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Word from the Wolfe Pack | March 2nd, 2022

Backstage News

Backstage reports came in after Rampage that after the ladder war EMTs were trying to put Jamie Love into the ambulance to take him in for evaluation. They were thwarted by Jason Hunter though, who walked over to the stretcher and placed Jamie over his shoulder, carrying him out of the arena. We have to wonder, is Jamie going to be medically cleared as he heads into Rampage #497 against Ruby Clifton and the United States champion Samantha Hamilton?

Speaking of injuries, we’ve confirmed Megumi to have also suffered an injury on Rampage. While they wouldn’t speculate as to the nature to our staff, they assured us that she was returning home to Japan to heal up. Both Duggan and Megumi are hopeful she’ll be back in time to participate in BORT.

PRIME is starting to lock in their participants in this year’s G1 tournament! This season, instead of kicking off the season, the G1 is going to end at World Wide where the winners of each bracket will square off for the Indy championship. We can’t wait to set our picks in the office and see who wins the pool! The G1 has slung some impressive names into the spotlight in years gone by and this season’s roster for Prime has some serious contenders.

The first episode of NextGen has been announced and we’re really excited to get the first looks at the newest wave of potential EWC stars in the making. We’ve got nine fresh faces that we’ll take a closer look at as the show draws nearer, but mark your calendars for the first installment of NextGen on March 31st!

The upcoming episode of Prime on March 13th is the final show before Stranglemania and Victor Price set up the brand for the biggest night of the season so far! From the huge quad brand match, to the Showtime championship match with HUGE implications, to the unique main event featuring one half of each of the teams competing in the Tag Team championship TLC match at Stranglemania as Jimmy Lane squares up with Eddie Dozier. The blue brand is pulling out all the stops for a star studded and explosive go-home show to Stranglemania that no one is going to want to miss!

We’ve got breaking news to report here at the Wolfe Pack and it involves Stranglemania and the EWC Undisputed championship! It was confirmed on Paramount from Mexico City that the EWC Undisputed Championship match is being suggested to be a Rage in a Cage match! Not just any Rage in a Cage, however, as it was also suggested by The EWC Undisputed champion that prior to the match both Ace King and Killjoy be isolated and deprived of sleep, food and water for TWENTY FOUR HOURS prior to main eventing StrangleMania XVII! We’re stunned, and if we hear anything from Ace King’s camp we’ll be the first to report on it as we lead up to Stranglemania.

Now that the news is out of the way, we know why you’re really here! Sit down and take a sip of this tea we’ve got brewed up just for the EWC Nation.

  • Rampage Blood Feud?
    • We got a chance after Rampage to get a few comments from Ruthann Hunter. “Tonight’s show was something I was hoping for. All the matches were so good I truly was a fan tonight. I have to give it up to Jamie he truly puts it all out there but I know he will have a title soon. I feel it in my bones. Then Saidie was truly was amazing, especially with what going on with her and her friends. King Flip really done it now so can’t wait to see how his ass will be put down. As for me….my best buddy wants to face me in a match I brought over to EWC. Cage of Doom..ok Let the Blood Flow.”  Ruthann has been confirmed to be facing fellow EWC Hall of Famer Michael Saint and we’re going to be watching this one closely. It’s not every day that the EWC is graced with two hall of famers in one night, and we know this is going to open up Rampage in an absolutely horrifying way.
  • Is the Price too much?
    • Keen ears were able to catch Price taking a little shot at President Mac in the opening segment of Prime this past Sunday. Our internal sources are murmuring if there might be bad blood in the water once again between Price and Mac, and if picking a fight with the EWC President is a wise move with Price’s budding war with Chris Brock on Paramount also looming overhead.
  • Paramount is Buzz-ing?
    • Asriel Buzzard took care of business against Nevaeh at Paramount, but now his focus shifts…. Does The reigning BORT winner have his sights on another Broadcast championship? Or is he looking to capture the North American championship? We have to wonder how many directions he’s looking, with Stranglemania and the Drake Memorial Cup a couple of weeks ahead.
  • Broadcast or Bust?
    • With James Keaton attaining the rare feat of 5 successful defenses of the CW Broadcast championship, he’s left with a decision to make. Will he look to break David Miller’s record of 10 defenses or will he seek to take on whomever leaves StrangleMania as North American champion? The two-time brand of the year members tend to hold tight grips onto their championship titles, will Keaton take the risk? Or hunker down to stave off his challenger?
  • A PRIME opportunity?
    • With Victor Price awarding Bosa a shot at Scorpio and the Showtime Broadcast championship on Prime #93, our tech crew has been crunching numbers and it seems Bosa is treading on the edge of new territory. A win on Sunday could lead to Bosa setting an EWC record for being the first person to hold two different Broadcast championship titles. Will he set history on March 13th? Or will the Prime Minster quash his opportunity on the eve of Stranglemania?
  • Superstar going Rogue?
    • Rumors are flying around EWC as of late. There has been a reported sighting of newcomer Caleb Scott in Edmonton nearly a week before his Brawl debut match against Zack Tyler. Witnesses could not 100% confirm it to be Caleb. He was spotted in a forest outside of Edmonton, apparently entering an abandoned house. Is it really him? If so, what does he have planned?
  • Things Heating Up for International Championship PPV Bout!
    • Ahead of a big International Championship Match at MNB #580, speculation is coming from the office of BRAWL General Manager Jim Connors that a stipulation will be announced for the bout still to come at StrangleMania XVII! Iggy Swango is already locked in to compete, but who will walk out of Vanc–I mean, Edmonton– as champion? Tune in this Monday to find out!
  • Orange is the new Blue?
    • Following the airing of Paramount, it was noted that the dig GM Chris Brock took at both Jim Connors and Victor Price did not fall on deaf ears. A source close to GM Price said that upon viewing the segment (Price never misses an episode of Paramount Wrestling), Victor went into his office and was heard “screaming into a pillow like a teenager”. Will the constant game of oneupsmanship bring both brands high enough to eclipse the red and green brands? Or will the feud turn sour and cost both brands in the end?
  • Bradford Bagdgered and Bruised?
    • Coming off a loss to Melinda “Rebel” Rhodes at MNB #579, rumors are rampant that not all is well with the Tyler Bradford camp. The biggest rumor of all being that the former champion suffered an undisclosed injury that will keep him out of action through StrangleMania VII. We’ll keep you posted as we hear the latest developments!

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