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Weekly Roundup for 2-26-2022

We’re closing in on Stranglemania, and this week the action was brutal as everyone on both Brawl and Rampage set out to make a statement on their way to the illustrious pay-per-view event coming to the EWC live from Narendar Modi stadium in India! So let’s start off with the brand that started it all, Monday Night Brawl!

Brawl #579 – Recap & Highlights



Nick James VS Zack Tyler   WINNER via pinfall: Nick James

Match Highlights: With a kickout at two and a half, Zack gathers up Nick and sends him for a whip, but Nick reverses into a knee to the gut, followed by a forearm to the head, and PUMPHANDLE NECKBREAKER! Nick pounds his fists into his chest roaring, “I’M NICK JAMES, BITCH!!!!” He then hits the ropes and dives with a Somersault Legdrop and pin!!



The Eleos Affect VS Halo Syndicate VS Xtreme Ravagers   WINNER via pinfall: The Eleos Affect

Match Highlights: Antoni is rocked by this, reeling back as Carrie takes advantage with a roll up!   ONE!     TW–NOPE! Hamilton breaks it up with a kick to the back of Carrie’s head, not letting Samson get a win that easily. She brings Carrie to her feet, looking for Zeus’s Wrath…but Carrie counters out of it, sending Samson to the corner with a kick to the face! Carrie charges at full speed, but the Titaness is able to dodge it at the last second, and catches her with the sleeper hold from behind! EXILED TO TARTARUS!



King Flip VS Dio   WINNER via pinfall: Dio

Match Highlights: Flip quickly picks his opponent up and lifts him into the air for a torture rack. Dio screams out in pain as Flip glares at Malone on the ground. The King stumbles as he bumps into the trash can and the Philosopher gets back to his feet. Dio wastes no time getting his opponent into a torture rack of his own. Now it’s Flip agonizing as Dio cranks in the submission hold. Chanel quietly gets behind the two men and drops to her hands and knees just behind Dio as he turns and perfects his maneuver. The Philosopher backs right into the trap and both men crash into the trash can, flattening it.



Stitches VS Gabrielle Visconty   WINNER via pinfall: Gabrielle Visconty

Match Highlights: Stitches kicks out, rolling to his feet. He goes for a low kick but Gabby bends completely backwards on her knees, avoiding the kick, then popping up onto her feet with a flex of her legs. She then vaults to the top rope as he turns back to face her, leaping off with THE ANGELBOMB! His head jerks back off her knees and he flat backs onto the canvas! Gabby hits a springboard moonsault pin shortly after!



Candy VS Iggy Swango   WINNER via pinfall: Iggy Swango

Match Highlights: Swango quickly rises to her feet and grabs a handful of Candy’s hair. Swango drags Candy towards the corner but Candy starts to fight back. She lands a few hard blows to the body but Swango cuts her off with a hard knee to Candy’s torso. While keeping Candy in her possession, Swango slams her face first into the top turnbuckle before picking her up by the legs and driving her back first into the canvas. Candy squirms a little as Swango draps Candy’s body across the bottom rope. Swango quickly rolls out of the ring and measures Candy before striking with a knee lift. Candy’s torso bounces up as Swango grabs her around the neck and snaps it back against the ropes.



Tyler Bradford VS Rebel Rhodes   WINNER via submission: Rebel Rhodes

Match Highlights: Rhodes is clutching her injured arm as she finds her feet, and the challenger circles her, bouncing from foot-to-foot, twisting his neck and working out his shoulders as if he’s just now finding his full stride. He dashes forward, and seems about to put on the brakes when Mel steps aside and flings him headlong into a full sprint. He obliges by hitting the ropes as she does the same, going once more for the Rhodes Kill! Bradford slides under, and hits a drop toe hold, sending the champion crashing to the mat.

BRAWL #579 MVP: Gabrielle Visconty
BRAWL #579 MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Stitches VS Gabrielle Visconty

Connor’s Corner

Stitches hasn’t had the most successful start to the 2022 season here in the EWC, but that hasn’t deterred General Manager Jim Connors. The former EWC Undisputed champion has a glowing resume, including being the final FSW champion as the Orange brand’s former championship officially merged with the Undisputed title at Paramount’s inaugural episode. This all tracks well for Stitches as Connors has personally hand picked him to represent Brawl at Stranglemania as the first official entrant into the Drake Memorial Cup. The win at Stranglemania has been known to make all the difference for multiple superstars in the EWC, and Connors is banking on this year being the year the Carnival Clown walks out of Stranglemania with the trophy, the golden ticket, and the W for the red brand. All he’s gotta do is survive Brawl #580 where he’ll square up to Ace King and King Flip in a street fight!

