianna’s momentum after her win over Shaker Jones carry her to another victory?

Lisa Goldrush: Raca was impressive in his win over El Gran Azul, but momentum can be that intangible x-factor. Not to mention, Adriana’s been in the ring at Wrestlefest and just this past Wednesday. Jakodi’s not been in the ring for coming up on three months now. I worry, will ring rust play a role?

Javier Lopez: It might, but Lisa I gotta believe that the allure of those 2 points, working towards a potential shot at the Television championship might be just the motivation a man like Raca Jakodi needs to overcome Adrianna’s momentum.

Lisa Goldrush: With maybe some more recent momentum off of Gambit, we get our first look at Prime’s Hugo Goodman on the orange brand, as he takes on Sonya. And look… no disrespect at Hugo at all, but Sonya is going to be coming into this one absolutely looking to bounce back after her loss to Amber Lisa. The last thing she’s going to want to do, is go down 0 and 2 against someone from another brand coming over and pushing her down the rankings.

Javier Lopez: One hundred percent Lisa. Sonya has turned in some impressive outings, and I expect Paramount 40 to be one where she absolutely shines like the battleship she is. But somewhere that won’t be shining, will be our next bout. After Tanja spit that mist into Amber Lisa’s face last night, the executive board decided to give Jason Anderson an opportunity to maybe get a little payback for Tanja’s actions.

Lisa Goldrush: Jason’s got every right to defend his girlfriend, but surely Amber can defend herself? I mean, at this point this is a Rampage star getting into Paramount business!

Javier Lopez: Tanja should’ve taken that into consideration before she tried to rob Amber Lisa of her Dynasty championship opportunity! If Jason Anderson gets the chance to step into the ring against Tanja, she’d better hope to bring more than that mist, because according to the Board this is officially a sanctioned Hardcore match to boot!

Lisa Goldrush: Well from one Interbrand match to another, our North American champion, the ACE of Paramount Ibuki Ito will be going one on one with Emmanuelle from Brawl.

Javier Lopez: I’m sure Sonya is giving Emmanuelle alllll the dirt she can from her own run ins with Ibuki Ito. And if she can pull off a victory, I can only imagine that’ll put her into Connor’s good graces when she gets back to the red brand.

Lisa Goldrush: Dirt or no, Ibuki Ito isn’t somebody you can just read a few blogs and watch a few videos on. This guy has years and years of tape, not to mention, Ito’s been itching for a fight. After Aiya wasn’t cleared to compete, you know he’s going to take out any pent up energy and leave it all out there in Las Vegas.

Javier Lopez: Maybe a little more lighthearted, but we’re being graced with a six person tag team match featuring two of EWC’s most popular factions! Shinijoshi in the form of the brand new Dynasty champion Amber Lisa, and the Silent Discotechnicos team up to face Paramount’s exclusive Love Club! Bunny Love is pairing up her side piece Xavier Reid and 3pAC in a match that’s got more hardware to their name than Home Depot! Former tag team champions going head to head, a former Undisputed champion versus the current Dynasty champion…

Lisa Goldrush: Let’s not forget the long history between one half of the Silent Discotechnicos, El Pablo and his half brother Xavier Reid. You could marquee an entire pay-per-view around those two!

Javier Lopez: And not to be outdone… the main event sees Paramount’s very own Marcu$ $t John defending the Television championship one on one against The Lad! It’ll be Marcu$ second title defense since Wrestlefest, but from what I saw on Gambit… The Lad might be the real deal Lisa.

Lisa Goldrush: I’ve seen so many come through the doors of Paramount, going all the way back to when we were still Future Stars. I’m not sold after one appearance on Gambit, but the opportunity to stake your claim on the entire roster with not just a win, but a championship win in your first Main Event? That is enough to bring out the best in anybody.

Javier Lopez: Marcu$ will bring his A-game, absolutely. It could be a newcomer like The Lad, or it could be an old dance partner like Ibuki Ito. Either way, Marcu$ is bound and determined to take every match as seriously as possible and we on Paramount are in for a treat. If I’m on Brawl, Prime, or Rampage? I’m tuning in to see these two go at it, because I think February 21st, in Las Vegas, we’re going to see the benchmark for what this Television championship is, and what it’s going to take to walk away with it on your shoulder.

Lisa Goldrush: We do know for sure, at least two other people from Prime will be in the building, as the Heat Packers have announced they’re coming to Paramount with something to say. Considering that both teams they won the Tag Team championships off of in the past six months are going to be in competition that night? I say we’ve got a high probability that Chris Brock and Melody Malone may want to hire extra security…

Javier Lopez: There is so much in store for Paramount 40, we’re on the road to Stranglemania, Lisa… I can’t wait.

Lisa Goldrush: Folks, we’re out of time tonight, but join us right here on February 22nd, as we recap Paramount 40, bring you up to speed on what to expect at Paramount 41, and we break down the Paramount Power Rankings and make our predictions as to just who might start cashing in their points and when. Until next time! I’m Lisa Goldrush.

Javier Lopez: And I’m Javier Lopez. Goodnight, and we’ll see you in the next High Spot.

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