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Weekly Roundup for 4-23-2022

BRAWL #582 Recap & Highlights



Dio VS Ruby Clifton     WINNER via pinfall:  Dio

Match Highlight:  Black Velvet again hands Ruby the diamond kendo stick before she rolls into the ring. Dio’s on his hands and knees when Ruby brings the kendo stick down across his back. Twice. Ruby drags Dio to his feet and holds him between herself and the kendo stick before lifting him backward with a German suplex. Dio slumps in the corner but Ruby flips toward him hitting a Deep Purple Crush and a pele kick that drop Dio to the mat



Johnny Maelstrom VS Eddie Dozier     WINNER via pinfall:  Eddie Dozier

Match Highlight:  Eddie leaves the ring in pursuit, but Maelstrom slides underneath the ring! Eddie pulls the apron up, searching underneath for where Johnny has gone while calling his name…until a burst of compressed air and foam greet him from underneath the ring! Eddie is sent reeling back as Johnny comes back out with a fire extinguisher in his hands…and smacks Eddie upside the head with it!



Nick James VS Caleb Scott VS Iggy Swango     WINNER via pinfall:  Caleb Scott

Match Highlight:  Iggy Swango gets exactly where she needs to be, hauling Nick James off and, with a furious scream of effort, right into position for the Noise Pollution! The cradle DDT introduces his head to the mat with a finality that’s absolute, and draws a massive surge from the packed arena! Caleb Scott rolls to a knee, but Swango is ready for him. She drives forward, steps up onto his thigh, and brings an axe kick crashing down atop his skull! SCORPIO RISING! Her face is a rictus of determination as she flops off and dives right onto the senseless James!



Heroes for Hire (Mark Storm & Misuo Shimada) VS The Southern Express     WINNERS via pinfall:  The Southern Express

Match Highlight:  Rose shows tremendous spirit to work his way back up pushing Storm back into the ropes and tries to force him off, but Storm doesn’t release the hold – bringing him back to the centre of the ring. He slams him down to the canvas and keeps the hold intact. Rose manages to use his legs to scissor across his neck but Storm releases grip and gets out of it. They race to their feet and Rose grounds Storm with an arm-drag. Once again they’re up on their feet, this time Storm grounds Rose with an arm drag. Again they’re back up and Storm arm-drag take downs Rose, transitioning it into an armbar submission. 



Zack Tyler VS Rebel Rhodes     WINNER via submission and STILL FX Champion:  Rebel Rhodes

Match Highlight:  The two lock up again, trading blows with each other. Rebel turns Zack’s attempt at weakening her down into a chance to use her Roll Back Punch, sending Zack into the corner. Zack regains his composure and he goes for the 666 and connects with Rebel’s chin.  Rebel goes down and Zack quickly climbs to the top rope, hitting her with the Fall from Grace. 




King Flip VS Xavier Reid     WINNER via pinfall:  King Flip

Match Highlight:  Xavier turns around. It looks like Flip is going for a lariat but Reid connects with a ranheim maker. King Flip rolls out of the ring before Xavier Reid can capitalize on the situation any further. Tommy Love is cackling just inches away from the number one contender, which seems to trigger something in the King. Love takes a spinning heel kick to the back of the head and falls to the ground with Flip stumbling to the guardrail to catch some relief. Such a thing doesn’t seem to exist, however, as Reid comes flying through the ropes and into Flip. Both men pour over the guardrail and into the audience.

Brawl #582 MVP: King Flip

Match of the Night: King Flip v Xavier Reid

Connor’s Corner

Former Indy Champion and Television champion, Dio came to the Red Brand with a successful run on Prime under his belt. Since coming to Brawl, he’s managed wins over King Flip and Ruby Clifton but an unfortunate loss to Iggy Swango that kept him in the cold as the road to Stranglemania was heating up. The Warrior Poet seemingly has his eyes set on the X-Division championship, and with him on deck to officiate the non-title match at Brawl #583 between Sour Candy and the reigning X-Division champion El Pablo, could we see some… philosophical differences come out in the main event? Or will the philosopher call it down the middle after the bell sounds? Look for Dio to make his presence felt either way, especially with Hardcore Revolution looming on the horizon.