With Brawl’s action putting the pressure on, we tuned in Friday to the green brand as Rampage looked ready to tear the roof off of the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia South Carolina!

Rampage #496 – Recap & Highlights



Ruby Clifton VS Tanja Devereaux   WINNER via pinfall: Tanja Devereaux

Match Highlights: Tanja goes to make it into the ring, but Ruby dropkicks her in the knee. Ruby rolls onto her hands and knees and grabs at her injured head while Tanja grabs at her knee. Tanja hobbles over to Ruby and pulls her up, Ruby jumps up into a hurricanrana and spikes Tanja on her head! Ruby drags Tanja up and smashes another palm into Tanja. Ruby goes for another dropkick but Tanja drops down and lunges into a double-leg takedown! Tanja rolls Ruby over and smashes a forearm into the base of Ruby’s skull. Tanja drags Ruby up by her hair into a reverse spinning STO! Death’s Call!!!



Autumn Raven VS Darna Dare    WINNER via double count out: DRAW

Match Highlights: Right as the bell sounds, Darna bursts out of her corner and catches Autumn with a vicious clothesline. Autumn’s back presses against the turnbuckle as Darna unleashes a heavy dose of rights and lefts to each side of her head. Autumn is trying to cover up but Darna continues to pepper her with heavy shots. Autumn eventually manages to block one of the rights and turns Darna into the turnbuckles. Instead of using her fists, she starts putting the boots to Darna. Stomp after stomp before moving away while screaming at the top of her lungs. Darna catches her breath then charges at Autumn. Autumn catches her in a bear hug before launching her overhead with a belly to belly suplex.



Tommy Burton VS Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton   WINNER via pinfall: Samantha Hamilton

Match Highlights: Sam is the first one up to her feet as she drags Tommy up to his feet. As the two of them are standing, Sam strikes with a hard knee into the sternum before dropping a clubbing forearm across his back. Tommy lets out a grunt before Sam snaps off a hip toss. She follows the hip toss with a cartwheel before landing a front dropkick to the side of Tommy’s head. Sam quickly picks Tommy back up, places him on her shoulders before falling backwards with a samoan drop. After landing the move, she quickly goes for the cover.



Jason Hunter VS Olivia Saint   WINNER via pinfall: Jason Hunter

Match Highlights: Both up and Jason drops Olivia with a DDT! Jason goes to the top rope for Jason’s Score, but Olivia gets to her feet and crotches him on the top rope! Olivia reaches into her boot and pulls out a railroad spike! Olivia climbs up top with Jason and starts to grind the spike into his head. Olivia eventually drags the spike over the head of Jason causing him to bleed. Olivia tosses the spike out of the ring she then takes her fist with all her strength and throws punches right into the wound which makes him busted open blood everywhere Jason looks because of the blood lost it was making him weak. Oliva gets ready to attempt a top rope move, but Jason is able to block before connecting with Jason’s Drop and then collapsing to the mat.



Lavender VS Saidie Sharpe   WINNER via pinfall: Lavender 

Match Highlights: This time it’s Lavender who’s caught on the rebound, Saidie criss-crossing her then slipping behind – evading an attempted lariat as she does so – to hook in the SaidTO! Lavender’s spiked right into the mat, with an ugly sound that seems to leave her down for the count. Sensing a golden opportunity, Saidie pops to her feet and lunges at the corner post, going to the high rent district on shaking legs. She pauses, biting her bottom lip, looking back at Lavender… And then hits a picture-perfect SaidieSault, right into the cover!



Karver VS Megumi VS Mercenary   WINNER via pinfall:  Karver

Match Highlights: Megumi kicks Merc in the knee and jumps up into a knee into Merc’s jaw! Merc stumbles back, and Megumi advances! Merc catches Megumi’s momentum into a black hole slam! Karver spins Merc around and lands a headbutt. Merc stumbles backwards, but jumps into a punch into Karver’s mouth! Merc takes-a-back, grabs Karver in a full-nelson and pulls that back into a snap dragon suplex! Karver rolls up to his feet, and shrugs off the pain to rush Merc and smash a big-boot right into his big face! Merc stumbles backwards, right over the top rope before crashing hard to the padded concrete!



