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LIVE! From the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

Brought to you by HBO Max

Wolfe: Hello everyone I’m Patricia Wolfe and welcome to the EWC StrangleMania Freeview show sponsored by HBO Max! Featuring all the biggest hits like Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Kong Vs Godzilla, HBO Max is where HBO meets so much more! We are live here inside the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida and this crowd is ready to get the BIGGEST and most BRUTAL show of the EWC Calendar underway! This is the show of shows here in our great sport and we couldn’t be more excited! We have got three matches on deck here for you our Freeview show tonight, and our expert panel is going to run down the entire StrangleMania card to catch you up! Who’s on our panel tonight? Well to my right we have the always dashing Nolan Castle. Nolan, it’s Mania time!

Castle: Indeed it is Patty and I am SO excited to be here and witness the greatness first hand. There are so many awesome matches lined up for the EWC Fans tonight and I can’t wait to see ‘em!

Wolfe: I agree with that Nolan! And right over here on my left we have us the future Hall of Famer and the brains and brawns behind Rampage .. Mr Grizzly Duggan! Welcome to the panel Grizz!

Duggan: Thanks for havin’ me Patricia this seemed like fun and I already ate everything in catering so I didn’t have much else to do. I’m gonna try not to be biased towards Rampage, and I’m gonna try not to hurt this little guy right here.

He puts his arm around Dwight Snoot and squeezes his shoulders as Dwight looks terrified.

Wolfe: And of course, we have Dwight Snoot! Thanks for coming back Dwight!

Snoot: Yes, yes, no problem it’s … a pleasure. Couldn’t miss StrangleMania.

Wolfe: I’m sure. Well let’s get this thing started, our first match up for discussion is our first Freeview match! We have a Capture the Flag match featuring all four shows of the EWC looking to duke it out in the name of brand supremacy! We’ve got Team Brawl featuring King Flip, Callie Clark and Jack Severn. Team Rampage; Samantha Hamilton, Jackson Knight Jr and Tommy Burton. Team Paramount with Candy, El Pablo and Marcus St John and Team Prime with Scorpio, Narumi Tsutsumi and Jamie Love! Nolan?

Castle: Let me tell you something, Patty. This match is stacked with talent. I mean from top to bottom with former Undisputed Champions in Candy and Scorpio. Samantha Hamilton is a US title holder, Pablo is an Indy Champ. Dang, guys there are a lot of sleepers too! Jack Severn is a vicious dude! Jamie Love’s got something to prove, guys like Jackson Knight and Tommy Burton. I really don’t know how you could call this one!

Snoot: NO NO do not wimp out Castle!

Castle: Okay, okay … I’m leaning towards Brawl or Paramount. I narrowed it to two, that’s close right!

Duggan: Big mistake betting against Rampage, Castle. Samantha Hamilton KNOWS how to lead a team into battle and her combined with Knight and Burton is going to be a lethal combination.

Castle: I thought you were going to be unbiased?

Grizzly starts laughing.

Duggan: I said I’d try! Rampage is taking this one.

Snoot: Imagine seeing Scorpio in the match and not picking his team as the winner. Scorpio is the most dangerous he’s ever been since being relegated to that trash indy brand. He could win this match on his own!

Wolfe: Not sure about that one Dwight, but we’re not gonna have to wait long to find out because that match is COMING UP NEXT!

As the X-Tron comes to life, we see footage from earlier in the day with Candy walking through the backstage area of the Hard Rock Stadium. She has on a Paramount t-shirt and is carrying a bucket under her arm when she’s approached by Pepper Montana.

Whatcha got there?

The interviewer motions to the bucket and Candy shifts her arm to show the picture on the front.

It’s my last bucket of candy from IT’SUGAR. Courtesy of Marcu$ $t. John.

She pulls out her next piece and starts munching on it.

I’ve been eating candy ever since we left the shop yesterday. I’m pretty sugar buzzed right now. Truth be told, I don’t see anyone being able to catch me. Maybe that was M$J’s plan this whole time.

She shrugs.

 Either way, it won’t be long until I’m bouncing all over the ring on my way to that flag!

Do you think Paramount really has what it takes to pull this off?

Of course we do. Anyone doubting that will be in for a rude awakening later on tonight. Because the sweetest brand in EWC…

She points to her t-shirt.

 …is going to start StrangleMania off right. With a flag in OUR hands!

She reaches in the bucket and pulls out a handful of candy.

 Now if you excuse me, I’m going to try to catch up with M$J and El Pablo for one last strategy session.

Candy starts munching away as she heads off down the hall before the scene switches to ringside.


Team Brawl: King Flip, Callie Clark, Jack Severn
Team Rampage: Samantha Hamilton, Jackson Knight Jr, Tommy Burton
Team Paramount: Candy, El Pablo, Marcu$ $t. John
Team Prime: Scorpio, Narumi Tsutsumi, Jamie Love
MATCH WRITER: President Mac

We return to ringside where Woo and Gomez are standing by, both with giant smiles on their faces

Woo: Thank you and welcome to Miami everyone! If you are wondering why Val and myself are both smiling from ear to ear right now, its because we are both awfully giddy and excited about this first match. It opens our FreeView Preview of StrangleMania XVI but its also just an absolutely bananas match in the most fun way!

Gomez: When we first heard about the Capture The Flag match, we thought, ‘ok, whatever Mac’, and then as details became available, and this giant pool of ‘lava’ was installed in front of us .. this match might be the most fun and genius match that Mac has ever come up with. Speaking of, lets cut to President Mac now as he’s over by Nina Dobrev

The fans explode in cheers as President Mac pops up on the X-Tron for all to see

Mac: Hola Miami! I am so excited to be here right now, and especially excited to introduce this match to you all right now. Our first match of the night is a ‘Capture The Flag’ match, but it comes with a few twists. First of all, all four brand flags are set at the four turnbuckles in the ring. Each Team will have four different starting points. They will need to get from their starting point, to the ring, retrieve their Team/Brand flag and return to their starting point. 

The fans cheer in excitement

Mac: However .. that’s not all. Between the starting point and the ring, as you can see .. the floor is LAVA!!!!

The fans erupt in louder cheers as they are all pumped for this match

Mac: That’s not all .. placed in the lava as you can see .. are objects and obstacles to both help and hinder the way from starting point, to the ring and back. Now, if any member of a team falls into the lava, that wrestler is eliminated from the match and your team must continue short-handed. If the flag falls in the lava, it will be placed back at the turnbuckle and you must return to the starting point and start all over. If you are pinned in the ring by a member of another team, you will be eliminated and your team will continue short-handed. So this match will not be easy, but I sure as hell hope it will be fun. Check out a clip from one of our crew testing things out earlier today .. 

Mac: (laughing) Ouch .. 

Dobrev: I think the fans are ready

The fans cheer and scream even louder

Mac: I think you’re right .. take it away Nina .. 

Dobrev: The following match is a Capture The Flag Match. The four teams tonight, represent the four brands in the EWC. From Team Brawl: King Flip, Callie Clark, and Jack Severn. From Team Rampage: Samantha Hamilton, Jackson Knight Jr and Tommy Burton. From Team Paramount: Candy, El Pablo and Marcu$ $t. John. Finally, from Team Prime: Scorpio, Narumi Tsutsumi and Jamie Love. All competitors are at their starting points and this match begins .. right .. now!

Team Brawl, Team Paramount and Team Rampage are all appearing to discuss strategy, while Scorpio has ditched Team Prime is has already jumped onto a floating couch, then swung onto a table, hopped over to a dresser and is now in position to jump to the steps leading to the ring. Narumi and Jamie Love look on from the starting point confused but at the same giving Scorpio a golf clap.

Callie Clark and Jack Severn have jumped onto a upside down canoe and the canoe is starting to distance itself from the starting point, Callie motions to King Flip to jump with her arms extended .. King backs up, gets a running start but as he jumps, Callie pulls her hands away but Flip manages to just barely grab hold of the canoe and steady’s himself on-top. “Fuck You” he mouths to Callie who smirks. 

Candy and El Pablo meanwhile help Marcu$ join them on the floating couch and the three work together to take turns swinging from a hanging rope onto a dresser. All of Team Rampage are also now on a giant dining room table that is floating on the lava. Scorpio has made it to the ring, and has grabbed hold of the Team Prime flag .. he begins parading around the ring waving the flag and laughing. Narumi and Jamie are yelling at Scorpio to bring them the flag but he tells them to bugger off. 

El Pablo and Marcu$ help Candy get onto another swing and send her flying towards the ring, she lands and sends the rope back to them. Its now Candy and Scorpio in the ring. Candy catches Scorpio with a Handspring Elbow, but from almost out of nowhere, Scorpio catches Candy with a Roundhouse Kick. Scorpio goes to leave the ring but El Pablo and Marcu$ $t. John are now squarely in his path. Scorpio smirks and throws the Team Prime flag into the lava, causing Team Prime to have to go back to the starting point. Narumi and Jamie Love throw up their arms in frustration, but Scorpio smirks with his nose in the air as he returns to the starting point and avoiding confrontation with Team Paramount. 

Team Brawl and Team Rampage meanwhile have all ended up in the same area, and are all vying for the swinging rope which hasn’t settled down yet. El Pablo and Marcu$ have joined Candy in the ring, and they now have control of their own flag. Tommy Burton and Jackson both get the idea to have Sam Hamilton stand on their backs so they can raise her up to the rope, which she grabs and swings over to the ring. 

Callie Clark, Jack Severn and King Flip are all arguing with each other and still find themselves on the canoe which is now rocking a fair bit and lava is splashing all over them. Finally frustrated, King Flip .. flips them both off .. and dives into the lava .. eliminating himself. Team Brawl is now down to two as Callie and Jack are livid. 

Narumi and Jamie Love have made it to the swing rope on their side, as Scorpio is directing from behind. Well, not so much directing as he is dictating. Yelling. Cursing. Scropio yells for them to “PIVOT .. PIVOT .. PIVOT” .. Jamie Love snaps back “SHUT UP .. SHUT UP .. SHUT UP”. We might get sued for that, but needless to say things got quiet over at Team Prime. 

Team Paramount has successfully got the Paramount Flag away from the ring, and they have Candy carrying the flag with El Pablo in front and Marcu$ behind, both offering protection to the Flag and Candy in incredible team work. Samantha Hamilton now has the Team Rampage flag in hand and is waiting for reinforcements before attempting to head out of the ring.

Callie Clark is now ringside and she climbs in, sneaking behind Hamilton, she grabs the Rampage flag from out of her hands and throws it into the lava. Hamilton mouths “You bitch” and then kicks her in the knee, dropping Callie down to her knees, then Hamilton delivers Defying The Gods! She was about to go for the pin, but Toyo Yasahiro motions that Hamilton must go back to the starting point with her team. 

Team Paramount is now just a few feet away from victory, but unnoticed by them, Jamie Love has grabbed hold of the first set of swinging ropes and launched himself right next to Team Paramount who are on a dresser. Marcu$ see’s Jamie and motions to El Pablo but before they know it, Jamie Love jumps in the air and tackles Candy on the dresser. The Team Paramount flag drops into the lava as Jamie laughs to himself. The laughing is short lived as El Pablo delivers a Spinning Wheel Kick to the back of the head and then Marcu$ sends Jamie flying into the lava with Bread and Butter. 

Team Rampage has begun their decent back to the ring, while Callie Clark has got the Team Brawl Flag over to Jack Severn and he’s now on the move. Narumi and Scorpio meanwhile seem to be each trying to get back to the ring without helping each other. Candy, El Pablo and Marcu$ have already quickly found themselves near the ring. Tommy Burton is in the ring for Team Rampage who doesn’t see that Callie Clark is on the turnbuckle, she appeared to be waiting for Sam Hamilton to return. As Tommy turns around he is caught with an incredibly impressive Calliesault by Callie. And the cover goes for a 2 count. 

Very sneakily, El Pablo gets hold of the Team Paramount Flag and quickly tosses the flag over to Marcu$ who then hands it to Candy as she once again heads back towards the starting point. Jack Severn is having a hard time getting off the dresser with Flag in hand so he yells over to Callie to come offer assistance. Meanwhile King Flip, who eliminated himself, is having a beer at the Brawl starting point and laughing as Jack struggles. 

Callie is climbing out of the ring when she is pushed by Tommy Burton. Callie goes flying but lands on the same couch that has Sam Hamilton and Jackson Knight Jr. Callie manages to land a punch on Sam Hamilton but Jackson catches Callie with a Spinning Elbow Strike which sends her back to Sam who hits Callie with Reversal Of Fate on the couch. The couch now begins to tip and Hamilton and Jackson jump off, landing on the nearby table, while Callie manages to hang on herself and oddly enough, the couch actually got her closer to Jack Severn who is still waiting for help. 

Tommy Burton gets the Rampage Flag over to Hamilton and then attempts to join them on the table but he lands awkwardly and falls into the lava eliminating himself. Meanwhile Scorpio is back in the ring and has the Team Prime flag, Narumi is in a good position to receive it but Scorpio is insistent in trying to do this himself. So Narumi changes gears and decides to play some defense. Narumi intercepts Callie Clark and the two are now on a very rocky canoe together. 

Candy has now found herself back at the starting point, and Marcu$ is waiting for El Pablo to hand him the Team Paramount Flag. Hamilton and Jackson Knight Jr have decided to use the Rampage flag as a paddle of sorts, as they push their way towards the starting point, but El Pablo manages to use the Team Paramount flag to flip the Rampage flag out of Hamilton and Jacksons hands .. they attempt to save the flag but to no avail as the Rampage flag sinks into the lava and Team Rampage is forced to start over yet again. 

El Pablo raises the Team Paramount flat high in the air and then hands it to Marcu$, who then helps El Pablo get onto the same platform as him. Callie Clark and Narumi are still trading blows as the canoe continue to rock. Jack Severn has made his way closer to Callie to try and help her. But wait, Narumi with a Tonitrus Bolt!!!! IN A CANOE!!!!!! Narumi nails Callie with the Tonitrus Bolt IN A FREAKING CANOE!!!! Narumi flips Callie over the edge of the canoe and she’s been eliminated, leaving Jack Severn the lone survivor of Team Brawl. 

Sam Hamilton and Jackson Knight are both back at the ring, and have got hold of the Team Rampage flag .. Scorpio is now about 6 feet away from the starting point, but Marcu$ and El Pablo are now incredibly close to Candy. They contemplate throwing the flag to her but don’t want to risk it, so instead, El Pablo grabs hold of the over head rope with one arm, and grabs Marcu$ with the other, as Marcu$ extends as far as he can with the flag .. and … Candy gets hold of it! Candy plants the Team Paramount Flag firmly into Team Paramount’s starting point and they have won the match!


Dobrev: And your winners… CANDY .. EL PABLO .. and MARCU$ $T. JOHN .. TEAM PARAMOUNT!!!!

Team Paramount celebrate together as the other teams look on in frustration.

Woo: What an absolute wild match this was. It had a little bit of everything, but Team Paramount worked together from start to finish, never really looked rattled and did whatever they could to stay a team. That was mighty impressive to see. 

Gomez: It will be interesting to see how things are when these wrestlers return to their home-brands and deal with the aftermath of this. Especially Team Brawl and Team Prime who saw a lot of dysfunction as a unit. Team Rampage just had too many things go wrong and Paramount was focused the entire time. Parabellum is going to be interesting this year. 

As the match comes to an end, we shift focus to the backstage area ..

Our scene goes backstage and the fans begin to boo loudly as they see “The Prime Minister” Scorpio appear on the X-Tron. He is walking backstage with Crème de la Crème by his side looking determined as he passes through the corridors.
Scorpio: Ok an hour to clean up, get changed, and be ready for the Indy Championship match. Those fuckers might insist on putting me on house shows and booking me in opening matches but sooner or later they’re going to run out of excuses to keep me from the main event… and then the End Game begins…
He smirks to himself and almost appears to be licking his ruby red lips as Crème nods her head.
Crème: If they won’t give you the title match you deserve then they can’t have a title match…
Scorpio: Precisely. What are they going to do with their ‘top four’ unconscious and bleeding with me stood over them… go on ignoring me? I doubt it…
He and Crème laugh at their nefarious plan to put Scorpio back on top, however as they round a corner they stop dead and their expressions fall. The camera pans around to show a team of security guards stood in the way and murmurings of cheers begin in the crowd. Two of the security guards step aside to show Summer Mac stood with them and the fans go wild!
Gomez: Woah!
Woo: The last time these two were face to face Scorpio was curb-stomping Summer into the parking lot floor on YoungBlood II! Her husband got revenge on him at WrestleFest, what’s she doing here now?
Scorpio and Summer stare one another down before he narrows his eyes.
Scorpio: Out the way, wench, or I’ll gladly re-introduce that pretty face to the floor…
Summer: Always violence and anger with you, isn’t it? I find that really sad. But I won’t be getting out of your way, in fact Scorpio, you will be getting out of ours.
Scorpio: Oh yeah? You have absolutely no legal right to lay a single fucking finger on a member of your husband’s roster and doing so would be a gross abuse of power—
Summer: You’re not a member of my husband’s roster though, are you?
He falls silent as the crowd begin to cheer even louder.
Summer: See at WrestleFest he dropped you with the Peg City Stunner, pinned you in the middle of the ring, and fired you from the EWC in front of an audience of millions worldwide. You said it yourself when you turned up on Prime, you’re not an EWC wrestler, you’re here as an independent competitor.
Scorpio: No you see I—
Summer: I’m not here to listen to you stutter into another awful excuse. You’re an independent competitor who was allowed to compete in his assigned match at this EWC pay-per-view event. Your match is over, which means given you were fired from the EWC, you’re now trespassing…
The crowd give a loud “oooooooh!” as Scorpio’s eyes widen and he turns to Crème who shrugs her shoulders and mouths “I’ve got nothing”. Scorpio turns back to Summer and goes to speak once again.
Summer: See our unwanted guest out, boys. That’s two pay-per-views in a row where you’ve been dragged out the building by security… you really are a trend-setter aren’t you Scorps?
She gives a little laugh before turning on her heel and heading off. Scorpio begins to scream protestations and even swings a fist or two at the many security guards before they descend on him and take a limb each. Once more Scorpio’s night ends as he’s hauled out of the building, and Crème de la Crème is left mouth agape in shock before a backstage worker throws her a trash bag filled with Scorpio’s belongings and it splits spilling sequinned outfits and heeled boots everywhere. Crème is left scrabbling for items as Scorpio disappears round the corner screaming that he will have vengeance. The crowd begin to sing “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” as the scene fades.
Woo: Well Scorpio was planning on running interference and inserting himself in the Indy Championship picture, instead he’s once more been ejected from an EWC arena. Back to you Wolfe.

We cut back to Wolfe and company ..
Wolfe: Well that was intense .. outside of that .. what an unbelievable start to StrangleMania here tonight! We’ve got two more Freeview matches on the way, we’re gonna run them down right now here for you! Our next one up is a Depths of Hell match, where competitors will be high above the ring and strapped into harnesses! The way to win is to, you guessed it, send your opponents straight to the depths of hell! This is an elimination match so the last one left standing at the top is your winner! So we have all brands represented here again, Brawl’s Nightcall, Rampage’s Bullet Carbajal, Paramount’s Jason Hunter and Prime’s Michael Cade. 
Castle: Putting my money on Jason Hunter. The guy seemed pretty pissed off at first when he thought he was being looked over on the Mania card and I think he’s going to use that to score a win here. He’s overdue for a big win, that’s for sure, and with the things going on with his personal life and everything, I dunno, I think Jason Hunter could be coming up in a big way here. 
Snoot: For once, I’m gonna say that’s a fair assessment from you Castle. I know, I’m shocked too! But what about Cade? Guy’s been kind of flying under the radar on Prime and he can be pretty aggressive. I think he could end up winning this or at least making the final two. Although Carbajal looks pretty good too eh Duggan?
Duggan: Of course. You probably think I’m immediately going to just pick the Rampage guy. But what I see here is four superstars who really want to make a name for themselves on the biggest show. Nightcall just came back, he’s talented. Bullet is talented. Hunter is talented. Cade is talented. You can’t overlook any of these guys. As a GM I’d like to have ALL these guys on my roster. Nightcall might be my pick.
Wolfe: We’re gonna find out here in a little bit! Next up as our third Freeview match later tonight they are going to spin the wheel! It’s the Spinning Wheel of Death Match! Several different wild stipulations will be on the wheel and the competitors will not know what match it is until they go out! This one is gonna be crazy! Thirteen competitors from all four brands will be in this match. Let me take a deep breath and name them here. Hartt, Coltrane, Tyler, Raven, Gavin, James, Perelli, Keaton, Lumas, Ohio, Sol, Kross and Aiya! Everyone pick one winner! 
Castle: Ooooof that is a big field. And who knows what the match type will be? Gosh I have no clue. There are a few standouts in this one, I’m gonna go with Autumn Raven. I think she’s overdue for a win, she’s had a few really good matches on Rampage and I think she could embrace that chaos and pull out a victory. 
Grizzly: Autumn is a very good choice, Castle. I’ll give you that one. But lemme throw another one at you. I know one superstar that’s real hungry is Ezra James. I’ve been impressed with his work on Rampage and I think he could surprise us all here tonight. Basically I’m lookin’ for someone to break out. Could be that moment for him. But it’s tough to really name one person when you don’t know that match type. You might as well spin the wheel on picking a winner too.
Snoot: Can’t believe you guys don’t realize Gabriel Ohio is going to win this thing. It doesn’t matter what match type it is. Ohio is about to be THE breakout signing for Paramount and you messed up big time on that one Duggan you should have signed the man to Rampage! 
Grizzly turns to Snoot who instantly gets smaller in his chair.
Snoot: I meant no offense!!
Wolfe: We will see that one in the main event of this Freeview show! But ladies and gentlemen, we move on now to the main card of StrangleMania. And boy, do we start this one with a doozy. The first of Ace King’s two matches on the card is three the hard way, for the X-Division Championship. Ace King Vs Wes Walker Vs Killjoy Ito. This is an unbelievable match and I for one can’t wait to see it! 
Snoot: This is finally it. The demise of Ace King. First he will lose his Championship back to the rightful Champ Killjoy Ito and then once again fail to claim the Undisputed title. There is ZERO chance Killjoy leaves here without that X-Division title, because he never should have lost it! King is focused on his main event and he’s going to absolutely blow this one. 
Castle: Seriously, Snoot? I think you’re missing a key part of the equation there. There’s THREE people in the match! Nobody thought Wes could topple Candy at WrestleFest. Nobody thought he had a chance against Stitches and damnit, he may have lost but he took Stitches TO HIS LIMIT and nearly became Champion. Now, people are overlooking him in this match but Wes Walker could step out when all the smoke has cleared as your X-Division Champion. 
Duggan: I admire that spirit, but c’mon this is Ace King we’re talking here. He is the flagship superstar of Friday Night Rampage and one of the greatest EWC Superstars to ever lace them up. Now that ain’t to say that Killjoy and ain’t good too. He beat Stitches. Hell, he’s the ONLY one to pin Stitches in MONTHS. Walker is damn good too. But this is Ace King. He’s more motivated than he’s ever been, and that’s scary for those other two. He’s walking out tonight DOUBLE CHAMPION.
Snoot: You are blinded Grizzly! There’s NO WAY Ace wins both! 
Snoot quickly regrets that decision as Grizzly shakes him violently.
Wolfe: Oookay well next up we have Bosa vs David Miller in a Champion vs Champion match! That’s right it’s the FX Broadcast Champ vs the CW Broadcast Champ! This is a No DQ Match and is sure to be a fight! 
Castle: Now that’s an understatement Patty! This is going to be a match I think a lot of people are going to be talking about at the end of the night as a match that brought everything you could want in a StrangleMania contest. Neither one of these guys wants to take a loss here as they’re representing these new Championships and establishing themselves as top guys on their brand.
Snoot: Ohh please. Everyone knows that you’ll be cheering for the golden boy Bosa, Castle. I cannot wait to see David Miller break his face. Too many times Bosa has been handed these opportunities and he needs someone to take him down a damn peg. He’s lucky his title isn’t on the line!
Duggan: You make me laugh, Snoot. Bosa is gonna go beast mode on Miller’s ass, and I hope he does it to you next. 
Snoot: Ohh, whatever.
Wolfe: Then we have one EXPLOSIVE match up after that, it’s the Bat of Destruction match which will feature an explosive baseball bat! It’s gonna be Iggy Swango challenging Asriel Buzzard for his HBO Broadcast Championship! We’re gonna let Grizzy take this one first.
Duggan: We have two awesome superstars representing Rampage here, Asriel Buzzard has really brought it since winning that Broadcast Title and I think he’s going to be hard to take down here. Iggy has the experience and is a fantastic competitor but she’s going to have to summon everything she’s got if she’s gonna beat the Buzzard.
Snoot: I just want to see someone explode, honestly. I hope it’s spectacular. 
Castle: Ohh it’s gonna be explosive and spectacular and that’s just the wrestling part! Just, please, nobody mess up Iggy’s face! She needs that and it’s too precious.
Wolfe: Next up a very personal match-up. One half of the Xtreme Ravagers Xavier Reid seeks to take down 3C’s International Champion Gabrielle Visconty and take that title in a Last Blood Match. BOTH competitors must be bleeding before anyone can score the pinfall! 
Castle: This is going to be brutal. A match that will truly live up to the violence of StrangleMania. Reid feels like he should have never lost the International Title, and he holds a deep rooted hatred for Gabi Vee. But Gabi has been amazing since claiming that Championship and THIS right here, this match could be the moment that takes Gabi to that next level. A win here over Reid could be what propels her into the stratosphere.
Duggan: I had Gabi Vee on Rampage for a bit before she went back to Brawl with that title and let me tell you, she has enormous potential. We know that. But on the other hand, Xavier Reid is one tough son of a bitch. He WANTS this, he feels wronged he feels like Gabi has been running around with his Championship and I’m betting money he would make her bleed even without this stipulation. Man’s a former Undisputed Champion. 
Snoot: That he is, and while Gabi Vee has been playing patty cake with little Saidie and Candy, Reid has been training harder than he ever has. He WILL claim that title, he WILL be back on top of Brawl and there WILL be blood!
Castle: Jesus. You just wanted to use that line!
Snoot: Mad that I did, or mad that you didn’t think of it?
Castle: .. Damnit. Mad I didn’t think of it.
Wolfe: Next on our list we have the EWC North American Championship. This match we see Robbie Rayder defend in a triple threat match against Darius and Adriana Aquilla. And not only that, but this is a TLC Match as well.
Duggan: Robbie’s had a bit of a chip on his shoulder lately. He’s had a great run as North American champ, for sure, but he was completely overlooked at the EWC Honors and he’s used that not to set him back but to motivate himself. He wants to be seen as one of the top guys. Okay, Robbie, now is your chance to show us. You’ve got two real hungry challengers here with Aquilla and Darius. Time to climb that ladder and prove it to us, Robbie. I think he can do it.
Castle: I gotta go with Adriana on this one. She is overlooked here by two guys who’ve been title holders. She wants to prove herself too, and I saw the fire in her on Paramount. 
Snoot: My favorite part of three person matches is that you two always pick the worst choices and leave the correct one for me. Darius a bloodthirsty killing machine. The man took Scorpio to the limit and almost became the Undisputed Champ. That was a TLC Match. This is a TLC Match. I can’t wait to see him become the North American Champ. What a pickup Darius was for Chris Brock, you probably should have tried a little harder Duggan.
Duggan: Sure, Darius would have been a great addition. So would be you shutting your little mouth.
Wolfe: Well everyone let’s head back to ringside for our second of three freeview matches tonight! It’s time to find out who’s going straight to the depths of hell!

