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Word from the Wolfe Pack | April 20th 2022

Rumors & News

  • Tag Team Devotion
    • After this most recent edition of Paramount, both Carrie and Nina have set aside their previously rumored singles ambitions to focus solely on the Halo Syndicate as a tag team. We’re also hearing that the Halo Syndicate is gearing up for an EWC brand tour after Uprising. So expect to see the Samson girls making appearances on Brawl, Rampage, and Prime very soon.
  • Homecoming?
    • We’ve heard through the grapevine that a former champion hailing from the lovely city looks to make an appearance and to address some speculation about their future in the EWC
  • Damage Control?
    • Given the recent fines levied on Xavier Reid, we tried to reach out to Jim Connors regarding the non-title match signed between Antoni Malietoa and the current EWC International Champion but were only given a strange voicemail in reply, with what sounded like humming to the tune of “I Feel Pretty” from the musical West Side Story. We’re almost positive we called the right number and not Kyle Gautier by mistake.
  • Heroes for Hire…hiring?
    • Rumblings on Rampage are that the Heroes for Hire are looking to expand their ranks. Could they be looking for someone to watch over each brand? Or is Mark Storm going to double down on Rampage? Allegedly, one name we’re hearing rumored could be Alexandra Calaway.
  • Wheel of Fortune? Or Famine?
    • There have been rumors running the mill regarding King Flip’s choice in stipulations for his upcoming International Championship match against Xavier Reid. We know Reid spoke about a “Knock Out” match. King Flip, however, scoffed at the idea of such a contest. He is instead opting to run a series of ideas on a massive roulette wheel. An idea from the days of World Championship Wrestling, “Spin the Wheel, make the deal” seems to be making a return on the next episode of Brawl. Is King Flip really going to leave the stipulation up to chance? What could possibly be on the wheel? Will the “Knock Out” match be an option? We’re hearing that we’ll get our answers on Brawl #583

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