King Flip VS Queen Melody Malone   WINNER via DQ: Melody Malone

Match Highlights:  The two give one another a nod before locking up in the center of the ring. The Queen braces down and clenches in a headlock. Flip attempts to push her off but he can’t seem to break her hold. He nails a few right hands to the midsection and goes for another shove. Melody leaps into it, arms still clasped around her opponents head, and kicks off the ropes into a springboard bulldog. But the King holds her weight up. Melody loosens her grip when she realizes she’s in the grips of her opponent. He spins her around a couple times to disorient her, then launches her out of the ring into the ready arms of Rory. He stumbles into Chanel, who was in position on all fours, and stumbles into the guardrail.



“The Love Child” Jamie Love VS [C] Phoenix Winterborn   WINNER and still HBO Champion: Phoenix Winterborn

Match Highlights: Jamie sets the ladder up and begins his climb, up one rung, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. The top rung, Jamie grabs the title. But the ladder begins to wobble, the ladder falls down! Phoenix sav… NO! Jamie is holding the title midair trying to unhook it! Winterborn rushes to the corner, without thinking he leaps at Jamie, Winterborn grabs Jamie’s legs and pulls him down into a hybrid of a spinebuster and a spear!!! Winterborn’s own face smashes against the canvas, and he rolls out of the ring grabbing at his nose. Jamie Love is out in the center of the ring, his elbow beginning to leave a pool of blood.



Rushin Roulette VS Southern Express  WINNER via :  Rushin Roulette

Match Highlights: Lane and Rose are able to get back together, cornering El Pablo, who is beginning to lose his composure, glancing at the downed King and then his downed opponents. He runs at Lane, who catches him by one arm and tries to crank in a hold! The luchador does a backflip, momentarily releasing the pressure, popping up to try and catch the nearby Rose with a single-leg dropkick, but Bobby drops down and captures his other arm. Together, Southern Express muscle El Pablo down to his knees and round up their own, hitting In Your Face! Two protesting joints slam into his cranium, and the Technicolor Tecnico collapses!

Rampage #496 MVPs: Samantha Hamilton & Melody Malone
Rampage #496 MATCH OF THE NIGHT: King Flip Vs Melody Malone

Duggan’s Diamond

Autumn Raven had a rocky start last season on Rampage, but this season has turned it up to eleven. Grizzly Duggan has sung the praises of the young woman, telling us exclusively that he saw the best match he’s ever seen out of her on Rampage this week as she took the number one contender to the United States championship to a draw. This week, as she goes one on one with Tanja Devereaux, she looks to reclaim a victory that Tanja cost her in the HBO championship gauntlet match and who knows? A solid performance in this X-Division match after her draw with Darna Dare could very well put her in line for a shot at the United States championship or potentially… make her a candidate to bring the X-Division championship back to the green brand.

Coming Soon – Matches to set your DVR for!

Paramount # 17Nevaeh vs Asriel Buzzard | The heaven sent hellion versus the man who earned himself the Rookie of the Year award in 2021. Asriel will want to make an impression going into Stranglemania, but will Nevaeh spoil his big in-ring return? If you think this match is going to be anything short of a match of the night contender? Check your head.

Prime # 92Showtime Title Match  Scorpio v. Dalilah | The rumors and stories swirling around Scorpio and Dalilah have been brewing going all the way back to last season. Dalilah was thought to be one of Scorpio’s biggest fans, but as she approaches Prime #92 with her sights set on his Showtime championship, will she be able to set her fandom aside? Or will she be too star struck by the former Undisputed champion to succeed in obtaining her first EWC championship?

News & Updates 

Paramount Drake Memorial Cup entrant revealed! –  Word straight from Chris Brock himself, as Brawl and Rampage have announced their entrants into the Drake Memorial Cup, Paramount is sending in last season’s rookie of the year, B.O.R.T winner, and former United States & HBO champion Asriel Buzzard!

EWC NextGen on Target – EWC announced it was taking its next steps in the wrestling developmental program in November of last year, and we have a confirmed date and location for the premiere! EWC’s newest flock of talent will be showing their chops on March 31st, live from Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Just days after watching Stranglemania air on pay-per-view, you know those upstarts are going to go into that show with something to prove.

The Battle for the Best! – B.O.R.T is back for season 2! Rampage’s tournament that debuted last season and graced the EWC with some phenomenal title defenses is back for another year! Rampage superstars are already clamoring for the opportunity, and the brackets are shaping up fast. Once Stranglemania is over, it’s all green lights on the green brand as they set for a sprint to the finish line at Scars and Stripes on July 1st.

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