The X-Tron comes to life as it shows Jason Hunter walking from the backstage area. He’s wearing a Stranglemania t-shirt depicting that of the previous poster that had been released. Sara and Diana are on either side of him as he walks into his locker room finding that it has been destroyed. His bags are spewed around the room. His gaze comes upon a steel chair sitting in the center of the room and laying upon the chair is a lone box wrapped with a ribbon.

Inside of the box is a single Polaroid picture showing Ruthann Hunter sitting in a chair with her hands duct taped behind her. Her mouth is bound with what appears to be a sock and wrapped as well with duct tape. Jason Hunter kicks the chair over and then picks it up and slings it across the room bouncing it off of the wall. In his anger he views the television in the corner of the room as it changes to footage of Rupert Garfield Huxley; better known as Roozilla.
The view is of Roozilla standing behind Ruthann as she appears to be breathing heavily and a look of fierce anger upon her face. Roozilla shoves Jason Hunter’s mother’s head with his hands before stepping forward and grasping the camera with both hands, fixating it onto his smug face.
Roozilla: How’s it feel Jason Hunter? Knowing that your defenseless mother sits here within my possession, like simple property. Mine to do whatever I want with. Your father can’t defend her and you’re not the kind of man who can do anything about it even if you wanted to.

The camera changes to that of Jason as his eyes have become infused with pure hatred as he can only watch.

Roozilla: Jason Hunter you’re not dealing with a comedy act. I’m not the goofy ha ha guy that you’ve envisioned. If you haven’t realized it yet Jason I’m sending you a message and I hope that you’re paying attention. I hope that you’re listening to every word that I’m saying. Momma Hunter may be a Hall of Fame caliber competitor inside of that ring. However, Rupert Garfield Huxley is just a little bit more vicious.
Again the camera switches to that of Jason Hunter. He’s fuming as his nostrils flare with each breath. Roozilla comes back into view as he again speaks.
Roozilla: Enjoy your Stranglemania moment Jason. It’s potentially the last good moment you’re ever going to have. You might be burying your mother tomorrow night. Maybe… I’ll just simply let her go after this little message of mine. I guess you’ll have to wait and see.
The scene of Roozilla and Ruthann fades as the last thing you hear is her muffled screams.
Jason puts his foot through the front of the television screen as he yells the name Roozilla. He then picks the television up and throws it against the wall before storming out of the locker room. Sara and Diana are left standing there looking at each other in shear shock at what has just taken place.

We cut to a quick word from our sponsors for this Freeview Event!


Nightcall Vs Bullet Carbajal Vs Jason Vs Michael Cade

MATCH WRITER: Dominic Sanders
Way high up above the ring inside of Hard Rock Stadium is a scaffold. During the Freeview commentary, Michael Cade, Nightcall, and Alex Carbajal made their way up via elevators, bridges, and pathways. Shortly after, Jason Hunter was able to join them, albeit distracted. A cameraman stands up there along with a referee as the only other two beings up on the scaffold. These six bodies are, thankfully, hooked up to harnesses that are attached to the roof of the Stadium. Surrounding them are a slew of weapons: chairs, tables, trash cans, street signs, etc. The referee looks at the four competitors and the bell rings loudly throughout the speaker system inside of Hard Rock Stadium.

Bullet runs immediately for Cade and dropkicks him in the knee. Cade falls down to a knee from the impact. However, Bullet’s back smacks the scaffold, which isn’t quite as forgiving as a ring mat. Cade reaches down beside him and picks up a pair of brass knuckles. He slips them on a quickly goes to punch Bullet in the chest. Bullet rolls out of the way and Cade drives his fist into the scaffold and he hits it very hard! His hand hurts like hell! Bullet gets up to her feet and the leader of the Shieldmaidens spots a thick chain. She lifts it up and whips Cade in the back with it. Cade arches up and rolls over, getting dangerously close to the edge. She whips him again, this time producing welts on his back.

Meanwhile, Jason and Nightcall are going at it. Jason has what appears to be a porcelain flower vase and he smashes it on Nightcall’s forehead, busting the groovy Brawl star wide open. Jason climbs on top of Nightcall and starts driving right fists into the open wound. Nightcall rolls over and hip-tosses Jason towards the edge. Jason tumbles and falls off… but only halfway! He hangs on with one arm and one leg and is not eliminated! Nightcall gets to his feet and walks over to stomp on Jason’s hand. Jason grits his teeth, but does not let go.

While Nightcall is attempting to remove Jason from the match, Bullet has turned her attention to choking Cade with the chain. Cade is fading fast and is almost out cold, which would make it easier to eject him from the scaffold. Cade, however, reaches over to feel out a weapon… ANY weapon! He grabs ahold of a cattle prod! Cade sticks the tip of the cattle prod into Bullet’s ribcage and unloads a heavy dose of voltage! Bullet rolls off of him and convulses briefly from the shock. Cade gets up to his feet and grabs the chain. He wraps it around her throat and uses it lift her to her feet and then to launch her off of the scaffold!

Alex “Bullet” Carbajal has been eliminated!

Cade drops the chain and sees Nightcall struggling with Jason. Jason has, miraculously, managed to lock Nightcall in a triangle submission while still teetering on the edge of the scaffold. Cade walks up behind Nightcall and uses all of his strength to deliver a German suplex onto the scaffold. The move also managed to pull Jason back up safely onto the scaffold. Jason gets up to his feet, as does Cade. Jason and Cade look at each other and then down at Nightcall. They both lift Nightcall to his feet and hook him up, dropping him with a double suplex. Wrestling moves in a Depth of Hell Match! Who would have thought?! Jason and Cade get to their feet, only for Cade to turn on Jason and drill him in the temple with the brass knuckles he still had on! Jason dropped to the scaffold in a heap as blood started to drip down his face. Cade stands over Jason and reaches down, putting both hands around Jason’s throat. He lifts Jason up into the air and begins to walk over towards the edge. Suddenly, Nightcall cracks a light tube across his back! A little preview for what’s to come later tonight, perhaps?! Cade drops Jason and slumps over in pain, his back producing a few cuts here and there. Jason hooks Cade up. Hunter’s Drop Zone! Cade is down and out. Jason gets on his hands and knees and rolls Cade over to the edge and shoves him off!

Michael Cade has been eliminated!

Jason catches his breath for a few seconds. Weirdly, he notices that Nightcall hasn’t attacked him to try and end the match yet. Jason gets up and turns around. He looks at Nightcall, who is busy searching for the right weapon. Jason runs over and leaps, looking to hit a running knee lift on Nightcall. Nightcall turns and swings a STOP sign, connecting hard with Jason in the face! Nightcall takes a brief moment to sing “STOP! In the Naaaame of Love!” He drops the STOP sign and bends down to pick Jason up. Jason drives an elbow into Nightcall’s stomach and then lifts him up with a spinebuster straight down onto a roll of razor wire! Nightcall is in pain! Jason grabs Nightcall, looking for the Hunter’s Drop Zone. Nightcall blocks it and back-body drops Jason right by the edge. Jason realizes this and quickly scurries up to his feet. He goes over to Nightcall to lean in and pick him up, but Nightcall spits the Pink Mist right into Jason’s eyes! Jason flails violently in Nightcall’s direction, but doesn’t connect as he cannot see! Nightcall drills Jason with the Californian Buzzsaw Kick! Jason drops to a knee and is completely dazed! Nightcall grabs Jason by the neck and tosses Jason off of the scaffold!

Dobrev: Here is your winner… NIGHTCALL!
As the match comes to an end, we cut to another commercial.

‘Last Man Standing’ by Pop Evil begins to play as the letters FSW begin to flash on the entrance ramp as the audience becomes confused by the coming entrance. Everyone is looking towards the entrance but everyone begins to realize that a commotion is growing on the opposite side of the stadium. The camera zoom into the crowd to find a man wearing a black suit with a purple button up shirt.
The jeers of the crowd grow as the realization that the man called Roozilla is making his way through the crowd of the Hard Rock Stadium. He makes his way to the ringside barricade, with one hand on the barrier he hopes over and walks towards the ring announcer. After a few seconds of arguing Nina Dobrev reluctantly raises the microphone as she begins to speak.
Dobrev: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you THE MAN of Paramount Wrestling… Known as Roozilla… RUPERT GARFIELD HUXLEY!
The Roozy One grabs the microphone jerking it from Nina’s hand as he smirks in her direction. He turns and slowly makes his way up the steel steps and comes to a stop on the apron of the ring. He holds his arms out to his side glaring out towards the audience. He ducks between the ring ropes and spins once inside of the ring stopping as he’s looking directly into the hard camera.
Roozilla: I guess somebody forgot to include The Roozy One into the StrangleMania plans. Everybody saw earlier what happens when you leave Rupert Garfield Huxley off of the card. I destroy a beloved EWC legend in Ruthann Hunter.
The jeers and boos of the crowd begin to rumble within the stadium.
Roozilla: I guess all of you disagree with my actions earlier tonight.
He lowers the microphone as again he takes in the audiences distain.
Roozilla: Oh shut up!!! Each and every single one of you know that you’re only cheering for the window out of social compliance. If her worthless lowlife husband hadn’t kicked the bucket you wouldn’t care what I had done to her.
A chant slowly begins to build.

Roozilla: PATHETIC!!! All of you and the little weasel Jason Hunter. He couldn’t have protected his mother any more than his father could have. I don’t know if I should vomit or go piss on a grave.
Suddenly the X-Tron comes to life as Ruthann Hunter can be seen backstage with a fierce rage within her eyes and with blood all over her clothes from the beating and being tied up. Suddenly she eyes something off screen and stops in her tracks. The camera turns to find Roozilla’s manager Babyface Badley and his recently acquired Valet Jules Cassidy. Ruthann without hesitation swings her baseball bat right to the skull and which drops Roozilla’s manager. Babyface Badley crumbles to the floor as Jules Cassidy shrieks loudly in fear. Ruthann turns and glares over at her as she runs off.
Roozilla is in the ring screaming at the top of his lungs.
Ruthann looks over at the bat as she sees his blood was on it as she just laughs looking back at the screen right at Roozilla as she slams the baseball bat right on top of his manager’s knee with a sick smirk. She throws the baseball bat to the side looking down at him while she tosses her hair back looking very pissed off.
Roozilla is struck from behind with a chair. The Roozy One rolls onto his back and looking upwards he realizes who had struck him, Jason Hunter. Rage fills the youngster’s eyes as he holds the chair by the legs as he looks down upon the man who tied up his mother and beat her like a dog.
Lifting the chair again, he slams it down upon Roozilla but here comes, running down to the ring, Jules as she pulls him out right in time while she has security behind her climbing inside of the ring holding back Jason. Jason screams every other word out while he hits every last person in that ring as Roozilla watches on with a grin. Jason throws the chair down looking right over at Roozilla with so much anger as Roozilla is being held back by Jules walking up the ramp to the back.

Wolfe: Unbelievable, and we’re not even done yet here on our super-sized Freeview show! What a match and what an altercation we just saw! Ruthann Hunter!!!! Wow. Next up for discussion here is a huge match for the United States Championship, with Melody Malone defending against Moxie. Now not only does this match have no disqualifications … it has no ropes! 
Duggan: You’re reeeeally going to have to get creative in this one, guys. When you’re in that ring, you don’t realize how much of the ropes you depend on to cause damage to your opponent until all of a sudden, you don’t have ‘em! Choking people with them. Slamming people on them. Coming off of them and running them over. It’s like muscle memory to hit those ropes. I can’t wait to see what they do with this.
Castle: Indeed this is a real unique match-up, Grizz. Love what Rampage has put together here. We have Melody Malone, the Queen of EWC, a former Undisputed Champion having a fantastic US Title run but on the other side we have this upstart Moxie. He’s been unstoppable since coming into the EWC and we could .. I dunno, maybe see a changing of the guard here? Are the upstarts taking over EWC?
Snoot: You make me laugh Castle. You’re suggesting that the Queen herself Melody Malone would lose to .. Moxie?! Nobody even knows who the hell Moxie is! Melody is the biggest star this company has! You think a lack of ropes is enough to take down that dynasty? The rookie is about to get a lesson on what the EWC is all about here tonight. 
Wolfe: Next up we have something a little different, it’s the Over the Top from Hell match! In one corner we have President Mac, in the other we have Dominic Sanders! Arm Wrestling for Charity with thumbtacks on the table and their respective wives armed with tasers! 
Castle: This is crazy, but for a good cause. I dunno I think Mac’s arms are a lot bigger than Sanders. Dude has been hitting the gym. I think Sanders has hit the buffet line with his cushy new job, what about you guys?
Duggan: HAHA! This is all in good fun, I don’t care who wins I’m glad they’re doing something crazy like this at StrangleMania. Someone’s gettin’ zapped! 
Snoot: What a waste of a spot on StrangleMania. Egomaniacs taking up space that could go to some hard working wrestlers. Just donate the money and quit wasting our time!!! 
Wolfe: Next up we have the EWC Tag-Team Championship on the line as the Southern Express defends against Psych Ward in a flaming tables match! Could Psych Ward be the team that finally takes down the Southern Express?
Castle: Someone’s gonna get burnt on this one! Winterborn and Matsuda, these two have been relentless I’ll tell you but Southern Express, these guys just will not go down. I guess we’re gonna see if the old dogs have any new tricks because flaming tables should play right into the hands of Psych Ward. 
Duggan: I like how these guys have taken it right to Southern Express but it will definitely take more than some post match attacks to ruffle their feathers. Southern Express have seen it all, and done it all in their careers and I’m wondering if Psych Ward really has what it takes to take those tag titles off of these guys. I’m sure they’re gonna give it one hell of a shot. 
Snoot: More than a shot, Southern Express had their time at the top. 2020 was undoubtedly their year but that year is now over and it’s time for a new team at the top of this division. And Psych Ward is about to light that division on fire! 
Wolfe: Next up we have the finals of Prime’s G1 Tournament! For the Indy Championship we have a fourway match between Faith Rivers, SIN, Dio and the Champion Jordan Sharpe. Will the longest Indy Championship reign of all-time come to an end here, in the Light Tube Death Match? 
Duggan: You have an interesting scenario here. We have Sharpe who’s held onto that title like a vice grip. You’ve got his tag-team partner Faith Rivers. You’ve got the guy Sharpe couldn’t put down in Dio and you’ve got a guy who wasn’t even supposed to be in the tournament, SIN. Throw in some light tubes and you’ve got a major cluster. Out of all of them, I think SIN is a dark horse pick. He’s got something to prove and it’d be one hell of a story. 
Snoot: I’m just here to see Sharpe finally lose. I don’t care who does it. As long as JFS gets smashed to bits by light tubes I’ve got my money’s worth. What an embarrassing joke of a champion, it’s pathetic and maybe Prime will finally become a real brand once Sharpe is done parading around with the title like a child who got his first erection. 
Castle: Sheesh. Well I’m not like that, I think Jordan’s run has been pretty incredible, over 300 days, but I don’t know how long he can keep it up. There’s three superstars knocking at that door and they all have a pretty valid claim of why they could be champ. Faith Rivers I think could do it tonight .. or maybe Dio … Gosh, I’m just not sure. 
Wolfe: Well everyone before we discuss the main event, it’s time to spin the wheel and see what match type we’re going to get for our third and final match on our Freeview Show! It’s the Spinning Wheel of Death Match! Let’s head to ringside!


Noah Hartt
Scott Coltrane
Zack Tyler
Autumn Raven
Josh Gavin
Ezra James
Laura Perelli
James Keaton
Jake Lumas
Gabriel Ohio
Colby Sol
Kendrick Kross

MATCH WRITER: President Mac
We return to ringside where President Mac is standing by with Nina Dobrev once again.

Mac: I am really excited about this next match, the return of our famous ‘Wheel Of Death’ match. Millions of fans around the world, all took to twitter to vote on which ten matches you wanted to see end up on the wheel. We have those ten matches .. and they are: Grocery Store Brawl Match, 16 Floors of Hell Elevator Match, Speed Bus Match (Keep it above 50 or the bus explodes), Exploding Barbwire Cage Match, Boats and Hoes Match .. sponsored by Prestige Worldwide, Abandoned Haunted All Girl School Match (Spooky Sexy), Battle Royal On An Island Match, Abandoned Hospital Match, Snakes on a Plane Match, and finally a Dog Collar Match.

The fans chant and cheer in excitement as Nina Dobrev reveals the Spinning Wheel Of Death .. 

Dobrev: As you can see, all ten matches have been added to the wheel. Two lucky fans have been selected to come and spin the wheel .. they are next to me now, they are Veronica and Mario .. say it with me .. it’s time to .. 

The two fans walk over to the wheel and give it a spin.

And the wheel lands on .. 

Dobrev: There you have it … the following match is a 16 Floors Of Hell Elevator Match. Two EWC Superstars will start off in the Elevator together, as soon as the doors close, the match begins. At each floor, another Wrestler will enter the elevator. The goal is to try and eliminate Wrestlers from the elevator by sending them out of the elevator and having the doors close. Each floor also contains different weapons that can be used. The goal is to be the last person in the Elevator by the time the Elevator reaches the 16th floor. If more than 1 wrestler is left in the Elevator at the 16th floor, then those wrestlers will battle on the roof top, the only way to win, is to throw your opponent off the roof and into the ocean below. Again, the winner is the last person standing! 

Mac and Nina high five as the footage moves to a nearby building as the match begins.

Woo: This is absolutely insane, we have no idea who the first two competitors will be or who is waiting on each floor.

Gomez: Or what weapons await each of them on those floors .. this is going to be absolutely crazy and this Latina is here for it.

The first two Wrestlers in the Elevator are Colby Sol and Zack Tyler .. they both pick a side and await for the doors to close.

Woo: The doors are now closing and this match is officially .. on!


Zack Tyler blocked an initial attack by Colby Sol and went on full offense mode. Zack with a superkick to the skull of Colby sends him flying against the wall and then Tyler sends him headfirst into the doors. Seconds later the doors open and running in is James Keaton with a flaming guitar in hand, he swings, Zack ducks and the guitar breaks across Colby’s head. Zack and James grab Colby and send him out of the elevator seconds before the doors close.

Zack and James trade blows as we get to the 3rd floor. When the doors open there is a delay and then suddenly Noah Hartt appears with a chainsaw in hand .. Zack and James frantically hit the close door button but Noah manages to sneak in, Zack and James both move out of the way, then grab Noah by the back of the shirt and send him right back out of the elevator as the doors close. Zack and James both look at each other almost to say “What the fuck” .. the two decide to hang back and wait for the next floor. 

