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BIG News for EWC World Wide IV

We have confirmed here in the EWC Newsroom that World Wide IV has one more guaranteed championship match on the table on June 19th! In addition to the G1 finals for the Indy championship, thanks to a win over EWC Undisputed champion Killjoy Ito… the ‘Headhuntress’ Aiya will be attempting to make good with her earned number one contendership for the X-Division title as she goes one on one with the leader of the Rainbolution himself, El Pablo.

Both ‘Headhuntress’ Aiya and El Pablo have had their fair share of run-ins, but at World Wide IV it comes to a head once more for the coveted championship itself. Will Aiya sour the run of the Technicolor Technico before he finally breaks the record of Nurse Kinsley? Or will our sugar addled X-Division champion hang onto his strap and hold the Sadistic Sakura at bay once more?

No further details were available from Prime GM Victor Price, so how this match is settled is anyone’s guess. EWC News representatives have reached out to both Aiya and El Pablo’s camps, but neither side has returned our messages at the time of this publication. If we were of the betting sort (don’t tell Melody Malone that we use Fan Duel and not Draft Kings), we’d bank on getting all the details soon. Maybe as soon as Prime 98?

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