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EWC Recap for May 2022

We’re opening up with a little bit of EWC by the numbers – starting off with the benchmark brand of the EWC!

Brawl by the Numbers
Total Matches: 10
Total Superstars: 17
Total Title Changes: 1
Brawl’s Top 3:
King Flip
Sour Candy

Rampage by the Numbers
Total Matches: 13
Total Superstars: 26
Total Title Changes: 1
Rampage’s Top 3:
Melody Malone
Darna Dare
Ace King

Paramount by the Numbers
Total Matches: 11
Total Superstars: 19
Total Title Changes: 2
Brawl’s Top 3:
Killjoy Ito
Robbie Rayder
Johnny Maelstrom

Prime by the Numbers
Total Matches: 16
Total Superstars: 18
Total Title Changes: 0
Rampage’s Top 3:
Narumi Tsustumi
Timothy Deacon (tied)
Scorpio (tied)
Eddie Dozier (tied)
‘Headhuntress’ Aiya (tied)

Who ranks highest in EWC across all brands?

Killjoy Ito – 15 points
King Flip – 12 points
Darna Dare – 11 points

Coming Soon – Mark your Calendars!

June 19th – PRIME Presents World Wide IV

Coming to you LIVE from The Tokyo Dome, we’ve got the recently announced X-Division match between Headhuntress Aiya and the reigning champion for the past 200+ days, El Pablo! Not only that, but the inevitable clash in the G1 for the Indy championship! Will we see the clash of Prime’s titans as Narumi defends her Indy title against Bosa? Or will Kyle Gautier or Scorpio play the role of spoiler going into the premiere event for the Prime brand? More questions get answered coming up at Prime 98 on June 5th!

July 1st – Rampage Presents Scars & Stripes

Scars & Stripes is coming in hot on the end of the B.O.R.T II tournament from Nissan Stadium, where we’ll see who walks out of the green brand’s premiere event as the United States champion! The road to Yokohama is as unpredictable as ever, but the real twist is current HBO Broadcast champion Ace King. Should he make it to the finals, he’ll challenge for the championship that he made famous. Should he be eliminated from BORT on either Rampage 502 or 503? He’ll find himself right back in the thick of things as he’ll get his Stranglemania rematch with Killjoy Ito – who’s already slated to defend the Undisputed championship against the seemingly unstoppable Melody Malone – and turn their date into a three way dance.

July 25th – Parabellum [Quad Brand]

Don’t think because the brands have given it their all on their own home turf, that they’re going to take the rest of the summer off! Parabellum is ready to cap off the brand insanity after two nights of brand warfare, where Brawl and Paramount square up on July 11th and Rampage and Prime go head to head on July 15th. Both Brawl and Prime are looking for redemption after losing last season’s brand warfare showdowns, but where the real brand loyalty comes into play is at Parabellum. Expect a brutal brand warfare match, and a tag team championship defense is in the cards for the Southern Express on Phuket Island.


  • A New Dawn on the Horizon?
    • Contacts close to Narumi Tsutsumi have responded to rumours about an alliance between Aiya and Narumi after their appearance together and successful showings on Prime. They state that Prime was only the beginning of what is to come for the rest of the year and they’ll turn up the heat in the summer as records and the Undisputed Champion continue to be broken. They follow up with news that Narumi believes it should be clear now to Killjoy Ito, Melody Malone, and Ace King, which is also a reminder for Scorpio, that EWC’s youngblood won’t let them have all the fun this year. 
  • Undisputed Territory
    • With Killjoy Ito’s Japan tour concluding at Rampage 502 this Friday, speculation is starting to circulate as to whether the champ has bitten off more than he can chew. With his loss on Prime 97 to Aiya, some are questioning if Killjoy can focus on his impending match at Scars and Stripes. Though he bounced back in a big way over former Undisputed champion Sour Candy, we can only imagine the scrutiny getting more intense the closer we get to July 1st.
  • A Champion Overestimating his Worth?
    • Recent comments have made it through the grapevine relating to current EWC North American Champion James Keaton and his upcoming challenger Marcu$ $t. John. As we understand it, despite The Wicked and his success at Paramount 20, when asked for his thoughts about his challenger he was quoted as saying “The Pound is stronger than the Dollar”. Keaton was also stated to have scowled heavily at the mere mention of the title match, which sounds very credible given what we know of The Wicked. Sources state that James Keaton had been sighted riding the London Underground Circle Line repeatedly, apparently looking to cause trouble during later hours leading up to Paramount 20. EWC does not condone this behaviour, but certainly wonders where Keaton’s head is at with the challenge of Marcu$ $t John on the horizon.
  • From momma’s boy to Playboy?
    • There have been pictures of Jason Hunter recently with Ayumi Hamasaki. With the departure of his previously rumored love interest, the Prince of Pro Wrestling seems to have moved on pretty quickly. Is Jason Hunter becoming a playboy?

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