As we get to the 4th floor, Josh Gavin is standing when the doors open and he’s got a hockey stick covered in barbed-wire. Josh enters the elevator and hits James Keaton in the face, slashing his cheek open. Zack meanwhile runs out of the elevator, grabs a goalie mask and a baseball bat and comes running back into the elevator where Josh spears him with the hockey stick. The doors close as Josh breaks the stick over Zacks back.

At the 5th floor, Gabriel Ohio stands ready with a waffle maker, but as the doors open he only sees Zack and James lying on the ground in pain. Ohio steps in and Josh Gavin drops down from the elevator ceiling and boots Ohio flying out of the elevator. The doors close and Zack and James are back to their feet and begin brawling with Josh Gavin who held his own for a few moments but is now being overpowered by Zack and James.

We arrive at the 6th floor when Scott Coltrane stands at the ready with a fire extinguisher, once the doors open he sprays Zack, Gavin and James all in the face with the extinguisher and then throws it at Zacks head, knocking Zack out immediately. Scott grabs Zack by the feet and drags him out of the elevator. Scott then sees a fire axe on the wall but the doors are closing and he JUST makes it back in the elevator in time. Gavin and James are both still dealing with the extinguisher being sprayed in their eyes as Scott smirks waiting for the next floor.

Now hitting the 7th floor, Ezra James comes flying in and hits Scott with a F%#@ Your Jaw! Out of nowhere. Ezra James begins to attack Josh Gavin and then we get some James on James action as Ezra delivers Haymaker to the Babymaker to James Keaton. As the door closes, Ezra stands in the middle of the wreckage and winks at the camera.

The doors open at the 8th floor and Jake Lumas is at the ready with a LAWN MOWER!!!! Ezra James picks up the fire extinguisher and throws it at Lumas, hitting him square in the face. Lumas drops but the Lawn Mower is a power mower and is heading towards the elevator!!! Josh Gavin frantically pushes for the doors to close and they do just seconds before the mower slams into the doors.

Now at the 9th floor Kendrick Kross is waiting, the doors open and he’s able to grab Josh Gavin from behind and pulls him out of the elevator and drops Gavin with a Step-Up Enziguri! Kross then enters the elevator, weaponless as the door closes.

Entering on the 10th floor is Autumn Raven. As the doors open she hurls a kitchen sink into the elevator, which misses all 4 of them. They all stop and look at the damage caused by the sink, then turn to face Raven who enters the elevator swinging a Barbed wire bat!

At the 11th floor, the kitchen sink is thrown out, just missing Laura Perelli, who stands in shock and unsure what to do. At that point Autumn Raven sends Ezra James out of the elevator and Laura finishes him off with a Head shot and two quick hits with her Brass Knuckles. Laura enters the elevator and begins to brawl with the others.

Finally at the 12th floor the last entrant is Aiya who is armed with two staple guns .. she comes flying into the elevator and starts stapling everyone she can get her gun on. Plenty of screaming in horror as staples fly all over in this vicious attack. Scott Coltrane manages to catch Kendrick Kross with a European Uppercut which sends Kross out of the elevator JUST as the doors closed.

We arrive at the 13th floor and the brawl is as intense as ever. Aiya hits Autumn Raven with SOS [Shoot On Sight] and then drags her out of the elevator. When outside the elevator, Aiya spots a kendo stick .. she smiles and picks it up, but then quickly drops it as she gives a “Hell yes” when she sees a kendo stick wrapped in barbed-wire. She grabs that and enters the elevator before it closes.

Now at the 14th floor and only Aiya, James Keaton, Scott Cotrane and Laura Perelli remain. Aiya and Laura have teamed up and are attacking James Keaton as Scott slips out of the elevator and finds a toaster lying in a puddle of gasoline. Next to it is a set of matches. Scott sneaks up behind James Keaton who is getting double teamed, wraps the toaster chord around his neck and then Aiya and Laura both spin kick him out of the elevator. Scott sneaks back in, opens the matches, lights one and flicks it at James Keaton who catches on fire as the doors close.

The elevator now reaches the 15th floor, Aiya and Laura have teamed up against Scott Coltrane but he is holding his own the best he can. Scott manages to catch Aiya with a Posterizer! And then he quickly turns around nails Laura with One Armed Scissor! Scott heads out of the elevator looking for a weapon to use, when Aiya gets to her feet, sees Laura still down, picking her up to her knees, and drops her with a OTK [Out To Kill]! Aiya then frantically hits the elevator close button but Scott gets an arm in and manages to get back in as the two head to the 16th and final floor.

Scott and Aiya both decide to lay off each other until the get to the 16th floor, knowing they are headed for the roof. As the door opens, the two of them make a mad dash for the roof. Once on the roof the two begin to circle each other. Aiya with an impressive spinning kick, catches Scott but then Scott immediately recovers and catches her with a kick to the midsection, followed by Mandate of God! Scott then gets Aiya to her feet and .. THROWS HER OFF THE BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dobrev: And your winner … SCOTT COLTRANE!

Scott raises his arms in victory as he looks over the building and sees Aiya hit the water.

Woo: I .. I .. I don’t know what I just saw happen.

Gomez: This might be the first time we’ve seen someone in the EWC thrown off a building .. wait yes .. that is now confirmed. Holy shit.

Wolfe: StrangleMania is already off to an amazing start, but wait until it is time for our MAIN EVENT! We mentioned Kong Vs Godzilla on HBO Max earlier, but we have our own version here in the EWC, a colossal confrontation for the EWC Undisputed Championship. Stitches vs Ace King. A Weapon X Ultimate Submission Rules Match. Something’s got to give.

Castle: You’re right Patty, and we’re lucky enough to see these two at the height of their careers right now. You’ve got Stitches, the 2020 Rumble winner who finally reached the top of the mountain at WrestleFest. Not only that but he defeated Wes Walker and merged the FSW Title with his own. Stitches has been chaos incarnate before but now with the Undisputed Title around his waist and the unholy alliance he has with Nevaeh this has become an all-out war.

Duggan: It has, Castle, and we know Ace has been desperate to finally become Undisputed Champ again. It’s been what, a year and a half or something since he lost that title and we saw at Legends of the Cage that he is as dangerous as he’s ever been. Ace NEEDS to win that title here tonight. We haven’t seen a two-time champ in many years and I think it could be time. I have no idea how anyone could picture either one of these guys tapping out but we’re going to find out aren’t we. The ONLY thing I could see swaying it a bit is Ace having that match earlier on in the night but there’s so long of a time in between and he’s so ready for this match I don’t think that’s gonna stop him one bit.

Snoot: I’m not even going to bother. You people already know I hate Ace King. At least I get to watch him lose twice. And who invited the hippie freak Griffin Hawkins to officiate this thing? He can’t be a certified referee. I won’t entertain the notion.

Duggan: I can’t wait till this is over so I can smash you into mush, Snoot.

Castle just shakes his head.

Castle: If you are a fan of professional wrestling in the least bit, you are going to need to call your friends and family and tell them to watch this match. You are about to witness something so historic and barbaric between these two superstars that I think we’re going to be talking about it for a long time. DO NOT MISS IT. You’re going to remember exactly where you were when you saw what went down with this one. Truly a match only StrangleMania can deliver.

Wolfe: And that about wraps it up everyone! We want to thank you so much for joining us here on the EWC StrangleMania Freeview Show! If you can’t wait to see these awesome matches, then you’re in luck! Because StrangleMania is coming at you LIVE and it’s NEXT!

The scene fades as the FreeView comes to an end.


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 This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. None of the matches you are about to watch have been predetermined. Only some of the thematic story-lines have been discussed beforehand. Accordingly, EWC and it’s producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any match or activity performed in this live event.

Brought to you by Under Armour, PS5 and Dr Pepper

LIVE! from the Hard Rock Stadium
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Prices do not include service charges or facility fees

Commentators: Marcus Woo & Valentina Gomez
Backstage Reporter: Pepper Montana
Announcer: Nina Dobrev
Senior Referee: Toyo Yasahiro
Referees: John Dean & Niklaus Forbes

“RAGE” by Halocene begins to blast throughout the Hard Rock Stadium.

Video footage detailing historic events over the EWC’s Twenty Four year history.
From March 1997 all the way down to the most recent episodes of Monday Night Brawl, Friday Night Rampage, Paramount Wrestling and EWC Prime!
Images of previous EWC Champions are shown, starting with the very first Champion Black Ninja, then moving onto Big Danny Mac and Steve “The Predator” Bennett. Sped up footage then shows a special montage of Memphis Reigns, Shadow Man, Hirsh Valentine, Jesse Nunez, Hurricane Jeff, Moses Lake, James Chambers, BDC, Jay Cee, Stray, Gladiator, The Rev, Drake, Xplode, Luke Wolfe, Natalie Young, Candy, Dominic Sanders, Cyrus Black and Melody Malone, Scorpio, Xavier Reid, Jordan Sharpe and Stitches all with the EWC Championship.
This is followed by highlights of showcasing current EWC Champions:

Gabrielle Visconty
Melody Malone
Robbie Rayder
Jordan Sharpe
Asriel Buzzard
David Miller
Narumi Tsutumi
Ace King
The Southern Express

The opening pyros hit and here we go.
The energy in Miami is breathtaking as the crowd is absolutely electrifying in their uproar of cheers.Spotlights circle around the Stadium as the tens of thousands of fans in attendance are shown in a wide angle shot. The camera then pans back out showing a full-scale view of the jam-packed Hard Rock Stadium and zooms in on some crazy fans. The crowd is rowdy, chanting the company’s namesake at such a loud volume that it’s a wonder that the music can be heard at all.




Fireworks emit outside the Hard Rock Stadium and then all around the ring while a fog machine covers the venue in a red haze! Fans stand up, pumping their fists and raising signs as the camera feed pans to each one of them. One last round of fireworks blast out now, and we turn our attention to Marcus Woo and Valentina Gomez.

Woo: Hello ladies and gentlemen! We are coming to you LIVE from Miami, Florida in the SOLD OUT Hard Rock Stadium! THIS IS STRANGLEMANIA XVI!

Gomez: Marcus, it is so loud in here that I can barely hear myself think! These people are ready to go tonight!

Woo: You’re dang right they are! I am Marcus Woo and with me, as always, is the lovely Valentina Gomez!

Gomez: Thank you, Marcus. This night promises to bring you SO MUCH action!

Woo: As if we haven’t already seen a lot! I’d like to extend a “thank you” to Patricia Wolfe, Nolan Castle, Friday Night Rampage General Manager Grizzly Duggan, and Dwight Snoot for handling our Freeview Show, which was brought to you by HBO Max!

Gomez: We saw (recap the Freeview Show results here). What a Freeview Show it was!

Woo: But now it’s time for us to get into the meat and potatoes of the evening! The event that you all paid your hard-earned money to see! And Valentina, we have quite the card tonight!

Gomez: We sure do. CW Broadcast Champion and Paramount Wrestling’s David Miller will take on Bosa, Brawl’s own FX Broadcast Champion. That match will come under Falls Count Anywhere and No Disqualification rules!

Woo: These are two of the heaviest hitters in the game today and we can promise you that these two men are going to give us something to write home about! How about a Bat of Destruction Match, Valentina? I’m in! Asriel Buzzard puts his HBO Broadcast Championship on the line against Iggy Swango, who earned her way into this match on the last episode of Rampage.

Gomez: And there will be exploding bats, Marcus. I cannot wait to see this one. Following that will be a LAST BLOOD Match for the International Championship. Gabi Vee and the Champion, Xavier Reid, both had LOADS to say to build this one up all week long! But it’s not just this past week or even this past MONTH, Marcus.

Woo: That’s right. These two have been building this up for much, much longer. This might be the match that I am most excited about tonight!

Gomez: See, I’m more partial to this next one. The North American Championship will be up for grabs… literally! Robbie Rayder defends his gold against Adriana Aquilla and Darius in a TLC Match! Wait .. I’m getting word we have Ace Heart standing by backstage with Adriana right now .. lets cut backstage for a quick moment ..

Heart: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Adriana Aquilla!

The camera pans back, revealing Addy with a smile on her face as she paces with excitement.

Heart: Addy, later tonight you will have the biggest match of your career; a triple TLC match for the North American Championship against Darius and the champ himself, Robbie Rayder. What’re your thoughts headed into the match?

Heart holds the microphone closer to Addy so she can speak, but before she is able to get a word in, the sound of a steel chair crashing against skin and bone echoes through the halls! Addy drops to her knees, screaming with pain as a fuming Darius walks into frame, wielding a now bent steel chair in his hands.

Darius: How do YOU like it, bitch!?

Darius then slams the chair across her back again, knocking her to the ground! As soon as she is down, he continues to rain shot after shot down onto Addy as she does her best to protect her head from the assault, leaving her midsection exposed to brutal chair shots!

Darius: You think you can sneak attack ME?!

Darius kneels down next to Addy, putting the chair under her head, and then grabbing another chair from nearby.

Darius: I don’t think so, kid … Now due to your actions, you can watch me beat Robbie for the North American championship while you’re laying in a hospital bed!

Darius stands to his feet and raises the chair high above his head, but before he is able to swing it down, a group of EWC officials swarm Darius, pulling him away from Addy while he screams at her, the medical team quickly rushing to her side as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Woo: Oh my goodness. What has Darius done to Aquilla? I sure hope she will be ok in her match later tonight. That was absolutely insane. Darius has gone too far. What an advantage for Robbie Rayder right now! Speaking of, Robbie Rayder has become a staple over on Paramount since its days as Future Stars of Wrestling. Aquilla is fairly new to this company, but she is coming in hot! But let’s not forget about Darius who we just saw. This man has held gold here. This man made the move over to Paramount for opportunities just like this and he will definitely be looking to capitalize! He already laid out Aquilla .. he’s looking for any advantage he can get.

Gomez: Speaking of relatively new and coming in hot, Moxie has earned himself a chance to pick up his first singles gold since signing just a couple of months ago. But it’s not going to be easy.

Woo: No it will not. Melody Malone has been one of the hottest competitors in the EWC for the past two years. And this match will not only be No Disqualification, but there will be NO ROPES! I cannot wait to see that one.

Gomez: Me neither, Marcus.

Woo: After that, we will change gears a bit. Our very own President Mac announced a couple of weeks ago that he and EWC Creative Director Dominic Sanders would go one-on-one in an arm wrestling match for charity.

Gomez: Ugh. Dominic Sanders.

Woo: That’s right! He’s back in action, but this won’t be an ordinary arm wrestling match. It’s the Over The Top From Hell Match! Thumb tacks will be strewn all about the arm wrestling table. As an added bonus, Summer Heart and Cora Sanders will be standing by with TASERS to interject themselves at will!

Gomez: I would love to see Summer fry that moron Sanders.

Woo: Speaking of frying… How about a Flaming Tables Match? Stephanie Matsuda and Phoenix Winterborn, now rebranded as Psych Ward, will get another chance to take the Tag Team Championships away from Southern Express. But The Southern Express are no slouches, Valentina. They are the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions since the Moors Murders held those Championships in 2017. 

Gomez: At this point, I am convinced they might croak before they ever lose those belts.

Woo: I’d like to think of them as a fine wine, Valentina. They just get better with age.

Gomez: After that, we’ve got the Light Tube Death Match! It’s the G1 Finals, Marcus, and the Indy Championship is on the line!

Woo: That’s right. Jordan Sharpe will defend against Dio, Faith Rivers, and Silas Isaac Naberius, also known as S.I.N. This one could really go any direction. 

Gomez: There was a long-shot possibility for this to be a four person match and yet… it happened. Did and Jordan Sharpe fought to a draw and finished in their block tied, thus putting them both into this match.

Woo: And Faith Rivers’ loss to Narumi Tsutsumi caused her to not only lose the Showtime Broadcast Championship, but also to be tied with S.I.N. And let’s not forget that S.I.N. was a replacement for Victor Jarvis, Valentina. The two of them never faced off in the G1 tournament, which is why they both ended up here.

Gomez: And in our Main Event for the evening, Ace King will challenge Stitches for the EWC Undisputed Championship! And they do so in a Weapon-X Match with Ultimate Submission Rules! Stitches has already made history in getting to this point. Can he make more by defending successfully for the second time, something that hasn’t been done in a few years?

Woo: He very possibly could, Valentina. But Ace King has been pining for the opportunity to regain that EWC Undisputed Championship ever since he lost it two years ago. The uphill battle for Ace, however, will be GETTING TO that match. Because here in just a few moments Ace King has to participate in the first of his two matches here tonight when he defends his X-Division Championship against Killjoy Ito and Wes Walker!

Gomez: And this is a 3 The Hard Way match! I am ready to get into it!

Woo: We hope you’re as ready as we are, folks! But before we get into it, we’ve got a brief bit of business to handle first. We’ll be right back right after this quick message from EWCTV!

The fans continue to chant and cheer as we fade to a brief word from EWCTV.


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We open up backstage to Samantha “The Titaness” Hamilton wandering briskly through the halls of the Hard Rock Stadium. She hastily darts past numerous staff members of the EWC, muttering apologies under her breath as she barely avoids bumping into anyone.

Finally, she arrives beside the curtain where Ace King stands, waiting for his cue to walk through and go fight in his X-Division fight. Before he leaves the backstage area, Sam gives a gentle tap on his shoulder.

Hamilton: You did this once for me so … I just wanted to say before either of your fights start, good luck. It doesn’t seem like you’ll need much, but I figured the gesture would be appreciated.

Almost trance-like in his focus, Ace stiffens up once he feels the tap and turns slowly, only relaxing a bit once he sees who’s there.

King: It is… It might be a rough night overall, but I’m ready for all of it.

Just before he turns his attention back to the curtain, Ace turns back to Hamilton.

King: I have to ask, though: Your new family, Ito and Buddy specifically, believing I’m not fully invested in this match… Do they just not know, not care, or somewhere in the middle?

A slight grimace appears on Sam’s face as she slowly shakes her head.

Hamilton: I’m honestly not sure. I don’t like speaking for others to start with, but even if I could try to do that? I genuinely have no idea on that answer. I just know as far as I go …

She grips slightly on her lower lip.

Hamilton: There have definitely been – and still are – second guesses, to put it kindly.

Ace ponders the thought for a moment before adjusting the X-Division Championship on his shoulder with a shrug.

King: Life has a funny way of leading you where you’re meant to go, even if it doesn’t happen overnight, believe me. You’ll find it, and I think it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Hamilton: Until then …

Sam nods towards the curtain, sheepishly grinning.

Hamilton: I haven’t – hopefully – made you keep them waiting too long. I’ll be watching!

With that, Ace takes his cue and finally walks through the curtain, officially heading to his X-Division match.

We shift over to ringside where Summer is standing with mic in hand.

Summer: Ladies and gentlemen .. please turn your attention to the stage and give it up for AC/DC!!!!!

After AC/DC plays a set, the camera cuts backstage to where ‘The Prodigal Son’ Buddy Love is standing by.

Love: I know what you are thinking, it’s about that time for Ace King’s first match of the night…Ace King’s first step in what could be a historic night…Ace King’s first championship match of the night…Ace King’s first leg of in his race to become a DOUBLE CHAMPION at night’s end…

Buddy smirks and shakes his head.

Love: Ace, Ace, Ace…Ace…it’s all been about Ace! This is HIS night, HIS moment…HIS chance at greatness and we are all just living in HIS world, at HIS StrangleMania…

Buddy laughs and shakes his head.

Love: All you Ace King fans sitting at home right now in your Ace King themes StrangleMania t-shirts, drinking out of your Ace King souvenir cups, talking about your favorite Ace King moments…you know what my favorite Ace King moment was…

Buddy looks off camera as if he was talking to someone, the camera pulls back a little and there stands Killjoy Ito.

Love: The 2020 Rumble…where to beat him for the X-Division Championship…where you ruined his night and left him lost with nothing…that was a great night…

Buddy smiles as he tossed Killjoy The Heel Turn Crowbar.

Love: I remember all the shocked fans, the look on their faces when their hero Ace King didn’t get the job done…when your name was announced AND NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION…it was a great moment…

Killjoy nods in agreement.

Love: See I’m not stupid, I know tonight was set up to further the legacy of Ace King, to make him larger than life…the man that wins a X-Division Championship Three Way Match and then goes on to win a 60 Min Undisputed Championship match, to become only the THIRD man to hold that Undisputed Championship twice but that’s the thing…we don’t give a damn about any of that…

Buddy smiles into the camera.

Love: What we see before us is the chance to ruin it all for Ace King, to play a part in making sure that this StrangleMania is the worst night in Ace King’s career and it starts with this 3 The Hard Way X-Division Championship Match because not only does Killjoy have the chance to become the fourth man to hold the X-Division Championship for a second time but he has the chance to send Ace King into the Main Event a wounded animal…to help make sure the Undisputed Championship stays in Paramount…I mean that’s sure to earn himself a bonus right Mr. Brock…

Buddy shrug and nods yes.

Love: I know people don’t want to hear this but tonight isn’t just about Ace King, it’s about people like Killjoy and there chance to make history and it annoys us that we are swept under the rug because of Ace King…I mean hasn’t he been ‘given’ enough already…

Buddy smiles.

Love: I mean we have all been forced to sit on this year’s long ride of Ace’s as he marched his way back towards the Undisputed Championship as if the X-Division Championship didn’t matter and we can stand it any longer. The X-Division deserves better and tonight it will receive that…tonight Killjoy takes his place among the greats of the X-Division and takes back the division and yes I know…Wes Walker is also in this match…

Buddy nods.

Love: He’s the third wheel on this Ace King/Killjoy Ito date, the guy that just doesn’t seem to belong…I mean we heard you Wes and it’s as if you know neither of us…if you are expecting Ace King not to give 100% out there tonight well man, I would suggest staying backstage because you my friend could get hurt for being that ignorant…

Buddy shakes his head at Killjoy.

Love: He’s being dropped right in the middle of this Killjoy and Ace feud without any idea of what’s going on but it’s ok…we will catch you up very quickly Wes, tonight Killjoy is walking into that ring and looking to take someone’s head off…

Killjoy smacks the crowbar into the palm of his other hand.

Love: He’s not coming to that ring to have a nice little match, he’s walking out there expecting a war and readying himself for just that…he’s not interested in being a side note in ‘Ace King’s Night’ but looking to be the damn headline: Killjoy Ito Reclaims The X-Division Championship…and it doesn’t matter if it’s Ace or Wes, all that matters is when that bell rings this man…

Buddy points at Killjoy.

Love: Is standing in the middle of the ring, the new X-Division Champion…

Buddy smiles as the camera fades out.

Wes Walker Vs Killjoy Ito Vs Ace King

MATCH WRITER:  Remarkable Mark Keaton

Woo: What a performance by AC/DC and what a match this promises to be as we open the show. A Triple Threat Match with enough talent to close the show. 

Gomez: Well, one will close the show. 

Woo: You know what I mean. This is three talented competitors and I can’t wait to see it!

Dobrev: The following match is a 3 The Hard Way Triple Threat Match for the EWC X-Division Championship! Joining us first, from Daly City, California… weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… KILLJOY ITO!

