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Word from the Wolfe Pack | April 27th 2022

News & Rumors

  • A Second Chance!
    • Caleb Scott will go up against Zack Tyler in Albany, NY with the winner getting a shot at Rebel Rhodes’ FX Broadcast Championship at Hardcore Revolution. Both men have faced Rebel before and came up short. Caleb Scott came out on top in his last meeting with Zack but how will things turn out this time? This is their opportunity to get a 2nd chance at putting the FX title around their waist.
  • Rampage Jewel Under Pressure?
    • After another loss on Prime, sources close to Ruby Clifton say she is on the verge of snapping. Will this be the case come Rampage 500?
  • Justice for Gelato?
    • In what officials are calling the ‘Peach Riots’, 17 were reportedly arrested in Poland as a throng of fans who are self-proclaimed ‘Gelatos’ refused to disperse from Centennial Hall. A spokesperson for the ‘Gelatos’ has reached out to us to say that Peach Gelato will have justice, one way or another.
  • Time for a new Quest?
    • Even though she lost, Tyler still feels she will realize her dream of becoming a champion in the EWC. Rumors are also flying in house that Tyler Quest might venture back to Paramount at some point this season. 
  • That Bearded F–
    • An internal memo from the Rampage staff has revealed that Grizzly Duggan has evidently budgeted in anticipated the receipt of multiple fines. We’re hearing that Grizzly Duggan is still dropping fines on Gideon Gage at random intervals, mostly through written letters.
  • Brass looking for the brass ring?
    • With Grizzly Duggan and President Mac scheduled to face Mark Storm and Lavender on the 500th episode of Rampage, we’re hearing that both President Mac & Grizzly Duggan rented out a Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup warehouse for training.
  • Another halo?
    • April 23, 2022, was Halo Syndicate affiliate member Brittany Ann Baker’s birthday. Apparently, the Samson sisters gifted her with an official membership plaque and an invitation to begin training at Samson wrestling academy to be an official wrestling manager.
  • Hardcore Welcome?
    • Last week we covered the Halo Syndicate’s plans for a tour of the brands after Uprising…and we’ve just received word from Brawl GM Jim Connors in response!
      “It’s come to my attention that the Halo Syndicate have intentions of coming to Hardcore Revolution, despite it being very much a BRAWL-exclusive event and the Syndicate being very much NOT signed to the red brand. That said, the tag division does bridge the gap between the brands, and if the new number one contenders to the EWC Tag Team Championships want to invade our turf, well…Vegas IS the fight capital of the world, so I will consider giving them a fight!”
  • More Brand deals?
    • Rumor has it the Halo Syndicate are in talks to be sponsored by Halo brand oranges.

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