RAMPAGE #499 Recap & Highlights


Triple Threat – Falls Count Anywhere Match

King Flip VS Mark Storm VS Queen Melody Malone     WINNER via pinfall:  Queen Melody Malone

Match Highlight:  Before she can keep the momentum in her favor, however, Storm connects with a kitchen sink knee to the gut that sends Malone spinning into the canvas. She tries to shake it off as she gets back up but Mark is right there with a STIFF kick right to the chest to take her right back down. Still, she relents as she rises right back to her feet. Malone rushes right into a back body drop that sends her over the ropes and right into the waiting arms of her associate, Rory. He quickly helps her to a vertical position on the ring apron, but Mark Storm leaps to the second turnbuckle and bounces off into a dropkick that sends Malone into a crossbody into Rory. Both are down on the outside as Storm takes to the turnbuckle to rally the fans behind him


B.O.R.T II Hype Tag Team Match – Tornado Tag – No DQ

Ace King & Lavender VS Jason Hunter & Tanja Devereaux     WINNER via pinfall: Ace King & Lavender 

Match Highlight:  Lavender lifts Tanja and Irish whips her to the corner and quickly follows with a clothesline. Lavender tries to backdrop Tanja but she lands on her feet and catches Lavender on the side of the head with a roundhouse kick before hoisting her up and over with a butterfly suplex.


B.O.R.T II Round 1 Singles Match

Liam Roy VS Ruby Clifton     WINNER via pinfall:  Liam Roy

Match Highlight:  Liam spins up to his feet, but winces. Ruby grabs Liam’s arm and Irish-whips him towards the ropes, Ruby suddenly grabs her eye and yells out in pain. While Toyo Yasahiro is checking Ruby’s eye, Black Velvet reaches into the ring and grabs Liam’s feet as he rebounds off the ropes, he falls forward on his face again. Ruby rushes Liam and jumps into a dropkick to the side of his head, sending him outside of the ring. 


B.O.R.T. II Round 1 United States Championship Match

“The Love Child” Jamie Love VS Darna Dare     WINNER via pinfall and STILL United States Champion:  Darna Dare

Match Highlight:  Darna pulls herself up the ropes and yells at Toyo to get back into the ring. She turns to Jamie and EATS A SPEAR! Jamie Love with the callback to Samantha Hamilton! Darna Dare yells out as her bruised ribs take the entire force of that spear. Darna falls forward to her knees, grabbing at her ribcage and dry heaving for air. Jamie Love pulls Darna into a DDT, planting her face flush against the canvas. Love covers!

Rampage #499 MVPs: Ace King & Lavender, Melody Malone

Match of the Night: Ace King & Lavender Vs Jason Hunter & Tanja Devereaux

Duggan’s Diamond

Grizzly Duggan’s spotlight this week is on none other than Clifton legacy, Ruby Clifton. Clifton has seen some struggles, dropping matches to Dio and Liam Roy in succession, but she’s got the opportunity to really shine coming up on Rampage’s 500th episode on May 6th. Ruby Clifton will be sharing the ring with the hall of famer Ruthann Hunter, former United States champion Melody Malone, and the pair of Tanja Devereaux and Autumn Raven and a win amongst those names could put Ruby right back into the Rampage conversation at the conclusion of BORT. She’s relentless and tenacious, and if Duggan’s penchant for similar ladies in the ring says anything? Ruby is one good night away from a big opportunity on the Green brand.

Coming Soon – Matches to set your DVR for!

Uprising – Champion vs Champion!  “The Wicked” James Keaton v Jordan F’N Sharpe | James Keaton has been on an absolute tear this season, and after a successful ladder match at Stranglemania finds himself square to Jordan F’N Sharpe this Wednesday at the Paramount exclusive event Uprising. Will the Wicked inherit the North American title? Or will the Jordan Sharpe Retirement Tour keep on rolling with the coveted Paramount championship in tow?
Prime #95 –  G1 in a BottleDalilah Ashe v The Defender |  The G1 got off to a rocky start as Dalilah came just moments away from besting the Showtime champion Bosa. Now she looks to redeem her dropped points in the G1 as she takes on the Defender. The Defender is no slouch, having secured his two points in Lausanne over the returning Vivi. Can the Defender keep the momentum going? Another win in the G1 could be crucial if Bosa retains on Prime #95, as that would fast track The Defender right into a Showtime championship match in Osaka on May 8th.

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