‘The Prodigal Son’ Buddy Love walks out onto the stage and raises his arms into the air as the lights fade out. He jumps up and down as AC/DC begins to play ‘Deeper Deeper’ throughout the Hard Rock Stadium. A strobe light circles around the stage as a single white spotlight hits the stage where Killjoy Ito is standing with his back facing the ring, his arms stretched out, and his head down. He swings around to face the ring as Buddy Love runs up and stands next to him. After a quick word, the pair start to walk towards the ring. Buddy runs ahead and charges up the steps and holds open the ropes for Killjoy to step through. Killjoy walks to the center of the ring, extends his arms and tilts his head back to soak everything in.

Dobrev: And his opponents… First, from Galway, Ireland… weighing in at one hundred and eighty-five pounds… WES WALKER!

Pyros hit and “Perfection Through Silence” by Finch begins to play via AC/DC. Wes Walker comes out from behind the curtain. He gives nearby fans some high fives then does a jog to the ring. He slides in then bounces off of the ropes. Killjoy Ito and Wes begin jawing at each other and the ref makes sure he is in between both of them to contain any pre-match scuffles.

Dobrev: And their opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… he is the CURRENT, DEFENDING X-DIVISION CHAMPION… ACE KING!

AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson growls out Lemmy’s signature line and the band plays the Motorhead anthem. The song rips through Hard Rock Stadium and the crowd starts cheering. As the drums kick in, pyro goes off up and down the ramp. Once the guitars hit, a plume of fire goes up on either side of the ramp as Ace King rises to the stage from a platform, looking out at the crowd and nodding in appreciation. A thin smile crosses Ace’s face as his weathered eyes look out at the crowd, pausing for a few more seconds on the platform before casually making his way down the ramp toward the ring, his arms outstretched for fans on either side of the barricade. He stops a few steps short of the ring, then dives in under the bottom rope as gold pyro explodes off each turnbuckle. Ace spins up to one knee, then takes another appreciative look out at the crowd before getting back to his feet and turning his attention to Wes and Killjoy Ito, his game face firmly on.

Woo: The energy inside Hard Rock Stadium is absolutely electric! These three men are ready to go here!


Wes, Ito and Ace cautiously circle each other in the center of the ring. Ito quickly turns to deliver a frying pan chop right to Wes’s chest that makes a loud crack sound right off of the bat. Wes staggers back with a pained expression while holding his chest. Ace swings a punch at Ito who blocks it then sends a hard forearm to Ace’s head, then a wicked chop, a footstomp, leg kick then a clothesline right over the top ropes! Ito leans over the ropes looking at his handiwork, Wes grabs Ito from behind and nails him with a full nelson suplex and bridge…

Ito kicks out. Wes scrambles on the canvas and quickly locks in a hard headlock to keep Ito grounded. Killjoy fights his way to his feet, he pushes Wes off of the ropes then misses a flying chop, Wes bounces off of the far ropes but Buddy grabs his leg! Wes turns to yell at Buddy but that gives Ito the opening he wants as he nails Wes in the back of the head with a high dropkick! That drops Wes hard on to his face. Ito stands up, he gives Wes a hard stomp to the back of his head, he takes a step to the center of the ring when….

..Ito is sent flying with a Kendo Stick shot right to the chest! Killjoy Ito rolls right out of the ring. The Kendo stick snaps right away and Ace folds it in half then throws it over the ropes. Wes gets to his feet but Ace sends him back to the canvas with a hard kick to the head. He drops down and hooks Wes’s leg…


Ito hauls Ace right out of the ring!

Woo: Ito keeping this match alive. You could question about if he kept himself or Wes Walker in this match.

Gomez: Why not both? But that is the difficulty level with triple threat matches, you have not one but two opponents to watch. Ace King could have won this here IF this was one on one, but it’s not. 

Killjoy irish whips Ace right into the barricade, Killjoy runs at him but Ace ducks and gives Ito a high back body drop into the isle between the crowds! Ace goes to climb the barricade but Buddy attacks Ace from behind by wiping hand sanitizer in his eyes! Ace turns around, angry. Buddy Love is in disbelief, he looks at the sanitizer then at Ace again, he goes to throw the bottle at him but Ace quickly kicks him in the stomach then picks him up in a torture rack position, he drops him on the padded mats with a Psycho driver! The Blackjack Bomb is devastating as Buddy is out cold on the mats. The crowds lose it for that move and cheer loudly. Wes grabs Ace and throws him over the barricade, into the isle right next to Ito. Wes jumps over, he picks up Killjoy then rams his head off of a metal guard rail, then flips him over to the hard steps with a fast hip toss. Ace King staggers to his feet but Wes is ready for him, he slugs Ace with lefts and rights, backing up the champion to a door, Wes kicks Ace in the chest and he smashes through the door into a dark room. Wes walks back down the isle and picks up Ito, he grabs him in a front face lock then drops him down hard with a DDT right on the steps! He picks up the groggy Ito then throws him back over the barricade. Wes climbs to the top of the barricade, he jumps high then drops an elbow across Ito’s chest. Wes gets up then rummages around under the ring, he pulls out a ladder then slides it in the ring. He rummages again and finds a table, he slides it in the ring, he finds another table, he slides that in as well. Wes rolls in the ring, he sets up two tables right on top of one another, then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. All this preparation cost him as Killjoy attacks Wes from behind with a bridging tiger suplex!


Wes kicks out! Ito stands up, he hauls Wes to his feet then delivers a hard sit out powerbomb. Ito hauls Wes to his feet, he scoops him up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, he climbs the ladder, the fans stand up now, seeing what Killjoy has planned. They make it to the top of the ladder, the double stacked tables several feet below them, Ito makes a motion to throw Wes but he stops, Wes’s leg is caught by Ace! Ace King hauls Wes right off of Ito’s shoulders, Wes falls straight down and lands hard on his butt, right on the canvas. Ace takes a full roll of loose barbed wire and forcefully places it over Ito’s head! Ace climbs up behind Ito, he has his legs firmly in Ito’s arm pits now, Ace stands and stares knowingly at the thousands of standing fans in attendance, he leans back, hooking his legs in Ito’s arms, both men fly back all the way down, upside down and crashing through both tables! The 7-7-7 is devastating to both men but more so Ito as he’s motionless inside the rubble with the barbed wire roll firmly on his head!

Woo: Such a huge crash! I think there’s some bits of table on our desk!  

Gomez: I could run through the clichés about car crashes but the pictures you are seeing can speak for themselves!

Wes staggers out of the corner, he reveals a long black whip and does a few practice cracks with it. Ace staggers to his feet but Wes is on him fast, he whips him hard in the leg, then another whip to his side, instantly causing a bleeding welt to form, Wes wraps the whip around Ace’s head then quickly falls down to his special Tiger Choke! The whip assisted Hell’s Gate is in tight and the camera picks up the gurgling noise coming from Ace! He’s fading quickly! The ref grabs his arm, it falls! He yells out 1….

He grabs Ace’s arm again, he lifts it….it falls again! 2…..

He grabs Ace’s arm, he lifts it but Killjoy Ito body checks the referee sending him tumbling through the ropes! Ito is dripping with blood in several contact points all over his head, the barbed wire is loose and pulled all over the canvas making a dangerous mess of wire and sharp points. Ito kicks Ace in the head then he does the same to Wes. A new referee quickly runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. Ito picks up Wes, he hoists him in the air in a suplex position then quickly turns it into Burakkuauto ! The stalling brain buster suplex is deadly as they crash into the mass of barbed wire! Ito painfully wraps the barbed wire around Wes’s legs then pulls back for a cover…



Ito untangles himself from the barbed wire, the replacement referee hands Ito the X-Division Championship. Ito holds it high, he’s covered in sweat and blood, he looks over the ropes to see Buddy Love is still knocked out cold. He falls down cradling the title then rolls out of the ring, he staggers his way up the ramp, clutching the title closely.

Woo: What a match! Killjoy Ito is holding the championship aloft but I don’t think there was anyone that let themselves down here. All three could have left here with that championship.

Gomez: Indeed, between Wes giving it his all and Ace proving why he held the title for this long, it really came close. You got to wonder where this puts the mindset of Ace King going into our main event later tonight, is he down after this loss or does this make him more determined to take something from Stranglemania?

Woo: If this match wasn’t enough, we have a Falls Count Anywhere Match coming right up…but it looks like we may be hearing what Ace has to say after what just happened!

After a moment of reflection, Ace slowly makes his way out of the ring, taking his time making his way up the ramp toward the backstage area. However, before he can get off the stage, Ace Heart emerges with a microphone in hand.

Heart: Ace, a quick word with you in front of all these people?

‘The Gambler’ hunches over for a moment, though he’s able to nod in response, and Heart straightens up with the microphone.

Heart: Ace, that was a highly-intense, hard-hitting match with both Killjoy Ito and Wes Walker, where you ultimately lost the X-Division Championship, but I’m sure the same question is on everybody’s minds: Where is your mind at as you shift your focus to your match against Stitches for the Undisputed Championship, contested inside Weapon-X under Ultimate Submission rules?

‘The Gambler’ is visibly wincing as he holds his side, though still tries to grin and bear it next to Heart.

King: You know… I…

Before he can answer, he clutches at his chest and takes a knee, bringing the capacity crowd to a deathly silence. EWC medical team members rush out to the stage, being careful around King as he starts coughing feverishly.

Woo: What the hell is happening here? Is Ace OK?

The medical team continues to work on King, stabilizing him on the stage as the crowd swells up into a feverish chant of ‘ACE! ACE! ACE!’ while showing concern for the Undisputed Championship challenger. We hear Dr. Hiro Lee, EWC’s chief physician, yelling for more help as he directs traffic on the stage as we cut to… 

?: Has the EWC been enjoying its peace?

An automated voice startles the audience. Upon the X-Tron, the text being read appears.

?: Does everyone believe that there’s a new era now? Does everyone hope that the same mess last season doesn’t repeat this year? Does everyone think that they’re safe?

The screen goes black.

?: Don’t believe what the news tells you. Don’t put your hopes into the new blood, trying to take hold of what they believe is theirs. Don’t inflate your legends and your heroes because their time in the light is still finite. Nothing is forever, except for one thing. One person.

The audience shares confused looks while some are entranced by what’s being said.

?: I have always been in control of my own destiny. I was killed. But through that, I’ve been made into something different. I’m a revenant. I’m a monster. And because of the actions of those who think they’re safe now…they will learn quickly…

A small pause.

?: You will never get rid of me.

Suddenly, white light floods the arena, blinding all in attendance. Though their sight may be affected, their ears are not. Thus, the song that begins to blast through the speakers catches everyone off-guard, but it’s familiar. It’s striking. It belongs only to one person.

Out of the light, Ryo Hazama steps forward. Despite the terrible acts he has committed, the EWC faithful cheers the returning Rookie of the Year. More than likely, their reaction spawns from the fact that a top star had returned, and additionally his line of work still lingers in their minds. He struts down to the ring, wearing fairly common clothing. The most interesting part of his attire is the “RIP XPLODE” shirt he has on. He points to it and nods, giving his respect before hitting the ring. As he does, he stands in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Hazama: …

He doesn’t speak, instead he lets the crowd take in the atmosphere. He takes a deep breath and smiles wickedly. In the full view, he doesn’t look tired as he was on his way out. He seems to have honed his muscles, keeping in good shape. The glimpses of him in Nevaeh’s promotional videos gave viewers some insight into what he was doing, but here, he seems different.

Hazama: …

He still doesn’t speak, merely looking at the camera. The audience seems to wait on his first words. Soon, he bows his head, putting his hand onto his shirt.

Hazama: Firstly, I want to give my condolences to Ruthann and Jason. I’m not going to act like I know what went on in your households, but I know that losing a father and a husband is hard for anyone. I may have spoken to him and about him in negative ways, but that wasn’t without a large amount of respect. Ideally, you can say that I took what he said to heart and that I take inspiration from his mentality. So, I hope you two are doing well in that capacity.

An applause breaks out among the audience. A rare glimpse past the cerebral and maniac man shines through, but only for a moment.

Hazama: Now then, what I said was true. At Wrestlefest last year, I died. By the hands of the Queen of the EWC, I was laid to rest. But like any good monster, I rose out of the ashes of what they thought was my funeral pyre. And I was given time to reassess. I lost my mind on the way to Wrestlefest, and I couldn’t believe myself. I was on the biggest high of my life. I was a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year. I was stacking up MVP honors, and I got a good amount of nominations. Including Wrestler of the Year. So when it came crashing down, in my inexperience, I didn’t know how to function. All I had left was an obsession.

Hazama reaches up and brings attention to the scarring on his neck. The crowd gasps.

Hazama: Now I have a permanent reminder of the consequences of being obsessed.

With a smile, he shifts the crowd’s eyes back on him, not the scarring.

Hazama: Before I lost my mind, I was deadset on winning the EWC Undisputed Championship. I wanted it to cap off my rookie season, but unfortunately, an insufferable clown ruined that. I beat everyone that was on that list, and I was realistically the #1 contender. Alas, I had to go back home and I had to recover. So, I bet many believe that I forfeited that right.

Hazama responds to the claim with a loud, echoing cackle.

Hazama: No, I didn’t, but I’ll play the game that EWC wants to make. Since the Avaricious One has returned back to his brand–sorry, Melody–I think it’s best to refresh everyone’s memory. The Best of Rampage Tournament, right? Well, if I’m going to prove that, I need to win that. Because the Undisputed Championship is in my future. I’m going to move on up from Rookie of the Year and make my way happily towards Wrestler of the Year. And if you think that anything that I did last season was gruesome, unsightly, and horrifying? Then…well, that was when I lost my mind…

Hazama offers a grin, a familiar, vile one to the audience.

Hazama: What happens now that I’ve had time to think about things?

“ALSATIA” starts back up as Hazama drops the microphone and leaves the ring. As he exits, he doesn’t seem to focus on anything else. The camera catches one clear thing about him. Despite him seeming put back together, there’s still the evil glint in his eyes. Soon enough, he steps back behind the curtain and vanishes from sight, allowing a transition for the show.

Bosa Vs David Miller

MATCH WRITER: Dominic Sanders
Woo: This next match, Valentina, has the ability to steal the entire show, in my opinion!

Gomez: David Miller and Bosa, two of our four Broadcast Champions, will go one-on-one in a Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualif…

Flip: No Disqualifuckation Match!

Woo: Ah… yes. Where are my manners. I must add that King Flip is joining us on commentary. I sure hope you promise to keep it clean, Flip.

Flip: No worries. That was just a teenie weenie slip of the tongue.

Woo: In that case, welcome.

Flip: ‘Preciate ya!

Gomez: Sigh… yes, welcome. Now, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to say that this match will be between two of the heaviest hitters in the EWC today. We are truly in for a treat!

Woo: Let’s go to Nina Dobrev in the ring!

Dobrev: The following contest is a Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification Match!

The lights of Hard Rock Stadium fall low without warning. Seconds pass in silence, before a single tone bleeds through the speakers, leading into a hard, pounding cadence that echoes throughout the arena. Black and white video-clips begin to play in time with the beat, showing David Miller shadow boxing in an empty ring, competing in past matches, or glaring into the camera from various angles. As the music reaches a raucous crescendo, becoming the metal chords of AC/DC covering Damnation Plan’s “Judgement Day,” the lights return in violent, pulsating strobes, driving the crowd into a frenzy as video clips of Miller play in a smash cut montage on the X-Tron. David Miller marches out from behind the curtain with head bowed, and fists clenched, the CW Broadcast Championship strapped around his waist. Coming to a stop at the center of the stage, he lifts his head and stares down at the ring with an intense, singular focus. Giving a sudden twist to pop the bones in his neck, he starts down the ramp at a methodical pace.

Dobrev: Ladies and Gentlemen, now making his way to the ring, hailing from Long Beach, California. Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. He is the current, reigning, and defending CW Broadcast Champion … DAVID MILLER!

Reaching the floor, Miller stalks the inside of the guardrail and slowly circles around to the ring steps, pausing and rolling the joints in his shoulders loose while bouncing from one foot to the other in mental preparation. Suddenly exploding into movement, he charges up the steps to the apron and ducks between the ropes, immediately crossing to the far corner and pulling himself up onto the second rope, staring down into the ravenous fans below. Instead of reaching for his hood, Miller slowly unstraps the title and raises it overhead one inch at a time, a cold smile forming beneath his hood before he roars out into the crowd and pounds his free hand against his chest. The crowd pops hard for Miller. Stepping down to the canvas, he turns and folds the strap beneath the plate before handing it to the official. Reaching back, he peels off his jacket and casts it aside, locking the stage with a hard stare as he awaits Bosa.

Woo: David Miller looks hungry and ready for a fight tonight and, guys, I wouldn’t have expected any other look in his eyes. Ever since he got here, he has never once backed down from a fight!

Gomez: And while he may not have always been successful, his persistence has definitely come to fruiting as he is the current CW Broadcast Champion and, quite frankly, on a hot streak.

Woo: What do you think, Flip?

Flip: I just hope he saves enough of Bosa for me cuz I want a piece o’ that next Monday!

The arena goes silent as Nina Dobrev stands in the center of the ring and AC/DC prepares for their next assignment. Around her, camera’s flash and fans speak amongst themselves as she smiles. Raising the microphone, her earrings sparkle under the lights as she begins to speak….

Dobrev: And his opponent, hailing from San Francisco, California. Weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five points… He is the FX Broadcast Champion and BEASTMODE INCARNATE…  BOSA!

AC/DC begins to cover “Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains! The crowd completely erupts as Bosa emerges from the backstage area! Stopping on the stage area, he glares at the ring and at David Miller for a moment, adjusting his gloves and pads. The FX Broadcast Championship is strapped firmly around his waist. He looks determined, his eyes remaining on the ring as the camera pans around him.

As AC/DC’s rendition of his theme song continues on, Bosa walks down the ramp and towards the ring, reaching out to slap the hands of the fans along the way. Once at ringside, Bosa then raises both fists slowly as a fireworks display erupts behind him, sending the fans into a frenzy!

With the fans still cheering and chanting his name, Bosa lowers his fists and ascends the metal stairs. Stepping through the ropes, he circles the ring once as he nods his head in respect to the fans! The fans continue to cheer him on as Bosa comes to a stop in the middle of the ring. He unstraps the FX Broadcast Championship from his waist and lifts it high in the air. Pyro engulfs Hard Rock Stadium’s rafters high above. Bosa hands the referee his Championship and then backs into the corner, ready for the bell to ring.

Flip: Aww, look how cute he is with his little belt. Too bad that thing is going to be mine next weekie.

Woo: Time will tell, Flip, but let’s talk about tonight. David Miller gives up half a foot and thirty pounds to this man. We know he won’t back down, but Bosa should have a clear advantage in this one.

Gomez: Well, he would if it were any other match. But a Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification match? All it takes is a steel chair or a lead pipe or a table to even things out.

Woo: That is a fair point and here we go!

The two step towards each other as the bell rings. Bosa, being six inches taller than Miller, looks downward at his opponent. They exchange a few inaudible words for each other before finally backing off. Miller has that same look in his eyes that he did in the kennel the other day. Finally, Miller circles around Bosa, trying to gain the upper hand with his minor speed advantage. Miller locks up with Bosa, whose early strength advantage shows with a shove back into the ropes. Miller bounces right off of them, however, and drills Bosa under the chin with a right elbow. Bosa shakes his jaw out for a second and smirks. He grabs Miller and drives a knee right into his gut. Bosa whips Miller to the opposite ropes. On the return, Bosa kicks Miller in the stomach. BLACKOUT DDT! Noooo, too early! Miller squirms out of it and around Bosa. Miller, though, DOES connect with The Hard Goodbye!!! But holy hell! Bosa bounces RIGHT… BACK… UP!

Woo: Are you guys seeing this? David Miller just hit Bosa with The Hard Goodbye, a move that has put away seemingly everybody, and Bosa just got right back up to his feet like it was nothing!

Gomez: That was unbelievable. I don’t know if it’s because Bosa is strong or fresh or what, but that move generally keeps you down for the count. What do you think about that by Bosa, King Flip?

Flip: Bosa? More like BO-RING. LEH-MAO GOT ‘EEM.

Gomez: About what I expected out of you…

Miller gets back up to his feet and stares at his opponent in the eyes. Bosa procures a minor smirk, but Miller returns one and nods his head. Miller runs right in and dropkicks Bosa in the knee. Bosa drops down to one knee as Miller steps on the back of that knee. He interlocks his fingers under Bosa’s chin in a chinlock while also putting pressure on the back of Bosa’s leg. The referee checks for a submission, but he gets an easy “no” out of Bosa. Bosa reaches up and grabs Miller by the head, bringing him up and over with a snapmare takedown. Bosa gets up to his feet quickly and grabs Miller in a rear waistlock. He brings him back and drives him into the mat with a German suplex. The force sends David Miller rolling out of the ring and smacking the Hard Rock Stadium floor hard. Bosa slides out under the bottom rope himself and goes over to Miller. As Bosa is pulling Miller up to his feet, Miller grabs the waistband of Bosa’s pants and lunges himself backwards, driving Bosa hard into the ring post. Bosa’s cheek smacks the metal and then he drops down to the ground.

Gomez: And there’s that equalizer I was talking about earlier.

Woo: I wondered how long this match might take to escape the ring and turn into a more violent affair. The answer: not very long.

Miller sits up next to the ring apron. He shrugs his shoulders and lifts up the skirt to look under the ring. Miller pulls out a steel chain. There’s thickness to the chain, but not too much that Miller cannot wrap it around his fist, which he does. Miller gets up to his feet and looks at Bosa, who is up to his own. Miller goes to punch Bosa. Bosa ducks and Miller strikes the ring post with the chain around his hand. Miller drops the chain and shakes his hand out in pain. Bosa, now, grabs the chain. He holds it like a strap and whips Miller across his upper back! Miller pinches his shoulder blades together and lets out a pained grunt. But this pain only fuels him. He turns around quickly and drives a hard right fist into Bosa’s chin. And another. And another. Bosa drops the chain and is stumbling backwards towards the guard rail. Miller takes a step back and then runs at Bosa, driving him up and over the guardrail into the crowd with a clothesline. Miller is pumped up. He jumps up onto the guardrail and catches his balance for a second. Then he leaps off with a leg drop right onto the stadium floor next to some fans. He makes the first cover of the match.

Kickout by Bosa.

Woo: David Miller is trying to be the first one to end this match, but I get a feeling that there’s still plenty more in both of these men.

Miller is back up to his feet. He reaches down at the chest-protection that Bosa wears and he yanks hard at one of the straps. Miller puts his right foot square into Bosa’s chest and rips at the piece hard until the snaps and clasps shatter. Miller rips the chest-piece off of Bosa and tosses it into the crowd, providing a fan with a souvenir. Miller then looks behind himself and sees the guardrail. He measures his distance from it and then pulls Bosa up by the exposed t-shirt. Miller lifts him into the air with a belly-to-back suplex and drops him hard on the guardrail! Bosa falls over to the other side back around the ring while clutching at his exposed lower back.

Woo: That one HAD to hurt, Valentina. Especially without that padding!

Gomez: That’s right, Marcus. Another equalizer and suddenly everything is pointing in David Miller’s favor. Personally, I am a little shocked at how dominant Miller is looking, right now.

Flip: Is a run of Miller attacks really a shock here? Bosa may have had him for a second earlier, but hey, even a blind squirrel is likely to eventually find a nut.

Miller climbs back over the barricade and covers Bosa again.

Kickout by Bosa again.

Miller gets up and grabs Bosa. He locks him up for a side Russian leg sweep into the barricade. Bosa blocks it, however, and shoves Miller away. Miller turns around but right into the Chin Check! Bosa lays Miller out hard! Bosa makes a cover on Miller.

Kickout by David Miller!

Bosa gets up to his feet and shoots the referee a look. The referee explains that Miller got his shoulder up. Bosa walks over to the timekeepers’ table and grabs a steel chair. He looks down at it, almost with hesitation. He walks over towards Miller slowly, who is up to his knees. Miller looks at Bosa and welcomes the chair. Bosa rears back and cracks a thunderous chair shot over Miller’s skull! It damn near echoes throughout Hard Rock Stadium as the crowd goes nuts!

Woo: Did you guys see that chair shot? The chair is dented to hell!

Flip: Miller absolutely MODED here by the Beast. That’s how you say that, right?

Gomez: I am not entirely sure what you were going for there.

Bosa tosses the chair aside and it lands at King Flip’s feet. Flip stands up to yell something at Bosa, but Bosa completely ignores him. Bosa walks over to Miller and pulls him up slowly by the head. Miller’s forehead is completely gashed open and blood is running down his face. Bosa drives a fist hard into the wound over and over again, drawing more blood from Miller’s forehead and coating Bosa’s fist in it. Bosa rolls Miller into the ring and then walks over to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and moves into the ring between the top and middle ropes. Miller crawls over to the corner and pulls himself up as Bosa stands opposite of him in the other corner. Bosa sprints, leaps, and goes for a splash to Miller’s back! Miller rolls out of the way and Bosa nails his chest on the … EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! We see Miller has the turnbuckle padding in his hand.

Woo: Crafty move by the wily veteran. Miller was undoing the turnbuckle padding and pulling it away as Bosa measured him up for that splash.

Flip: Supie predictable!

Gomez: Predictable? How do you figure?

Flip: Even Ray Charles’ dead ass saw that coming. Green much, BoBo?

Miller catches his breath and turns his attention to Bosa, who is clutching his chest in pain. Miller grabs Bosa by the hair and then rams the back of his head hard into the exposed turnbuckle. And again. And a third time. Bosa looks out of it! He collapses out of the corner. We see that the back of his head is busted open and his dark hair is turning a shade of crimson. Miller rolls Bosa over and covers him.


Woo: I have no idea how, but Bosa just kicked out. He looked dead in the water, there.

Miller rolls off of Bosa and lays on his back for a moment. The two men are becoming exhausted, they’re hurting, and they are bloody.

Woo: These two are absolutely gassed!

Flip: You guys got the munchies?

King Flip procures a StrangleMania toaster. He unplugs Valentina’s monitor in order to plug in the toaster.

Gomez: Um, hello. I am working here.

Flip: Yeah. They are just laying there. Listen, I’m a whole-grain guy myself. Would you like some?

Gomez: Absolutely not.

Valentina unplugs the toaster and plugs her monitor back in. In the ring, Miller rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up to his feet. He lifts Bosa up to his knees and tries to lock in The None Percenter! But Bosa, somehow, digs deep down and blocks the hold from being locked in. Bosa breaks free… UTB! Unleash The Beast connects! But Miller’s body rolls out of the ring from the impact. Bosa is exhausted. He crawls slowly towards the ropes. He finally gets there and sees Miller on his face outside of the ring. Bosa slides under the bottom rope and flops down to the floor. He uses as much strength as he can muster to turn Miller over onto his back. Bosa slumps into a cover.


Woo: I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone kick out of that but, Valentina, that whole sequence just took far too long, don’t you think?

Gomez: For sure.

Bosa is not too happy that this match is still alive. He gains a second wind and steps up to his feet quickly. He grabs Miller by the head and pulls him to his feet. Bosa begins to drag Miller up the ramp towards the stage area. Bosa begins to run quickly and drives Miller’s head into the LED display on the stage! Miller falls limp to the stage. Bosa puts his arms up in the air with a roar, his hair still soaked in his own blood and his hands still covered in Miller’s.

Woo: The end could be near here. Bosa seems re-energized, guys.

Flip: Bosa lookin’ more like Xplode than Double X, er, Jason Hunter. Might wanna check the DNA!

Gomez: I can’t wait until this match is over just so you can leave.

Flip: You’re too sweet, bb.

Bosa turns his attention back to Miller. Miller drives a hard right into Bosa’s stomach, but Bosa pretty much eats the shot. Bosa grabs Miller and pulls him fully to his feet. He’s going for the Blackout DDT again, this time on the stage! Miller sticks his feet into the ground and runs Bosa backwards, driving his exposed spine hard into a metal brace piece in the X-Tron! Bosa drops to his knees. Miller looks at Bosa and grabs his t-shirt. He rips the collar downward and tears the shirt off of Bosa’s body. Miller then drives a stiff knife-edge chop right into Bosa’s chest! Two! Three! Four! Five! Bosa’s chest is becoming beet red. Another. And another. Miller is a man possessed right now! Finally, after what may have been the tenth chop or so, Miller straight up kicks Bosa in the sternum, dropping him backwards onto his back. Bosa’s chest looks like raw beef right now. Miller stares at Bosa through his crimson mask.

Woo: These two are beating the ever-living hell out of each other!

Miller looks over to the edge of the stage. He walks over and sees a table down below. Miller takes a deep breath as he walks over and grabs Bosa. Miller drags Bosa towards the edge of the stage and shoves Bosa’s head between his legs. He uses all of his strength and lifts Bosa up onto his shoulders. He looks down at the table below. OH MY GOD!

Woo: David Miller just jumped off of the stage and dropped Bosa through that table with The Tragic Truth! Bosa landed square on his head!

Gomez: This one needs to be over like now!

Both men are laid out on the concrete floor. The crowd is going absolutely nuts.

The referee is checking on both men. Medics come out from the back. They’re checking out both men. The stretchers are out. Miller swipes at one of the medics to go away. He slowly rolls over and drapes an arm over Bosa’s chest! The referee hesitates for a moment. Miller yells at the referee to “COUNT!” The referee drops to the ground.


Dobrev: Here is your winner… the CW Broadcast Champion… DAVID MILLER!

Woo: What a match! I thought for sure we wouldn’t even get a finish.

Gomez: That seemed doomed for a draw because I truly didn’t think either man would be able to finish.

Woo: Wait, where did King Flip go?

As David Miller is helped to the back, he clutches his CW Broadcast Championship at his side. Meanwhile, King Flip has walked over to where Bosa is being tended to by medical personnel. In his hand, he has the FX Broadcast Championship. Flip shoves his way to the front and looks down at Bosa, who is definitely worse for the wear. To add insult to injury, Flip drops the heavy leather strap right down onto Bosa’s face and then smirks down at him. Flip wanders off to the back and the medical personnel continue to help Bosa.

The scene cuts backstage ..

Backstage, we find Paramount correspondent Lisa Goldrush making her way along one of the corridors towards the rear of the building. Suddenly, a nearby door flies open, and a panicked El Pablo darts in from the outside having apparently fled some kind of agitated commotion.

Goldrush: Pablo? What’s going on?

El Pablo: Well, I was thinking I might head out…but, uh, there’s an angry horde of Gen Z-ers in the parking lot baying for my blood.

Goldrush: Angry about what? I figured you’d be more Gen Z-friendly than anybody!

El Pablo: You’d think – but, uh, you remember that whole alligator business from the other day?

Goldrush: I heard about it. Still, I figured you’d be a hero; liberating an animal from captivity and all that.

El Pablo: I was, obviously – but apparently, when I called the alligator ‘Sally’ I was making an assumption about its gender.

Goldrush: …But it’s an alligator.

El Pablo: That’s what I said! And then the throwing started…

A loud bang startles the pair, as some unseen object evidently crashes against the other side of the door.

El Pablo: Can I hang here for a bit?

Goldrush: I mean, you work here…you can stay as long as you want.

El Pablo: Thanks! I figure Ace could do with the support anyway. Xavier too. I also figure it probably can’t hurt to see who comes out on top in that North American Championship match, you know?

Lisa appears a little taken aback by that last remark.

Goldrush: Woah…are you telling me that El Pablo is thinking about going for gold?

EP smirks.

El Pablo: Stranger things have happened. Already this season I’ve patched things up with mi familia…I’ve beaten Candy, Stitches and Nevaeh…who knows what’s next! Plus, having one solitary Indy Title reign to the Rainbowlution’s name just doesn’t feel right, you know?

EP pulls a packet of Skittles out of his pocket and tears it open, tossing a palmful into his mouth.

El Pablo: Work to be done, obviously, but watch this space, Lisa…maybe one day you’ll get to see me Paint another championship Face.

With that, EP turns and wanders out of shot, leaving Lisa alone. Feeling curious, she opens the door and peeks outside.

Unseen Gen Z-er: FUR IS MURDER!!

Another object slams into the door as Lisa manages to duck back inside and close it just in time.

Goldrush: …But it’s an alligator.

The camera leaves Lisa to her own confusion as it finally cuts away.

Richman: The biggest part in every business is knowing the right people. People like me, who can make your career attain new heights.

With the camera panning out, the corridor is shown to be busy and filled with many staff busily working on every part that makes Stranglemania a success.

Richman: Now I must admit that I am not really into the whole strangling thing, but it’s clear many people do. And as the brilliant businessman I am, I’m here tonight to make sure to ensure that some lucky talent gets to rub shoulders with the biggest mind in business, Chad Richman.

Walking up to a masked competitor, Richman slapped him on his shoulder, giving it a good squeeze before pulling out a golden business card with embossed silver writing on it.

On further inspection, the gold is painted cardboard with silver sharpie.

Richman: Mr. Azul, that was some really nice… Whatever you do, remember the name Richman because I can guarantee to bring your career to heights that’ll boggle your mind.

Looking back at the camera, Richman would slowly shake his head and roll his eyes before slapping Azul on the back once more and continuing to walk along.

Richman: You see, it’s not about how good you are, nobody cares about talent or a ‘go-getter’ attitude in business. Nobody cares about that plucky young up and comer. It’s all about knowing the right people, the people that’ll open those doors in the glass ceiling.

Noticing the next person he wanted to use the Richman-charm on, he wasted no time in trying to sell his enlightening presence to…

Richman: Iggy Swango, from one businessperson to another, I must applaud you on getting that sweet Thighmaster gig. I think my ex-wife has one of those…

Stretching his tie a little bit, it seemed that he dug up a bad memory.

Richman: …She only spent my entire alimony payment on it…

But before long he recompose himself.

Richman: But either way, if there’s one person that can shill shapely thighs, I’m sure you’re the one… Admittedly my badonk-a-donk wasn’t ever the real money maker of the Richman business.

Swango: I’m sorry, did you say something? I’m freaking out right now because I just had a Dorito packed so full of flavor nothing else will ever make me feel again? It’s blowing my mind. Ok, back to reality Iggy. So what do you want, an autograph? A copy of the DSR calendar/photobook?

Iggy stares at Chad Richman and nods.

Swango: Yeah, you look like the type.

Iggy reaches into a bag and hands it to him.

Richman: Thanks, I guess… I should probably offer you some words of encouragement for tonight, but I really can’t seem to think of anything that would give you even remotely a chance of winning.

Scratching the back of his head, he’d bite his cheek for a second.

Richman: So I guess go-get-em kid, and go get yourself a participation medal, I know you millennials crave those.

Deciding it was time to depart once more, he’d stop for a second before looking back at Iggy Swango with the most disingenuous smile imaginable, pulling another one of his ‘golden’ business cards out of his breast pocket. Generously offering it to the Rampage superstar.

Richman: Oh Swango, I just remember. Could you be a real darling and hand that to Queen Melody when you see her? Team Richman could do wonders taking a genuine superstar such as her under our wings.

With Swango looking less than amused, Richman would put the card somewhere close by before giving Swango an encouraging pat on the shoulder before giving her the patented Richman Finger-Guns before departing.

Walking further, he’d toss away the photobook gifted to him, and ended up bumping into a new competitor who catches his eyes. But rather than giving the slap on the shoulder, Richman took a more metered approach.

Richman: If it isn’t the greatest Undisputed Champion of at least the past three weeks, Stitches!

Looking around him for a second, Richman would notice that he now inexplicably found himself in a dimly lit room and the Undisputed Champion seemed to be part of their own little world, paying no attention to the nuisance that had come into his moment of peace.

Richman: Weird how such a thing can happen… But anyways, I know you’re undoubtedly busy with the whole championship defending thing you crazy kids do, but I know a guy in Hollywood that could use a man of your mercurial talents, and you could make a very pretty penny in the process.

Pulling out a business card from his sleeve with a bit too much pzazz than was required for the situation, he’d offer the card to the Undisputed champion.

Richman: If you could make balloon animals, that’d be even better. The Bar-Mitzva scene in Hollywood is a real killer, but you could make a real killing if you manage to market yourself right.

As Richman is only met by silence from Stitches, he’d awkwardly tug his collar.

Richman: Tough crowd… I guess you’re busy with the whole getting ready thing, so I’ll just let yourself do that thing you do. But remember the name, Richman, if Ace King were to beat you and you feel like a career change, I can do wonders with that image of yours!

Doing a double finger-guns at Stitches, he quickly made sure to remove himself out of the vicinity of the Undisputed Champion to let them ruminate on the offer.

And just like that, he found himself back in the corridor he’d been standing in before, and he’d turn himself towards the camera.

Richman: As you can see, the work of the greatest businessman in wrestling is never truly finished. Just like how Prime will be finished when I reveal my next client, the next champion of all the titles in wrestling, the greatest manager with the greatest talent in wrestling. So be sure to tune in to Prime, to let your wrestling minds be blown.

The scene begins to fade as he switch the feed over to the X-Tron

The X-Tron flickers on and jumps to another backstage area where we see Ace Heart standing outside of Gabrielle Visconty’s locker room. He smiles at the camera as he raises the mic to speak.

Heart: We are standing outside the locker room of the current International Champion, Gabrielle Visconty. We are going to see if we can get her take on her upcoming match with Xavier Reid.

Ace turns and knocks on the door. A few seconds pass and there is no answer. Ace looks over his shoulder and smiles nervously before turning back to the door to knock again, this time a little harder.

Heart: Gabi! Gabi, this is Ace Heart. I’d like to have a moment of your time before you head out to face Xavier Reid for the International title match.

Nothing… Just 30 seconds of awkward silence. Ace adjusts his tie before he looks back to the camera. Ace looks a little concerned as he turns and knocks again, this time louder. Another 30 seconds of awkward silence. Suddenly Gabi Vee walks into the shot and stands just behind Ace, and out of his view. She looks back at the camera and winks before she takes a bite of a Twizzlers.

Visconty: Knock louder, she might be asleep.

Gabi tells Ace, and just as he is about to do as instructed, he pauses and glances back at Gabi. She laughs as she chomps on her Twizzlers. Ace turns and composes himself.

Visconty: I heard you bellowing all the way down at the vending machines.

Ace nods and lifts the mic up, only to be cut off as Gabi slams into him, wrapping her arms around him and gives him a big hug… Once again, like always, this catches Ace off guard. Gabi lets go and smiles at Ace.

Visconty: You should know that is coming.

Heart: I should.

Visconty: It’s tradition now.

Heart: It is.

Gabi grins as Ace straightens his suit.

 Gabi, how do you feel heading into this match with Xavier? There has been a lot of harsh words shot back and forth by both of you two.

Visconty: Xavier is a dork. Look, Tommy Love is a jerk on the highest level, but there is a lot of wisdom in the years he has spent in the industry… even as much as it pains me to say it. Do I dislike Tommy Love? Not really… I hate Tommy Love. Is that a strong enough word to get my point across?

Ace nods in a ‘yeah, probably’ sort of way.

Visconty: So, when Xavier signed Tommy on as his manager, it was heartbreaking to think I was going to have to be exposed… well, maybe that is the wrong word.

She grins awkwardly.

Visconty: It was heartbreaking to think I was going to be subjected to Tommy Love wandering around backstage at every Brawl event. I already disliked Xavier from long before even being subjected to Tommy’s ‘management’, so him bringing Tommy back to Brawl after his exile, that just put him way up on the tip top of the list of people I’d like to see fall off a cliff – and into lava – after bathing in kerosene. That’s not a very big list, Ace. So, to answer your question about how I feel, I feel like this is the best first title defense. Honestly, Darius ran off to Paramount. Bosa would have been a good defense, but Xavier is the best. A past Undisputed Champion going up against me… It’s going to be a grueling match. I expect Xavier to be in top form, looking to clip my wings and send a message. I am also looking to clip his wings and prove I am a worthy Champion. And on this grand of a stage, it will be the greatest victory of my career.

Heart: Do you expect Tommy to be a factor in this match?

Gabi frowns a little before taking another bite of her Twizzlers, as she thinks a moment. Ace looks like he is about to speak before Gabi cuts him off, pulling the mic back to her.

Visconty: You seriously think I was thinking on that? Of course Tommy will be involved in this match! He hates me as much as Xavier does, maybe even worse. Look, as much as Tommy thought he had me under his thumb and doped up, I was learning. Once he fully vested in me, and I was able to get some support from friends, I kicked his ass to the curb! He’d completely turned Killjoy over to Buddy. He’d brought Bunny in to manage the Southern Express… He had nothing! Oh, but wait, Xavier says I am always using Tommy so I can play the victim. Yeah… Screw them both. Tommy will do his damnedest to distract me… I fully expect it.

Gabi grins after she speaks, a little Twizzlers in her teeth. Ace looks like he is about to tell her about it but decides against it.

Heart: Prediction time – Is Gabrielle Visconty walking out of this match as the International Champion?

Gabi nods her head slowly.

 I do. This is my title, I have worked long and hard to get where I am now. I am not about to roll over and let Xavier put his hands back on this title… Not while I am still breathing.

Ace turns from Gabi and back to the camera.

Heart: There you have it, wrestling fans. Gabi Vee is predicting a win over Xavier Reid here tonight. Only time will tell if she backs that bold prediction up.

Gabi holds up the 3C fingers as she opens her locker room door and slips inside. Ace turns and notices Gabi has gone before motioning for the camera to cut.

Iggy Swango Vs Asriel Buzzard

We return to ringside where final preparations are being made for our next contest, as we see Marcus Woo and Valentina Gomez standing by on commentary!

Woo: After what’s been a crazy night so far, we come to our next hellacious stop as Asriel Buzzard defends the HBO Broadcast Championship against Iggy Swango, in what’s been billed a Bat of Destruction Match!

Gomez: There’s been a war of words leading up to this Marcus, and it all culminates with an exploding barbed wire bat with someone’s name on it! Only one will be left standing as the HBO Broadcast Champion!

Dobrev: The following match is a Bat Of Destruction Match for the HBO Broadcast Championship! Joining us first, from The Pleasure Palace… standing in at five feet eight inches tall, weighing at one hundred and forty-five pounds, and representing DSR VOL II and America’s Most Hated…LADY STARDUST… IGGY SWANGO!

The guitar sound of “Suffragette City” hits the arena as AC/DC begins to play the song. The lights dim low before strobing between red and the pitch blackness of the arena. Just as the loud guitar riffs echo throughout the arena the lights starts pulsing red and Iggy Swango emerges from behind the curtain as smog engulfs her. She stands at the top of the stage for a few moments as she nods her head to the rhythm of the music.

Iggy starts bouncing on the stage and rocking out with an air bass playing along with the music before making her way down the ramp. Iggy rolls under the bottom rope and pops up on her knees in the middle of the ring. She slowly stands her to her feet before raising her hands into the air once more.

Dobrev: And her opponent, from Hill City, Kansas… weighing in at one hundred and ninety-six pounds… He is the HBO Broadcast Champion… ASRIEL BUZZARD!

As AC/DC plays the first notes of Machinehead throughout the stadium, images of the Great Plains appear on the X-Tron, mixed with pictures of crosses and churches. Spotlights flash around the arena but focus on the stage as the drums and heavier riff start, flames lick up around the top of the stage. Asriel Buzzard appears through the curtain wearing a plague doctor style mask and carrying a metal crowbar.

He stands at the top of the ramp, head bowed and one fist clenched in front of his chest for a few seconds. After opening his eyes, he starts to march to the ring, ignoring the fans putting their hands out over the barrier. He circles the ring twice after arriving at ringside.


As blue lights bathe the arena and smoke billows around ringside, Asriel walks up the ring steps, dashes along the apron and climbs to the top rope.

On the top rope, Asriel holds his mask and crowbar aloft then brings them to his chest where he holds them together briefly before leaping down into the ring and removing his jacket and HBO Broadcast Championship.

Woo: Optional final comment before the bell sounds.

Buzzard stands in his corner, Swango in hers. Two ring workers set up the button for the bat in a neutral corner. They leave the bat laying on the ground in that corner. Buzzard drops his crowbar just outside the ring. Our ref signals the bell and we are off!

Iggy and Asriel circle each other, neither wanting to make a costly mistake this early in the match. They both lunge into a shoulder/collar tie-up. They are very evenly matched but Buzzard has just enough of a weight advantage and is able to take control. Buzzard pulls Iggy into a side headlock and squeezes on some pressure.

Woo: The champion is looking for an early advantage here in this one.

Gomez: I’m sure there’s a lot of advantage he can get in the first 10 seconds..

Iggy drops to one knee and is trying to break the hold. It’s a success! Iggy breaks the hold and sends Buzzard into the ropes. On the rebound Iggy catches Buzzard with a big European uppercut that rocks him back a few steps. Buzzard shakes it off and hits Iggy with his own European uppercut. Iggy fires back with another Euro Uppercut. Buzzard answers back. Iggy is rocked and on wobbly legs after that one. Buzzard goes to complete the trifecta but Iggy grabs his arm! Iggy spins under Buzzard’s arm while throwing his shoulder and chest into the canvas! Dragon screw arm-whip! Buzzard gets up to his feet quickly, but he is grabbing his shoulder in pain. Iggy kicks Buzzard in the shoulder and follows it up with a leg lariat that takes Buzzard off his feet.

Woo: And like California tectonic plates, the momentum has shifted and Iggy has taken control. 

Gomez: Now that we are a few minutes into this match, a real advantage can be formulated. 

Iggy drags Buzzard to his knees by his arm and hits a second arm-whip! Buzzard yells out in agony and punches the canvas with his good arm. Iggy walks over to the corner and grabs up the bat. She hits the button and




The bat is primed and ready to go! Buzzard is on his knees holding his arm, back turned to Iggy. Iggy rushes in and smashes the bat into Buzzard’s shoulder! There is a small explosion and the force of the blow causes Buzzard to roll from the center of the ring to the outside floor, holding his shoulder and screaming. His shoulder may be completely done.

Woo: Dear God! Buzzard may never use that arm again! 

Gomez: And now a real advantage has been formed. Iggy needs to capitalize. 

The ref checks Buzzard and asks if he wants to stop it, Buzzard says he’s got a good arm and to let him be. Ref backs up and agrees. Buzzard gets up to his feet, still cradling his bad arm. He looks into the ring for Iggy, but she is gone? NO! Iggy comes running up behind Buzzard and she spikes him in the back of the head with a second leg lariat! Iggy pulls Buzzard up by the bad shoulder and she starts to pull and shake his arm while he lets out moans of pain. Iggy spins Buzzard around and grabs a ripcord waist lock with the bad arm, she spins Buzzard around and then spins herself for a heel kick but Buzzard drops down to duck it. Iggy’s leg gets propped up on the apron. Buzzard gets up to his feet and kicks the propped leg in the thigh. Iggy grabs it as it begins to cramp and then Buzzard dropkicks Iggy’s other leg! Iggy falls to the ground grabbing at her legs.

Woo: Iggy is going for Buzzard’s arms, seems he’s going for her legs. 

Gomez: Iggy’s legs and thighs are a pretty big target. Especially for a dude. 

Buzzard starts to slap his shoulder to wake it up. Buzzard sees something poking out from under the ring and grabs it. Iggy gets to her feet and turns to face Buzzard just as his crowbar hits her in the thigh! Iggy stumbles back against the ring post. Buzzard swings at Iggy’s head, as hard as he can with a bad shoulder. Iggy is able to move last second but the crowbar dents the ring post on impact. Buzzard grabs at his shoulder as recoil is sent into his arms.

Iggy grabs Buzzard’s injured arm, but Buzzard answers back with a thumb to her eye this time. Iggy drops to a knee and covers her eye. Buzzard knees her between the eyes! Buzzard drags Iggy up and sends her into the ring. He again grabs at his hurt shoulder, but he just bites down on his teeth and rolls into the ring. Buzzard grabs the bat and hits the button…




The bat is primed and ready to go! Buzzard waits for Iggy to stand and then he slams the bat into her thigh, there is another small explosion and Iggy is thrown sideways. Buzzard throws down the bat and tells the ref to check her. Iggy tells the ref she’s fine and we’re still on.

Woo: I’d say any advantage here has been lost at this point. Now it’s about who wants that title more. 

Gomez: I don’t think either of these two want to quit, but the ref has the power to end it whenever he sees fit. 

Iggy crawls to the corner and uses the ropes to help her stand. She’s visibly not putting any weight on her back leg. Buzzard rushes in at the speed of sound and slams into her with a European uppercut from his good arm. Buzzard drags Iggy out by her hair and pulls her into a quick vertical suplex. Buzzard keeps the headlock and rolls over looking for a second perhaps, but Iggy Swango is able to pull him back into her own snap suplex. Iggy crawls to the neutral corner, grabbing the bat and using it to stand, she hits the button but Buzzard is there! He slams her head into the button to disarm the bat, and then he kicks her in the back of her leg. Iggy falls backwards, but she’s still got the bat! She swings wildly and catches Buzzard on the cheek, the barbed wire digging into his flesh and cutting him open! Buzzard stumbles to the middle of the ring and then seems almost taken back at the sight of his own blood. Iggy slaps the button…




The bat is primed! Iggy goes for the swing on Buzzard’s head but Buzzard spins around! The bat smashes into his shoulder, barbed wire digs into flesh and busts him open. But the bat was a dud this round! Buzzard stumbles forward and then turns to smirk at Iggy. He motions to the scars on his back from all the beatings he took and tells Iggy it’ll take a lot more. Iggy says okay and then she smashes the bat into his back a second time! And then a third time! Iggy goes for a forth but Buzzard spins around and catches a Redeemer superkick onto the bat sending it into Iggy’s forehead! Iggy pulls the bat from her own flesh as blood begins to stream from her face. Buzzard hits a second Redeemer that lands flush on Iggy’s jaw! Iggy crashes to the canvas. Buzzard grabs the bat, grabbing the barbed wire end with both hands. He swings wildly and catches Iggy in the temple with the rounded handle of the bat! Iggy is out of it. Buzzard flips the bat around and grabs the handle. He hits the button.




Woo: Buzzard could end it all here! 

Gomez: Iggy is already out of it I think, do you job ref. 

The bat is primed. Buzzard looks down at the possibly unconscious Iggy, and then he looks to his HBO Broadcast Championship at the time keepers area… He lifts the bat, screaming at his shoulder to hold strong and then he brings the bat down on Iggy’s head BUT IGGY KICKS HIM IN THE DICK! Buzzard grabs at his groin as he falls. The primed bat lands next to his head and goes off! Buzzard rolls away, screaming as his eyes go white and his ears grow loud with ringing. He blindly stumbles to a corner, back faced to a now standing Iggy. Iggy rushes Buzzard and hits a corner meteora to the back of his head! Iggy stumbles backwards, yelling in pain about her leg. Buzzard remains slumped in the corner. Iggy wipes some blood from her face and then she grabs the bat. Buzzard is in the neutral corner, so she drags him out and props him against the ropes before hitting the button…





Gomez: WE could very well have a new champion, but at what cost? 

The bat is primed. Iggy composes herself and then she goes for the swing on Buzzard, but Buzzard in desperation hits another Redeemer superkick to the bat, sending the bat into Iggy’s face as it explodes! The biggest explosion yet! Iggy falls over, her face a bloody mess. Buzzard is sent over the top rope crashing to the ground. He grabs at his leg, screaming out. He grabs at his shoulder, screaming out. But Buzzard is able to pull himself up to his feet by the apron. Iggy doesn’t answer our ref, Iggy is out. Iggy is out!


Buzzard stays outside the ring, his face and back bleedingly heavily. Medical staff begin to stop the bleeding but he limps past them to the Time Keepers table. He grabs his title and embraces it. He can be heard telling himself it wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t a fluke. Buzzard limps off towards the locker rooms. In the ring Iggy has been helped up to a seated position and looks at Buzzard leave. She’s clearly distraught and out of it, but she doesn’t look defeated (despite the blood streaming from her forehead and cut open thigh), she looks determined. 

Woo: Asriel Buzzard wins this one, but I could see another match between these two very soon. 

Gomez: And when they have that match, Iggy very well could win. This match was far from normalcy. 

Woo: And from one war we go to another, as up next we have the International Championship on the line as Gabi Vee defends against Xavier Reid in an X-Division match…and the promise of blood as this is indeed a Last Blood Match!

Camera cuts to …

The camera cuts backstage inside the Hard Rock Stadium where we find Xavier Reid finishing taping his hands as he readies himself for the Last Blood International Championship match against Gabi Visconty. Xavier rips the tape and tosses it back into his back. ‘The Memphis Mouthpiece’ Tommy Love walks into the scene, he slides his jacket on and picks up ‘The Love Stick’ and looks at Xavier

Love: Are you ready…

Xavier looks up at Tommy and looks confused by his managers question

Reid: Are you serious?

Tommy shrugs at Xavier

Reid: From the second we started this season I’ve been working for this moment Tommy, did I expect the EWC to hand me the match…no, I’m not loved by them in that way, they showed that last season. I’m someone they can dick over and not give a second thought to so I knew I’d have to work my ass off to get this chance to win back what was taken from me…to win back my International Championship. Of course they gave Clay yet another chance for a match…it wasn’t enough that be closed out last season losing to Gabi for the right to challenge for it at WrestleFest, it wasn’t enough that he hadn’t done jack shit since his returned, they showed how they felt about me then they acted like our two situations were ‘equal’…yeah sure, ok…but I beat his ass yet again and won the right to challenge Gabi here at StrangleMania…

Tommy looks on as Xavier stands up

Reid: I’ve been accused of ‘crying and complaining’ about my situation…that’s fine, see it was you like but the truth is I was treated in a unprecedented manner and yet ‘some’ thought I should what, just sit quietly by and accept it, not say a word about how I was feeling and just move on…like she has right…I mean you fucked her over just like the EWC fucked me over and she just moved on without a single word about it right…

Xavier mouths ‘ok’

Reid: No, she’s went on and on and on about how Tommy Love did her wrong, she can’t open her mouth without saying your name…it’s been one big pity party for Gabi since the second I hired you…

Tommy smiles

Love: So you know what you are walking into…

Reid: Of course I do…your fight, I get it, when she looks at me she also sees your face and your face want to make her punch a hole through something…and that something at this very moment is me…

Xavier nods

Reid: I’m not innocent in all this…I’ve played my role willingly, I wanted to make Gabi hurt, to suffer…to know what is coming her way here tonight and now we are here…StrangleMania and now I get the chance to back it all up…I get the chance to walk out to that ring and bust the living shit out of her until I draw blood…we get to punish each other in ways we’ve been dreaming about for months…the EWC wants tonight to be vicious, to be bloody…to be the single most violent night of the year and trust me, Gabi and I both want that inside the ring…she’ fighting for payback well I’m fighting for payback as well…to reclaim what is rightfully mine so it comes down to this…whose will is stronger, who wants their payback more…I get it, many out there will think what you did to ‘poor little Gabi’ will push her to the finish line and will ignore the fact that the Board screwed over one of their own…one of their own who has helped grow the EWC into that it is today…I get it, it’s easy to fuck over Xavier Reid…you aren’t going to lose fans over it but tonight I’ll take matters into my own hands, I’ll make right their wrong and I’ll leave Gabi Visconty in a pool of her own blood…so my question to you Tommy is this…are you ready?

Xavier looks at Tommy

Reid: Are you ready to do whatever it takes out there because this is also YOUR fight…she is pissed because of you so…

Xavier adjusts Tommy’s jacket

Reid: You better be ready to lay it all on the line as well because like it or not…you are a big part of this, so…

Xavier looks at ‘The Love Stick’

Reid: You best be ready…for anything…

Xavier pats Tommy on the head and walks off screen as Tommy takes a hard gulp

Xavier Reid Vs Gabrielle Visconty


We return to ringside where the audience and EWC Staff await for the next match.

Woo: These two have previously faced each other recently at Paramount #03 with their respective partners in tag team action. Those teams lost to Southern Express. But tonight it’s one versus one.

Gomez: It’s for Championship gold as Visconty defends her International Championship at the biggest show of the year! Can Xavier Reid dethrone Gabi Vee?

Woo: We’re about to find out as he head ringside to Nina Dobrev as she makes the introductions.

Dobrev: The following match is a Last Blood Match and will be judged under X-Division Rules. And it is for the EWC International Championship! Joining us first, from New York City, New York… weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… XAVIER REID!

The spotlights inside the arena start to flash around the crowd as AC/DC begins to play Linkin Park’s ‘Papercut’.

Xavier Reid walks out onto the stage in his new black trunks, kick pads and boots, and his hands wrapped in black tape. From behind him, ‘The Memphis Mouthpiece’ Tommy Love walks out. He walks to the front of the stage and crosses his arms into an X in front of his chest and smirks as Tommy walks out from behind him and acts as if he’s going to hit the camera with the ‘Love Stick’. Tommy points to the ring and Xavier walks towards the ring shadow boxing as he makes his way down the aisle. Xavier storms up the steps and climbs into the ring, Tommy follows suit and walks towards the referee, already complaining about something. Xavier storms across the ring to the opposite corner and jumps to the middle rope and looks over the crowd and once again crosses his arms into an X as Tommy pulls out some money and tries to bribe the official who walks away as Tommy laughs. Xavier jumps down and squats down in the corner waiting for Gabi Vee to make her entrance.

Dobrev: And his opponent, from Honolulu, Hawaii… weighing in at one hundred and twenty six pounds… She is the EWC International Champion! GABRIELLE VISCONTY!

The lights in the arena dim as a single spot light shines down on the entrance. AC/DC covers Halestorm’s “I Am The Fire” as the music begins to play throughout the Hard Rock Stadium. The X-Tron lights up to display G A B I V E E ! ! ! before the lyrics to “I Am The Fire” begin to scroll across it.

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I’m afraid
I am through with this
‘Cause I am more than this
Gabrielle Visconty walks out of the back and stops at the top of the ramp. She stretches her arms out as her blue eyes scan over the area as the fans welcome Gabi Vee with cheers. The EWC International Championship shines in the spotlight as a huge grin spreads across her face and she walks down the ramp and towards the ring. The lyrics continue to follow along on the X-Tron.

Cuz I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm
And I am the one I’ve been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire

Gabi slaps hands and interacts with the crowd before she hops up onto the edge of the ring. She smiles out towards the crowd once more. Gabi turns and springboard herself more awkwardly than usual into the ring, then ventures over to her corner. The referee comes over to her and she relinquishes the International Championship. 

Woo: Gabi Vee has had some amazing moments this year already. She was the runner up at Legends of the Cage and settled the score with Samantha Hamilton on Brawl. Tonight she looks to defend her Championship against one of her toughest opponents, Xavier Reid.

Gomez: The Bastard of Volando isn’t a slouch by any means. He has the potential to rip that Championship out of the Champion’s hands. He may just knock it upside her head for good measure.

The Champion Gabrielle Visconty hands the belt to the referee as he then points for her to go back to her corner. He looks back making sure that Xavier Reid stays in his as well. The referee then turns back towards the hard camera and holds the Championship up for the audience and cameras to see.

He then walks over and shows the belt to the challenger before giving it to the ringside official standing outside of the ring. He then motions for the bell to be rung signifying the start of the match.


Gabrielle Visconty stands in her corner calmly as she adjust her tights glaring across the ring at her opponent and the challenger Xavier Reid. The Bastard of Volando reaches backwards grasping the ring ropes as he leans forward stretching his arms and chest. He then begins swaying from one leg to the next in anticipation of the contest he’s been waiting weeks for.

Both competitors are slow to walk from their corners as they circle each other slowly in attempts to survey their opponent. Xavier Reid lunges forward seeking e single leg take down as a simple test of Gabi Vee’s quickness as she easily dodges his attack. Reid comes back up to his feet as he smiles letting her know that he’s only playing a game to start.

They continue to circle each other as Gabi dives in for a single leg take down of her own. As Xavier dodges her attempt she smiles back letting him know that she may be just a little quicker on her feet. He rolls his shoulders and stretches his neck as he realizes the tension in his muscles. He reaches out grasping the top rope pulling in downwards as he again seeks to stretch his muscles.

Gabi Vee looking for opportunity rushes in and tries to sweep his legs out from under him but he leaps upwards avoiding the attack. Landing back on his feet he throws a back elbow catching her in the jaw knocking her backwards. He rebounds and rushes her for the attack but she catches him off guard as she hip tosses him in the center of the ring. Xavier is quick to his feet and rushes her again. Gabi Vee again hip tosses him to the canvas and this time Reid uses the momentum to slide out of the ring to the floor below.

He slams his hands onto the ring apron in frustration and then places them on his hips and looks towards Gabi Vee. Reid momentarily takes his eyes off of the Champion as he looks out towards the crowd only to find that they are cheering his opponent. He turns back towards the ring as Gabi Vee comes flying over the top rope with a suicide dive. Challenger and Champion both crash to the floor as Gabi appears to have taken the brunt of move hitting her head on the ringside barrier.

Xavier Reid shoves her prone body off of his as he rolls a few feet away from her holding the back of his head. After a few moments he pushes himself up into a seated position against the barricade and looks over towards Gabi Vee. He begins laughing as he notices the blood coming from a gash in her forehead where she had struck the barricade. The camera catches his voice as he talks.

“Gabi. Gabi. Gabi.”

Woo: He’s laughing. How disgusting.

Gomez: You seem surprised.

Xavier Reid gets to his feet holding his lower back revealing the extent of Gabi’s suicide dive. He walks over and grasp the top layer of the steel steps and attempts to lift them. He has to drop them as he clutches his lower back again. Gabi Vee begins to push herself upwards as Xavier finally lifts the steps from their perch. He stalks Gabi as she slowly gets to her feet. Turning towards her opponent he viciously slams the steps into her forehead knocking her backwards as she hits the barrier and slides down into a sitting position.

The flow of blood has covered her face into a crimson mask as she begins to laugh at the violence of the match. Xavier Reid is struck by the physical appearance of the Champion and is in amazement of her reaction. He raises the steps overhead and tosses them towards the seated Gabi Vee.

The steel steps crash into the barricade narrowly missing the Champion as she rolled out of the way and is now standing on her feet. The cat like reflexes allows her to spring to her feet and rush the challenger hitting step up enziguri dropping Xavier. She spins around hitting him with a 360 kick to the side of his head as he attempted to get back to his feet. The Champion begins begins pounding her chest with forearms as she lets loose of a battle cry before smearing the blood from her eyes.

A chant for the Champion begins by a small group of teen girls sitting in the front row.


The surrounding audience members begin to join in on the chants as it begins to spread to most of the arena.


This only adds to the fuel of Xavier Reid as the look upon his face is sheer anger. Gabi comes towards him as he punches her in the mid section and blows a right hand from her returning with one of his own. The begin to exchange blows one after another neither backing down from the strikes.

The Champion blocks a right hand by Reid and whips him into the ring post and follows up with a code breaker. The challenger falls backwards into the ring post again as Gabi gets to her feet. Xavier falls to one knee as Gabi hits him with a knee to the side of his head. She begins stomping on Xavier’s back and ribs not letting up on giving him everything she’s got left.

Woo: I feel I should be saying something about a mudhole right about now.

Gomez: Irony is he’ll need a chiropractor to do the same thing to repair the damage Gabi is doing to his spine. 

Xavier Reid is able to finally able to catch one of her kicks and gets to his feet holding her leg. He spins her around before hitting a clothesline knocking her to the ground. He reaches down and pulls her back to her feet and bounces her face first off of the ring apron. Grabbing her by the back of the hair he runs his hand over her face smearing the mask of blood. He then rubs his hand across his chest smearing her blood onto himself. He again slams her hand on to the apron and again pulls her by the back of her hair.

Xavier Reid pulls her turning her around to face the audience as he yells at the fans.

“Look at this. Look at your champion.”

He slams her head into the barricade and pulls her by the hair leading her to the next side of the ring. He again turns her into the direction of the fans.

“You’re champion is done, finished.”

He slams her head into the barricade again. She slumps to the floor in exhaustion and pain. He grabs her by the foot and drags her around to the third side of the ring. Lifting her to her feet and again shoving her face towards the crowd.

“International Champion my ass.”

He slams her face first onto the barricade and turns her around slamming her face into the ring apron. She again slumps to the ground and again he begins dragging her by the foot. Once he pulls her to the fourth side of the ring he reaches down and grabs her by the hair and pulls her up once again. This time he holds her head backwards looking her into the eyes before he can mock the crowd once more.

Gabi Vee musters enough energy to spit in his face defying the challenger. He slaps her across the face causing the blood to splatter onto fans sitting ringside. He shoves her backwards but she catches herself on the ring apron steadying her stance. Xavier Reid kicks her in the stomach before dropping her with a delayed DDT onto the padded floor. He stands above her looking down upon the bloody mess that he’s created.

Woo: It’s like watching a criminal at a crime scene. 

Gomez: You need to lay off the Law and Order. 

Xavier Reid lifts Gabi Vee up and rolls her into the ring and stands back looking at the referee. He finally realizes that he can’t pin her or submit her as he has not been busted open. A look of anger comes across his face as he looks to take it out on the Champion. He kicks her into the head and then rolls out of the ring. Looking under the ring apron he pulls out a steel chair and throws it over the top rope into the ring. He then pulls a table from under the ring and begins to set it up ringside. He looks into the ring and finds Gabi Vee still laying prone on the canvas.

The challenger looks under the ring once more and pulls a gasoline can as the crowd lets out a loud gasp of shock. Pulling the cap the tosses it onto the ground as he begins dowsing the table in the flammable substance. He takes a book of matches taped to the side of the gas can. He strikes a match and tosses it onto the table setting it ablaze. The audience begins to rumble with disbelief as he climbs unto the apron of the ring.

The referee begins waving off Xavier Reid but the challenger knows that nothing can be done to stop him as it’s X-Division rules. As Xavier stands on the apron Gabi Vee springs to her feet and lunges towards him. The audience jumps to their feet in anticipation. Xavier Reid blocks the forearm that the Champion hoped to knock him off the apron with and into the flames of the fire.

Xavier Reid grabs Gabi lifting her for a suplex but she’s able to bring a knee into his forehead causing him to let her drop back onto her feet in the ring. Xavier hangs onto the suplex position and lifts her again looking to drop her onto the table. He holds Gabi high above him and begins to fall backwards with her.

The crowd gasps.

Gabi Vee grabs the top rope causing Xavier Reid to lose his grip. As she lands on the ring apron Xavier falls onto the burning table as ring side officials coming running with fire extinguishers. They begin dowsing Xavier and the table. The fire extinguished Xavier is rolling is excruciating pain as the smoke envelopes the ringside area. As the cameras zoom into Xavier whose face is engulfed with looks of unforgettable pain Gabi Vee is standing on the top turnbuckle cradling the steel chair.

Her face and ring attire are covered in blood but the fighting Champion leaps from the turnbuckles dropping her weight and the steel onto Xavier’s face. He instantly begins to clutch his face and head as Gabi lays motionless in the rubble of the destroyed table.

With a few moments passing Xavier is revealed to have been busted open as blood comes from his busted and now crooked nose and a fattened busted lip. Gabi gets to her feet and shoves her fingers into the nostrils of Xavier lifting him until he comes onto his feet. Walking backwards she walks up the ring steps forcing Xavier to follow her as he’s screaming in pain.

He attempts to swing towards her but the pain is unbearable as he can only go where she demands. He gain swings towards her but she removes her fingers and kicks him backwards off the steps. The Champion enters the ring and steps up onto the middle turnbuckle. She looks down at Xavier Reid as she smears her blood onto her hand and flings it towards him. Showing both her grit and strength to continue the brutal match.

Woo: Not sure all of that was blood.

Gomez: You had to go there didn’t you?

Xavier Reid stands to his feet as he glares at the International Champion. He reaches over and grabs a steel chair and folds it as he steps up onto the steel steps. Gabi Vee is looking around frantically for a weapon but she has nothing within her reach as Reid steps back into the ring. He stalks the Champion with the chair giving many false attempts at swinging it but just laughs with each grimacing look of Gabi Vee.

The Champ dances around the ring avoiding Xavier but the blood loss doesn’t help with her steadiness. Xavier swings the chair and a miss step by Gabi sends her to the canvas with the vicious blow. The thud of her head hitting the canvas is vicious and vile. The challenger then places the chair on top of her head as he climbs the turnbuckles.

Xavier Reid leaps looking to drop a leg drop onto the steel against her skull. He connects with the chair however Gabi was able to avoid the potential match ending manoeuvre. She’s a mere few inches away as Xavier lays back in exhaustion. She places her arm across his chest with a weak attempt of a pin.

Xavier gets his shoulder off the canvas breaking the pinning attempt.

Gabi Vee lets out a dissatisfied groan knowing it was a hope filled moment at best.

Gabi and Xavier meet eye to eye as they both come up onto their hands and knees. It’s Gabi and her blood soak hair who thinks of it first but Xavier is a split second behind.

Gabi headbutts the challenger with a fierce look.

Xavier responds with a headbutt of his own.

Back and forth the two competitors headbutt each other as they both come up onto their knees. The headbutts are replaced by fierce slaps across the face. First Gabi and then Xavier as they had done with the headbutts they continuously exchange slaps across the face.

Woo: They’ve hit each other with everything else, why not headbutts and slaps?

Gomez: Mock all you want but some of those slaps will be more painful than a chair shot. 

Gabi catches Xavier off guard clapping both hands over his ear knocking his equilibrium off just before she stands to her feet. The Bastard of Volando is unsteady as he tried to get to his feet but finds himself within Gabi Vee’s clutches as she drops him with a DDT onto the steel chair.


The referee motions that the challenger got to his shoulder off the mat. A look of shock comes across the Champions face. She looks outwards toward the crowd as blood drips from her chin onto the torso of Xavier Reid.

She grabs a hand of his hair as she connects with a right hand. She pushes herself to her knees and then her feet as she turns towards the turnbuckle.

She realizes that Xavier Reid had reached out and grab her by the ankle keeping her from moving. She turns back and instantly is brought down with a DDT of Xavier’s own onto the steel chair. He covers her for the pin.

THRE-NO!!! Again a kick out at the very last moment.

The crowd gasps at the two very close calls and the unbelievable heart that both competitors are displaying.

A few fans begin to chant for Xavier unexpectedly.


A counter chant for the Champion begins.

It’s a verbal back and forth battle as the physical battle inside of the ring has been back and forth.

Xavier Reid stumbles to his feel pulling Gabi Vee up with him and lifting her onto his shoulder. Everyone in attendance realizes that he’s going for his memorial finish, Xplode.

WHAM!!! He nails the move and goes for the cover.



Medics rush towards both individuals as Xavier’s music begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in shock that he has dethroned the Champion. Xavier Reid comes up onto one knee in shock of the amount of blood that has come from Gabi Vee. He turns and looks towards Gabi as she’s being tended to by medical staff. Her gaze still upon the new Champion. She says something intangible under her breath as he stands to his feet and accepts the International Championship belt.

Woo: What a match we just witnessed! Gabi Vee really giving it her all after a great run as champion, and giving Reid a run for his money in the process! We saw a sign of respect with that finisher from Reid to seal the deal .. but was that a sign of respect between Visconty and Reid? 

Gomez: Who knows but both gave it absolutely everything they had here tonight. Gabi showed she still firmly belongs in the title picture, but as we can see, there could only be one winner and tonight it was Xavier Reid.

Woo: It sounds like we have something going on backstage, lets see what it is ..

The feed cuts backstage

Ace Heart stands in front of a large StrangleMania sign just behind him. He has a big smile on his face as he moves the microphone to his mouth.

Heart: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am Ace Heart and boy am I excited for this year’s STRANGLEMANIA! We have all kinds of action here tonight! But right now, I have with me, a man known as Remarkable Mark Keaton and his manager, Astonishing Kevin Fisher.

A little clap can be heard as RMK walks into the scene from the right, slowly golf clapping with a thick leather jacket on and sunglasses, his blonde hair spiked high. His eye-patched manager not far behind him, his arms crossed and wearing a worn-out-looking leather jacket himself.

RMK: Well here we are dude, Stranglemania. The Stanley Cup finals of wrestling, the Superbowl of grappling, man. But do you know what this radical show is missing, Ace?

Heart: Let me guess, you?

RMK turns to Kevin Fisher, both men give each other a nod.

RMK: That’s right, Ace. ME! The Canadian Hero, The Master of Rock, The Prince of Prime…Remarkable Mark Keaton baby, ya! How can you even run this show without its most watchable star?! We’ve traveled all this way, Ace. We braved the elements and drove here by motorcycle, we drove over the mountains, we’ve skipped over the dead sea, we fought off the demons to get here! Including a giant who’s over seven feet tall who flipped our car over! Some monster named Mag Hyperion! But that’s behind us now, that is something better left off camera.  I’m announcing RIGHT NOW that RMK is putting on a LIVE PERFORMANCE later tonight of my entrance theme… Money for Nothing!

Kevin: Nobody puts on better live performances than Mark Keaton!

Heart: Well! That is quite an announcement!

RMK: You know it! You’re lookin at the only person in EWC who has sold out The Duckworth Center in downtown Manitoba with his Remarkable Rock Tour! The best Rockstar to ever grace the EWC. Don’t listen to the pretenders out there folks, you’re lookin at the sexiest, ass-kicking rock n roller to ever give this place any attention, man!

Kevin: Unlike Iggy Swango’s attempt at music.

RMK: Oh god, don’t even go there Kevin. Ha-ha! She’s terrible.

Heart: Actually, she’s currently my favorite music artist.

RMK: Nobody asked you, ACE! Ha-ha, what a suck-up. You only like her because she’s hot as fuck. She can’t sing worth a damn though. My uncle uses her music to scare away rats at his farm.

Ace holds a finger to his earpiece, he nods then turns to RMK.

Heart: I just got word from President Mac himself, you’re not putting on any live performance here tonight. There’s simply no time slotted in for you.

Kevin: Typical!

RMK: Well, that’s just perfect. Isn’t it Kev? EWC keeping its most entertaining, sexiest man on the entire roster down, again! It’s completely bogus, dude! Well, I’m not gonna let Canada down!

Mark turns to the camera and snaps his fingers. A pink electric guitar lowers down on wires, right in front of him. He smirks then picks it up.

RMK: Here we go.

Mark tears into the opening RIFF of Money for Nothing

RMK: Look at those YOYO’s, that’s the way you do it, Money for Nothin and the chicks for free!

To Mark’s surprise, the guitar lifts up, taking him with it.

Kevin: Hey! What the hell is going on?! Mark! Let him down!

Kevin runs off camera to the right.

Ace steps in again, not missing a beat.

Heart: Well, there you have it! Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the rest of StrangleMania!

California. Venice Beach. Muscle Beach, to be precise. It’s paradise to some, to others it’s just everyday West Coast life. The white sands, and the blue waters clement to the commotion of society engulfing it. No one seems to have a care about health and safety regulations here. You may think its an effort to carelessly affront the government, but in hindsight everyone wants to just live their life and have fun. We see some scantily clad women laughing to one another, red Solo cups in their hands as they pass around what looks to be a poorly rolled blunt. A surfer rides a very small wave in the shallow depths of the ocean. A transition pans to a man getting tackled out of his shoes. A football wobbles out of control, as the guy had jumped for a very poorly thrown pass. The white sand blankets his sweaty skin, and shorts, before he paces to his feet in anger. Another transition shows the tackled man throwing a right hook that came nowhere close to landing on the individual who had just blown him off his feet. The tackle, per say was poetically fluid, and animated; like he hit the hit stick on him in Madden with precise accuracy. The two begin to tussle, as others from the pickup game try to step in and stop the fight. There is then another transition; a cute interracial couple roller skate by on the board walk through a crowd that is simply minding their business. Just a good ole sunny day in Cal-i-for-ni-A.

“Everyday I get asked… What do you do it for?”

A shallow, yet slightly raspy masculine voice is then made prominently audible, as he narrates behind the scenes. A quick flash of a transition pans in on gym equipment that is set out on the sidewalk. Another transition shows a set of legs with the words “SELF” inked into left, and “MADE” inked into the right both in an Olde English sort of typeface. Panning out we see a pair white and black Adidas Superstars on the characters feet.

“Is it for… the money?”

Another transition shows the silhouette of the hulking figure doing standing cable curls. The following transition gets a closer glimpse of the massive character. He’s shirtless, a myriad of tattoos on his back. One article of ink that specifically stands out is the bio-hazard symbol that is tattooed directly at the center of his neck, between the rear delts.

“Is it… for the fame?”

The following transition shows another silhouette of his figure; this time from the front. He has what looks to be two forty five pound dumbbells in both hands, as he does constant lateral raise repetitions. The scene does a quick transition to his face. He’s wearing a black fitted hat, the bill facing backwards. He has in solid white contact lenses, and his face is flushed red with the expression being between anguish and glee. The expression resembles a demonic red skull as he seems to find a sinister form of pleasure in the burn of his muscles. Each pump from the rep he puts out shows extensive vascular veins shooting through his tattooed skin.

“Is it… for the power?”

Transitioning to another view of the man; leaning over a curl rack as he stares off into the distance. Some seagulls can quickly be seen flying by in the blue skies.

“Heh… you could say that. Perhaps you could say that I just love to feel and inflict pain. When I stare deep into someone’s eyes; the gateway to their soul as they subconsciously cry out for mercy brings me euphoria.”

The next transition shows our main focus, the hulking figure of a man in the sand; face to face with what looks to be his adversary, as they both get in amateur wrestling formation. A white flash of a transition then shows the two fight for position. Our guy effortlessly side-slams his opponent, before taking rear mount. The man he’s apparently wrestling begins to flap around like a fish out of water trying to get out of the hold, but little does he know he has slipped into the hands of a death grip as he now winds up with his back in the sand. The person of our interest grabs hold of his “opponents” arm, and like Billy Mays simply flicking the switch to operate a product of his he locks in a Kimura. Before showing the snap of the man’s elbow we are shown the look of agony and anguish in his face. The transition quickly pans back to his elbow being turned to an unsustainable degree that clearly shows his arm is broken.

But he won’t let go.

“That feeling you get when you’re inflicting punishment among someone is a humbling experience. Only five percent of the world’s population can say that they can walk this planet and destroy any motherfucker in their way.”

A crowd then emerges around the two, as people try to break this brolic monstrosity off of this now helpless person who can do nothing but scream in pain. He stops his submission, as a transition pans back to him standing on his feet, towering over the cowering figure. He stares down at him with empty, soulless eyes, and a cheap, yet empowering smirk. The one in anguish, possibly of Hispanic descent and gang affiliated as he, too is etched in tattoos across his torso and face with a variation of “gang related” ink is shown screaming, clutching at his now broken right arm. The silhouette of a slender, yet attractive female is shown sprinting out of the crowd. She comes to the ailing one’s aid. She, too, looks to be of Hispanic heritage, as her dark beady eyes look up at the devious figure who inflicted this insurmountable pain with disgust, anguish, and slightly of fear.

“Everyday I wake up, and look in that mirror I always ask myself, “Do you want to be the baddest motherfucker on the planet?”

The “SELF MADE” man, as the tattoo’s on his legs describe, then provides very little attention to the eyes that are set on him. A crowd of fifty, or so almost appear dumbfounded by the spectacle that is marching their way. He stands well over six feet, and his muscle mass would index him closely to three hundred pounds. Some express the same expression that the woman attending to the injured man do, yet some are enthralled by the violence that they just witnessed. He walks through the crowd, undisturbed as the script makes one final transition to the man’s back as he continues into a lonesome walk towards the cascading sunset, and through the sand.

“And everyday I tell myself the exact same answer… One day… you may….”

The film transitions to black, as the words pan out exactly as written in the same print as his leg tattoo’s.



Then, followed by a final transition…


Adriana Aquilla Vs Darius Vs Robbie Rayder


Woo: Well that was an interesting video we just saw .. Folks, we have already seen some insanity tonight, and we have a ways to go as we present to you three competitors looking to do whatever they can to overcome this triple threat TLC match!

Gomez: Robbie Rayder looks to continue his reign as North American Champion but he’s about to deal with both Addy Aquilla and Darius in what is sure to be a thrilling bout!

AC/DC plays the opening riff to “Iron” by Within Temptation. The song hits the speakers and the crowd comes to their feet as the lights flash around the arena.

Dobrev: The following match is a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the EWC North American Championship! The first person to retrieve the North American Championship will be declared the winner! Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas… she is “Lo Divino”… ADRIANA AQUILLA!

After a few moments, Adriana’s music stops playing and she is nowhere to be seen.

Woo: Well that’s odd, Addy doesn’t seem to be making her way out just yet?

Gomez: Very odd, but the show must go on, Marcus! AC/DC aren’t gonna wait around forever!

Darius & Elissa Entrance
AC/DC calls an audible and begins to play “Burn It Down”. Plumes of thick white smoke covers the stage. Darius and Elissa Bradley emerge from within, Darius holding Elissa with one hand, his bat in the other, and donning smug grins on their faces.

Dobrev: Next, being accompanied to the ring by Elissa Bradley… he is from Albany, New York… weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds… DARIUS!

Darius hypes himself up, slams the bat against the ramp a few times, then rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring. He leaps onto one of the turnbuckle and harasses the crowd for a moment, smacks the bat on the top of the ring post a few times, then holds the bat high into the air with one hand and throws devil horns up with his other hand as he waits for the match to begin.

Woo: Darius looks primed and ready for this opportunity, looking to make the most of the switch to the orange brand!

Gomez: You’d better believe Robbie’s gonna have something to say about that, though!

Dobrev: And their opponent, from Alamo, California… he is the EWC North American Champion! ROBBIE RAYDER!

The lights go out in the arena then a fog covers the entrance. AC/DC begins to play “Fear” by Disturbed. The lights slowly come up as Robbie Rayder, wearing long purple tights and black boots, walks out through the fog and kneels down. He points his index fingers to the ceiling then lowers them to his lips. Rayder taps the North American Championship around his waist and then looks out at the crowd as he walks half way down towards the ring then reaches the apron. He steps through the ropes then goes to the far side. He leans out through the middle and top ropes, playing to the crowd, looking down at the North American Championship around his waist before unclasping it and handing it to the referee. The referee straps it onto the hook and motions to the side, signaling for the Championship to be lifted up, which it does.

Woo: And here he is folks, the North American Champion ready to overcome the odds tonight!

Gomez: Right, but we still haven’t heard about Aquilla yet! Wait a minute…

Dobrev: Ladies and gentlemen, I am being informed that Adriana Aquilla is not here to participate in tonight’s North American Championship match. Therefore, this match will –

Suddenly, Dobrev is interrupted by AC/DC once again playing Aquilla’s music. Everyone turns to the stage, waiting for her arrival, but then she slides into the ring behind Darius and slams him in the back with the chair he hit her with earlier!

Woo: Addy with a sneak attack on Darius!

Gomez: And here… we… go!

Addy continues the assault on Darius, slamming the chair down onto him, much like he did to her, until the referee manages to pull the chair away from Addy and gets her into a corner. Darius drags himself to the opposite corner, favoring his ribs as he screams at the referee to start the match. Addy takes off a hoodie she was wearing, revealing her taped up midsection due to Darius’ attack. As all this happens, Robbie just leans against a turnbuckle with a smile on his face.

Woo: Oh boy, the champ sure seems to be enjoying this!

Gomez: Well, he knows he’s gonna have one less obstacle in his way at this rate!


Darius immediately rushes at Addy with a big boot, but she dodges out of the way, leading Darius into a sick kick from Robbie! Addy hits the ropes, springboards off them, and lands on Darius with a springboard elbow drop!

Addy rolls back up to her feet, but is swiftly brought down by a sickening clothesline from Robbie! The champ stands tall over his two opponents as he looks at his North American championship hanging above the ring.

Woo: It looks like Robbie’s got his eyes on the prize, Valentina!

Gomez: Only one way to get it though, and Robbie knows exactly what he has to do!

Robbie exits the ring and grabs one of the ladders from the barricade, sliding back into the ring with it in his grasp. As he begins to set it up in the middle, both Darius and Addy get to their feet, locking eyes with each other before lunging and breaking out into a fight in one of the corners!

Darius backs Addy into one of the corners, laying multiple stiff shots into the taped section of her midsection, but Addy brings her knee up and strikes Darius in the gut, knocking the wind out of him long enough for her to bounce off the rope, grab his head, and plant him with a tornado DDT!

As the fight happens, Robbie leaps onto the ladder and scurries to the top, but Addy quickly jumps up to the ladder and meets Robbie at the top! Both competitors begin to trade blows, neither of them showing any signs of quitting! Addy manages to grab Robbie by the head and bounces his face off the top of the ladder, but he retaliates with a stiff punch to the ribs!

As they brawl on the ladder, Elissa slides a chair into the ring for Darius to use. He gets to his feet, grabs the chair tightly, then swings up at Addy, slamming the chair into her hip and knocking her from the ladder! Robbie takes the chance and reaches for the strap, but then Darius launches the chair with brutal force, striking Robbie in the face! Robbie holds onto the ladder, but Darius gets underneath him, grabs Robbie by the tights, and powerbombs him from the ladder and down to the ring!

Woo: Whoa, the force on that powerbomb just took the wind out of the champion!

Gomez: Look at his face, too!

Robbie sits up, blood starting to flow from his temple where the chair struck him, as Addy pulls herself to the turnbuckle near her. Darius grabs the chair again, looking down at Addy with ferocity in his eyes. He raises the chair above his head, but spins on his heel and swings at Robbie instead, crashing the chair into his face!

Darius drops the chair and immediately starts to climb the ladder, but struggles as he reaches for his ribs, damage done by Addy’ attack! Darius gingerly climbs as far as he can, but Addy suddenly lunges forward and grabs Darius by the legs, pulling him down from the ladder! Darius lands on his feet and faces Addy, who greets him with a shot to the jaw with her elbow!

Addy continues her attack on Darius, driving him back into the turnbuckle with a flurry of kicks to the midsection. Darius tries backing away, pulling himself to the top turnbuckle, but Addy leaps up onto him, wrapping her legs around his neck in an attempt to hurricanrana him from the top rope, but Darius powers through and holds on to Addy tightly, hoisting her up into a powerbomb position, then powerbombs her to the outside of the ring, through one of the tables on the outside!

Woo: Oh my, look at the impact! Addy looks like she’s out cold!

Gomez: Yeah, but look at the toll it’s taken on Darius too!


The crowd breaks out into a chant as Darius sits on the top turnbuckle, grasping at his ribs as he looks down at Addy as she lays motionless in the wreckage. Robbie then jumps into frame, now wearing a crimson mask, leaping from the ropes, catching Darius with a knee to the side of his head! Darius nearly falls from the turnbuckle, but Robbie catches him, bringing him back into the ring with a superplex from the top rope!

Robbie wastes no time as he wraps his arms around Darius’ waist, lifting him from the mat and planting him back down with the Blitzkrieg German suplex! Darius somehow pops up to his feet, but Robbie connects with a spin kick, sending Darius spinning on his heel! As Darius turns to face Robbie again, Robbie hits another Sick Kick, this time sending Darius flying back into the ropes!

Darius bounces off the ropes and attempts to clothesline Robbie, but Robbie rolls out of the way, hits the ropes with a springboard, and attempts to finish the Shock and Awe with a flying superkick …

But Darius catches him midair with a devastating Hunter’s Mark, spearing Robbie down to the mat! Both men lay on the mat in a daze, Darius looking as if he just used his last burst of energy, as Addy starts to pull herself up with the barricade on the outside.

She sees her opponents down and grabs two chairs from the outside, tossing them into the ring. She then grabs another ladder, slides it under the rope, then slides into the ring as Darius starts to pull himself up with the ropes.

Woo: Uh oh, Addy’s got some bad intentions with that ladder!

Gomez: She’s about to do whatever it takes to get this championship secured!

Darius grabs one of the chairs and glares at Addy as he holds one in her hands as well. Addy then looks up at the championship, giving Darius the chance to chuck his chair at her, but she deflects it with her own!

Addy charges Darius with the chair, beaming him over the head with it and busting him wide open! Darius stumbles back and falls out of the ring as Addy looks to the ladder and starts to climb …

But Robbie grabs her boot and pulls himself up! Addy kicks at Robbie, keeping him at bay long enough to climb up further! Instead of trying to climb, Robbie unleashes a barrage of kicks onto the ladder, making it rock unsteadily as Addy tries to reach for the strap!

The ladder gives way and starts to fall to the side, so Addy looks down at Robbie and leaps from the top, flying down onto Robbie and crashing onto him with a Shooting Star press!

Woo: Oh my! Addy connects with that Shooting Star to the champion!

Gomez: What a match this has been so far!


The crowd breaks out into a chant again as Addy rolls around in the ring clutching her midsection, Robbie lays motionless, and Darius slides into the ring, wiping blood from his eyes. Darius pulls the ladder up straight in the middle again, then grabs Addy by the hair, drags her to the ladder, and presses her face into the bottom rung, using his boot to apply even more pressure as she yells out in pain.

Darius then breaks the hold and kicks Addy in the ribs before grabbing the second ladder to set it up in one of the corners. Darius then looks down to Elissa and nods, which leads to her grabbing one of the tables, and slides it into the ring.

Darius grabs the table and sets it up near the center of the ring, then looks up at the championship. He starts to climb the ladder, but is suddenly slammed in the back with a steel chair by Robbie! Darius turns to face Robbie, but Robbie drives the chair into Darius gut, drops the chair, leaps up and then DDTs Darius from the middle of the ladder and onto the chair!

Woo: The champion with a big DDT on Darius, and this match is really taking a toll on everyone involved!

Gomez: Yeah, Robbie is barely able to move right now!

Darius rolls away from Robbie, grasping at his head with pain as Robbie scales the ladder slowly, pain racking his entire body as he tries to pull himself up. Robbie eventually reaches the top and grabs the title, but Addy leaps in from out of nowhere, climbing the ladder with a burst of energy, and crawls onto Robbie’s back!

She smacks his hands from the title and starts to rain elbow shots down onto his head, but he fights through the pain, reaching up to grab the cable holding onto the title! He thrusts himself back, trying to knock Addy off his back, but she holds on as the ladder collapses under them, leaving them hanging from the cable!

Woo: Oh no, the champ and Addy are stuck on the cable holding the title!

Gomez: Oh man, imagine if Addy manages to literally rip the title from Robbie’s hands here!

Addy claws at Robbie’s hands, trying to break him free so she can get at the title, but he holds on tight as he thrusts his head back, headbutting Addy’s chest with the back of his head! As they dangle dangerously, Darius has managed to climb to the top of the other ladder, seething with a bloody rage as he watches them struggle …

After a moment of hesitation, Darius springs from the top of the ladder, spearing Robbie and Addy from the cable and sending them crashing down through the table below!

Woo: All three are down, and down hard folks!

Gomez: Listen to this crowd, they know what’s up!


All three competitors lay motionless in the center of the ring, feeling the effect from Darius’ spear. Darius drags himself to a corner and starts to pull himself up with the ropes, looking up at the championship as he shakes the cobwebs from his head.

Woo: Could this be it for Darius?

Gomez: He looks good and ready for this moment, Marcus!

Darius walks to the opposite side of the ring, pulling the ladder from the corner, and sets it up, but not quite under the title. He puts his hands onto the rungs, but feels a shot to the back of his leg. He turns and sees Robbie sitting on his knees, wiping the blood from his eyes. Darius snarls at Robbie and attempts to kick him, but Robbie catches Darius’ leg! Robbie gets to his feet and shoves Darius back into the ropes, which Darius uses so he can attempt to spear Robbie, but Robbie leapfrogs over Darius, leading Darius straight into Addy, who uses the momentum to catch Darius and plants him with a Divine Judgement!

As this goes on, Robbie springboards from the ropes and lands halfway up the ladder! He climbs the rest of the way up, but Addy follows him up, landing a few shots to his kidneys before she reaches the top. Addy reaches forward and attempts to grab the championship, but Robbie drives his head into her chest, doubling her over, then climbs to the top, pulls her between his legs, then throws himself from the top, flipping Addy midair and planting her down onto Darius with the Star Destroyer powerbomb!


Robbie quickly scrambles back to his feet, looking down at his opponents as they lay motionless in the ring. He then looks back to the ladder, eventually pulling himself to the top. He looks back down again as Addy begins to stir, reaches up for the belt, then pulls it down as soon as he sees Darius sit up! Robbie holds his title high above his head as the bell sounds.



Woo: What an amazing match tonight, folks! Three competitors giving it all they got, with one standing tall as Robbie manages to retain in a close contest!

Gomez: Darius and Addy really taking the champ to task tonight, showing why each of them made it to this point!

Woo: Indeed, what a close call this was! Folks, up next we have the United States Championship on the line as Melody Malone defends against Moxie in a No Ropes, No Disqualification match!

Gomez: There will be no mercy!

Cut to backstage

As the camera cuts backstage, we see new PRIME arrival, and former FSW competitor Sarahe Gemini backstage. Strutting past catering, she glances up, and notices the camera crew. Beckoning them with a finger, she brushes the hair out of her face and lightly holds onto the mask on her face.

Gemini: Surprised to see me? You should be. I came here on my own accord, but being the newest signee to PRIME, I felt like it would behoove me to make an appearance at Stranglemania. One of the biggest events of the calendar year, no? As you can plainly see, I am not dressed to compete tonight, but should a fight come looking for me? Well…let’s just say that looks can be deceiving. In any event, I’m mainly here to watch the finals of the PRIME G1 match. It looks wonderfully violent, wouldn’t you agree? Jordan…please do not disappoint tonight. Your mouth has been getting you into quite the…well, volatile situations as of late. You’re talented, I’ll give you that, but know this. Regardless of whether you walk out of here tonight with your title intact? You are the one I’m gunning for on my way to the top of PRIME, and no one will get in my way. Not Silas, not Dio, not Neveah…ugh. Not even Scorpio himself. What’s he calling himself nowadays after he got ousted? The Prime Minister. Well, should he stand in front of me? Let’s just say there will be a death in the monarchy. And to whomever wins the Indy championship tonight? Well, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes at all, because I’m coming for everybody on this brand, and I will do it with a smile on my face. Not because I need to, but because I WANT to. Take care, everyone. Have fun with those light tubes.

Letting the hair fall back over half of her face, she stepped backwards into the shadow of the hallway.

As cameras go backstage, the Faithful Heroes are in the middle of an intense staredown. Both are already dressed in their ring attire and JFS has the Indy Championship over his shoulder. Faith is the first to speak up.

 Nice title.

She holds his gaze.

It’s going to look good around my waist.

Jordan narrows his eyes at her and glares for a moment

 Oh really now. You think you’re gonna be the one to beat me?

I did once already.

Their staredown continues. However, it isn’t long before the two of them start chuckling.

 For the love of god please let one of us win.

That would be the best outcome for the G1 Final and for Prime. But if it doesn’t happen, what then?

 That’s a good question honestly. I didn’t think that far ahead. The two of us without gold. How could that be?

Rivers: I can’t picture it myself. But it’d open another door for us if need be. We’d have nothing holding us back from those Tag Titles.

You make an interesting point, Faith. The tag titles feel like unfinished business. But we better see what happens with this Indy Title first. Try not to aim for the face with the light tubes will ya?

 Don’t get in my way and I won’t have to.

SHEESH! You are amped up for Stranglemania. I’ll try not to. You gotta relax though, it’s only a death match.

You think S.I.N. or Dio are going to relax? We need to be on our toes. So that the best Faithful Hero can win.

She winks.

Good luck out there partner. Here’s hoping we don’t destroy each other before the night is through!

As she walks away he takes one look at his Indy Title.

She’s…. She’s not gonna destroy me right?

Jordan seems to be contemplating that as cameras go to ringside

Moxie Vs Melody Malone

We return to ringside where (add content here)

Woo: And here we go folks, up next the United States Championship is on the line as Melody Malone defends against Moxie in a match that promises mayhem!

Gomez: That’s right Marcus, and I’m letting that alliteration slide just this once because there will be no ropes, no disqualifications, and no mercy!

Dobrev: The following match is a No Ropes and No Disqualification Match for the EWC United States Championship! Joining us first, from London, England… weighing in at two hundred and two pounds… MOXIE!

AC/DC begins to play Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Can You Feel My Heart’, prompting the lights to dance around the arena with an ominous red glow. As soon as the guitar riff kicks in, Moxie emerges from behind the curtain. He marches to the end of the stage and glares at the capacity crowd surrounding him. Raising his fist to his jaw, Moxie lets out a roar and walks down the aisle, ignoring the paying spectators.

He slides underneath the bottom rope and rises to his feet in the middle of the ring. Moxie faces the crowd before snapping back to face the camera, emphatically raising both clenched fists high above his head before slowly descending them in stereo to both sides of his jaw.

Dobrev: And his opponent, from San Diego, California… weighing in at one hundred and forty-five pounds.. Representing America’s Most Hated & Dream Sound Revolution… The EWC United States Champion… QUEEN MELODY MALONE!

The lights dim, but don’t go dark before Brian Johnson of AC/DC begins to cover the soft words of Billie Eilish over the P.A. system.

Bite my tongue bide my timeWearing a warning signWait till the world is mineVisions I vandalizeCold in my kingdom sizeFell for these ocean eyes
As the chorus hits, a bright flash of pyro explodes from the base of the X-Tron and Melody Malone stands on the stage, flanked by her personal retainer Rory Hyland. Melody stands with a crown atop her head as a spotlight follows them down to the ring.

You should see me in a crownI’m gonna run this nothing townWatch me make ’em bowOne by one by oneOne by one by
Rory climbs onto the apron first, holding out his hand as Melody climbs the stairs and steps in the ring with her chin held up to keep the crown atop her head. She gives the crowd a sarcastic smile as they boo, and she gingerly removes the crown from her head and hands it off to Rory as he exits.

You should see me in a crownYour silence is my favorite soundWatch me make ’em bowOne by one by oneOne by one by one
The lights come back up to full brightness, and Melody has her gloves tugged into place as she rakes her hair back and prepares for her opponent.

At the start of the bell Malone wastes no time and immediately rushes Moxie, smashing into him with a hell of a headbutt! Moxie falls backwards out of the ropeless ring. He lands on his feet with his back turned to Malone. He turns around just as Malone jumps off the ring and catches him with a stunner!!! Off With Moxie’s Head! Melody stands up, bows to the camera and then makes her way to Moxie. Malone drags Moxie up and then she rushes the barricade and throws him over it into some poor woman’s lap. Malone bows again to the camera and goes back to the ring.

Woo: Melody Malone throwing away her challenger, throwing him into the crowd after landing her finish. Not even worth the pin.

Gomez: Maybe a bit of symbolism for the Rumble?

Melody reaches under the ring and grabs two kendo sticks, she throws them both into the ring. She also throws her golden chair into the ring. Malone reaches under the ring and grabs a third kendo stick. On the other side of the ring, Moxie crawls back over the barricade. Malone calmly walks over to him as he stands, and smashes the kendo stick against his head! Moxie stumbles to the side and lands on a knee. Malone cocks back and goes for another shot but Moxie throws up his forearm to take the shot, and then he lunges into a full force punch to Malone’s mouth. Malone stumbles backwards and then spits up some blood from an unseen mouth wound. Moxie closes the gap and smashes his forearm into Malone’s jaw. Malone hits the deck, grabbing at her jaw. Moxie rubs his own injured head and then he makes his way to the ring. He pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up. Malone is back up, Moxie smashes her with another forearm and then grabs a headlock. Moxie drags Malone into the ring and then transitions into a waistlock. Moxie looks down at the table and then he lifts Malone for a snap german! Malone throws a quick elbow back catching Moxie on the side of the head and breaking the waist lock. She throws her head backwards and catches Moxie on the nose, causing him to fall backwards through his own table! Blood has begun to spill from Moxie’s nose.

Woo: Moxie is bleeding back now! 

Gomez: And a blow to the nose like that, it can be crippling. You eyes water uncontrollably and blood mixes with tears and it’s just not a good time. 

Melody grabs a kendo stick from the ring and then jumps out of the ring. She begins to smack Moxie in his back over and over, welts starting to show almost instantly. Malone drags Moxie up by his jaw, and then she slaps the taste out of his mouth and breaks the kendo stick over the top of his head! Malone rolls Moxie into the ring and goes for the first pinfall of the match.



Gomez: Moxie has a lot of heart, the kid will go places.. but if he keeps this up, the first place is a hospital. Stay down kid, just take the L and save yourself.  

Malone shrugs it off and gets to her feet. She sums up Moxie and goes for a standing moonsault, but Moxie moves! Malone hits the canvas hard, but pops up to her feet. Moxie slaps the holy hell out of her with a left-right combo, Moxie follows his combo with a European uppercut and then he stomps Malone’s injured leg! Mox grabs her hair as she goes to fall and yanks her into a quick short-arm lariat. Moxie covers!


Moxie mounts Malone and begins to rain down forearms to her jaw. Then he gets to his feet and starts to stomp her leg, before grabbing her leg and hitting a quick leg DDT. Melody’s knee buckles and she lets out a painful moan. Moxie grabs the other kendo stick and then drags Malone up by her hair. He begins to hit her repeatedly in the thigh, while holding her up by her hair. Malone lunges forward, grabbing at Moxie’s eyes. Malone shoves Moxie backwards and he stumbles off the ring and busts his butt. Malone slaps her leg a few times before rushing and jumping off the ring in a suicide dive that lands flush!


Gomez: But that might have been a dumb move on her part. 

Malone grabs her leg and screams out at it. And then she slaps it a few times to get some feeling back. Malone stands and slaps Moxie as he tries to stand. She reaches into the ring and grabs her golden chair. She turns and swings wildly at the now standing Mox, but he ducks and grabs a waist lock. Mox rips Malone backwards into a snap German suplex, sending her into the ring, and the golden chair goes flying. Malone rolls through the German, and jumps into Mox swinging him into a tornado DDT!!!

Woo: That was a heck of a DDT! 

Gomez: Malone has targeted Moxie’s head consistently in this one. 

All the damage to Mox’s head has caught up, and he seems out of it. Malone pulls Mox up, struggling against his deadweight and her injured leg, but she gets him in the ring. Malone drags Moxie up, but Moxie grabs her fingers! SNAP! Moxie rips back on Malone’s fingers, dislocating her index and ring fingers! Moxie smashes Malone in the face with a forearm before grabbing her into a pumphandle! He lifts Malone and backs towards the edge of the ring, while lifting her into a STO facebuster, Moxie’s Endgame! Malone crashes out of the ring to her face! Moxie rolls out of the ring, and begins to stomp on Malone’s injured leg again. He hits another leg DDT, and this time leaves on the hold as he turns it into a heel hook. Malone screams out in pain. Moxie cannot win the match outside, but he can damn sure break Malone’s leg! Moxie begins to punch Malone in the thigh while leaving the submission on, Malone is desperate, digging around for any weapon under the ring… and she finds her answer in the form of a fire extinguisher! Malone blasts the foam into Moxie’s face, and then throws the whole damn thing at him! Moxie’s face is a mixture of blood and foam, he gags for air. He grabs the ring and tries to stand but collapses.


Gomez: Stay down Moxie, you’ve proven your heart tonight. She’s going to kill you. 

Melody crawls over to where the golden chair landed, and she uses it to help her stand. Moxie has pulled himself up by the ring apron, he turns to face Malone with his vision almost one hundred percent obstructed. Malone swings wildly and catches Moxie against the side of his head, blood and foam shoot off his face into the ring and clear across it. Moxie lay knocked out, standing outside the ring, but leaning against it. Malone grabs his legs and shoves him into the ring. She limps into the ring and holds the golden chair high before bringing it crashing down against the back of his head! Our ref shoves Malone off, he’s calling this one via knockout! Melody raises her golden chair high. The camera pans to it and you can see the names of Hazama and Moxie both now covered in Moxie’s blood.

Dobrev: And your winner via knock out… and STILL EWC UNITED STATES CHAMPION! QUEEN MELODY MALONE!

Melody falls backwards into a seated position. Her leg is shot, done for. Medical staff check on her but she waves them off and asks for her damn title. She is handed her title and she holds both it and the chair high. People who can read lips could see Malone is saying a nice glass of Crown Royale would really be nice right now. Moxie is helped to the back by medical staff, but about halfway up the ramp he shoves them off to look back at Malone. Through the blood and foam we can see the madlad smirking at Malone. This was a war, and he loved every second. Rory helps Malone to the DSR locker room.

Woo: Melody Malone makes defense number two of her United States Championship, and this one was a war. She fought until she couldn’t stand to retain that championship. All on the road to ten defenses, to beat King’s record and solidify this as The Queens Era of FN’R. 

Gomez: If anyone could beat King’s record, it’s Malone at this moment. She’s on fire. But she’s still got 9 more defenses to go to break it. I have a feeling Moxie will do his best to be one of those defeneses 

Woo: What an unbelievable encounter we’ve just witnessed with Melody Malone adding to the legacy of the United States Championship. Speaking of, we’re getting word of an update on the former United States Champion of 777 days, Ace King, after what we saw earlier, so let’s go backstage.

On cue, the feed goes just outside the medical area, where we find Ace Heart on-camera, a concerned look on his face.

Heart: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing near the medical facilities, where EWC doctors continue to tend to Ace King ahead of his Undisputed Championship match later tonight, as everything appears to be in the air right n-

Heart gets cut off as chief EWC physician Dr. Hiro Lee emerges from the medical area, looking somewhat frazzled as he steps up to Heart.

Heart: Dr. Lee, if I may, how is Ace King doing?

Dr. Lee appears somewhat annoyed, though he maintains a stoic expression as he nods along with the question.

Dr. Lee: It was obviously a scary situation we witnessed earlier, Ace, and to be honest? We’re still not completely sure what happened. We’ve ruled out a serious cardiac episode at this point, but we’re still trying to get to the root of the matter.

Heart: If I may follow up, do you have any insight as to what that means for the Undisputed Championship match later tonight?

Dr. Lee appears even more annoyed now, shaking his head at Heart, who brandishes the microphone in front of him.

Dr. Lee: First off, we should be thankful that he appears to have avoided anything major. As for your question… I’m sorry, but I can’t offer you a clear answer. Excuse me.

With that, Dr. Lee turns and heads back into the medical area, leaving Heart with the microphone hanging in his hand as we cut to… 

We turn backstage where, in one of the quieter corridors of the arena, we find Ace Heart walking with a microphone in hand.

Heart: Fans you join me backstage as I’m trying to track down one of the participants of tonight’s G1 Finals.

He turns a corner, continuing down another quiet hallway.

Heart: I’ve been hearing rumours he’s taken one of the rooms down here, away from most of the action, so I was interested in getting his thoughts before the big match.

He stops occasionally at a door, checking for signs of activity, before finally reaching one that catches his attention. He knocks on the door and turns to the camera.

Heart: Judging by the smell of cigarette smoke, I assume it’s this one.

The door clicks open.

Heart: S.I.N, I was hoping to get your thoughts ahead of-

Instead of Silas Isaac Naberius standing before him, Ace Heart finds himself face-to-face with his manager, Pet, stood in the doorway of the dimly lit room with a cigarette in hand.

Heart: Ah. I was… expecting…

Pet: Silas is busy preparing himself right now.

She closes the door behind her.

Pet: But I’ll answer your questions on his behalf.

Heart: Very well. How is he feeling ahead of his match?

Pet: He’s confident. He’s ready. He’s been waiting a year for this moment and he won’t waste his opportunity.

Heart: But, as so many have pointed out, he hasn’t… accomplished a great deal in the EWC. How can he be confident and ready for a situation he’s apparently inexperienced with?

Her eyes narrow as she takes a long drag of her cigarette. After a long, uncomfortable silence, she finally sighs.

Pet: Silas has dealt with doubts and adversity since he arrived in this company. Many, many people have mocked him, belittled him, and even outright dismissed him.

She grips the microphone with her free hand, her eyes locked on Heart’s.

Pet: He wasn’t invited to the G1 tournament. He answered the call when a former champion, of all people, fell apart because he couldn’t cope. He started with a loss to his name he never suffered. He won the two matches he had – the only chance he had to make something of this tournament.

She looks into the camera.

Pet: And, despite it all, he’s here. After overcoming every hurdle and setback and jab and insult these people throw his way… he’s reached the biggest stage. He’s fighting for the Indy Championship. He’s doing something he told the world one year ago he would do. He will rule PRIME. Tonight belongs to S.I.N.

She pushes the microphone back into Heart’s chest and slips back into the locker room as we head to ringside.

Dominic Sanders Vs President Mac

MATCH WRITERS: President Mac & Dominic Sanders
Woo: Well that was interesting .. speaking of which .. boy, do we have a treat for all of you. Our very own EWC President Danny Mac is taking on EWC Creative Director Dominic Sanders in an Arm Wrestling Match. But this is no ordinary Arm Wrestling Match, is it Valentina?

Gomez: You know, I was excited when WrestleFest was supposed to be the last time we ever saw Dominic Sanders compete. And yet… here we are.

Woo: Come on now, Valentina. This isn’t a wrestling match or anything. This is for charity. The fans voted for this match to happen. Over three million fans world-wide voted on an online poll, and they decided they wanted to see Danny Mac and Dominic Sanders at StrangleMania. And what an event its setup to be! It’s the Over The Top From Hell Match! Not only will these two be arm wrestling, but there will be thumb tacks all over the table. And, to make it even spicier, President Mac’s wife Summer and Dominic’s wife Cora will be there with TASERS.

Gomez: AKA The only reason I am remotely invested in this match.

Woo: Let’s go outside to the Hard Rock Stadium Plaza where fans are surrounding the arm wrestling table and Pepper Montana is on special assignment to call the action in this one.

Montana: Woo! Gomez! It is HOT out here! Everyone’s sauced up and ready for this special attraction! And our boys AC/DC have made their way out here to the side stage to help me introduce this one. Let’s get it poppin’.

Cora Sanders and Summer Heart are already standing around the table with tasers in hand. AC/DC begins to play “War Machine” by KISS. Dominic Sanders steps out into the plaza and the crowd boos. Sanders looks around and then into the camera with a silly grin on his face, soaking in the boos.

Montana: Introducing the first participant. My man! Dominic Sanders!

Sanders walks up towards the table and kisses his wife on the cheek. He removes his red and black gingham button down and remains shirtless for the event. Sanders high-fives Pepper Montana as AC/DC flawlessly transitions from “War Machine” into “Coming Undone” by Korn. President Mac comes out into the plaza in a black cut-off shirt as the crowd cheers for him. He walks over to Summer and gives her a hug.

Montana: And his opponent. He is EL PRESIDENTE of the EWC, baby! President Danny Mac!

On the introduction, Mac stretches his arms out wide and soaks in the cheers.

Mac and Sanders smile at each other, remembering the words that they shared with each other earlier in the week. They shake hands and bring it in for a friendly “bro-hug” before taking their places at the arm wrestling table. Mac and Sanders carefully nestle their elbows into the piles of thumb tacks as AC/DC finishes playing and moves back into the stadium for the next match. Mac and Sanders lock hands and Pepper grabs their hands to make sure it’s even, balanced, and in the center. He asks both if they are ready. Both men nod.

The two begin to strain against each other. They’re at an expected stalemate at the start. Cora holds her taser in her left hand and cracks it in Summer’s direction to keep her at bay as Cora approaches the table. One-by-one, she begins picking up thumb tacks and shoves them into Mac’s bicep. Mac grits his teeth as Sanders is beginning to gain a slight advantage. Summer won’t be outdone. Summer zaps Sanders with light voltage in the hip, causing him to jump and lose his advantage. Now Mac is winning. Cora stops messing with the thumb tacks and zaps her taser in Summer’s direction. Summer jumps away but quickly moves to the table. She grabs a handful of tacks and tosses them in Cora’s direction. Cora ducks and they fly all around her, some getting stuck in her hair. Cora moves around to the other side of the table and the two ladies stand en-garde as if they were fencing with tasers. Summer turns the voltage up on her taser. Both ladies zap the tasers in each other’s direction. Pepper Montana foolishly steps in between the two to try and keep order, but he’s instead gifted by a double stun from the two tasers. Pepper drops to the ground shaking and convulsing as he screams a loud, “girlish” yelp. Everybody, including the two men who are still arm wrestling, begins to chuckle. The ladies turn their attention back to the arm wrestling match.

Mac is still at a slight advantage. Cora pokes the taser into Mac’s side, but Mac dodges out of the way before she can zap him. However, this allows Sanders to get back some momentum. He now has Mac’s arm leaning. Mac strains to keep himself from losing. Summer goes to tase Sanders again. She sticks the taser into his chest and stares at Cora with a smirk. Cora then sticks her taser in Mac’s chest and stares right back at Summer. The two ladies are in a stare-off as Sanders and Mac now look at each other and stop straining against each other for a moment. Suddenly, both women pull the trigger! Cora tases Mac! Summer tases Sanders! Both men fall to the ground and convulse next to Pepper Montana. The crowd breaks out in cheers and laughter as Montana slowly brings his quivering hand up to his mouth with the microphone.

Montana: W-w-w-well… it l-l-looks like a t-t-t-tuh tuh TIE!

Cora and Summer shrug and drop their tasers. They smirk and look at each other.

Cora: Wanna grab a drink?

Summer: That sounds fantastic!

Cora and Summer lock hands and skip off towards the bar in the Hard Rock Stadium Plaza as medical personnel makes sure Mac, Sanders, and Pepper are okay.

The camera cuts backstage inside The Love Club locker room where we find Bobby Rose and Jimmy Lane of The Southern Express. They are finishing getting ready for their match here tonight, a Tornado Tag Team Flaming Tables match for the EWC Tag Team Championships, the belts can be seen sitting on the bench behind them. There is a knock at the door and Bunny Love walks into the shot, she crosses the room and opens the door to see EWC’s Ace Heart. Ace smiles at Bunny.

Heart: Hello there sweetie, I was wondering if I could get a few words with you three before tonight’s tag team championship match?

Bunny looks at Ace and smiles.

Love: Sure, I have two for you…FUCK YOU!!!

She’s about to slam the door shut but Bobby speaks up.

Rose: Bunny he’s just trying to do his job…come on in Ace.

Bunny shrugs and takes a step to the side to allow Ace and his crew to come into the locker room.

Heart: Gentlemen, you are moments away from taking part in what can only be seen as one of the most violent, sick and twisted tag team championship matches the EWC’s ever had and I have to wonder guys…are you ready for this?

Ace looks at Bobby and Jimmy but it’s Bunny that speaks up.

Love: Are you serious right now…you come in here, our locker room, moments before…

But Bobby holds up his hand to cut her off.

Rose: I get it, you look at Jimmy and I and see two old guys getting ready to step into the ring with two younger, more in their prime wrestlers in a flaming tables match…a match were we have to put one of our opponents through a table that’s on fire…I mean men our age they’re what, playing souffle board, golfing…trying not to be hit by cars while running…

Lane: People look at us and see two fun loving guys, not two monsters that are scarred up and crazy as shit…

Rose: They think we are out of our element here tonight, they buy into Stephanie and Phoenix’s transformation into The War Queen and UltraViolence and think ‘well this is the end for good old Bobby and Jimmy’ they think, ‘this is the end of the road for The Southern Express’…

Lane: But they couldn’t be more wrong Ace, see we’ve been through wars before…many wars…this isn’t our first fight…

Rose: And Stephanie and Phoenix weren’t the ones that almost had their careers ended out of nothing but jealousy…see I was the one that was almost crippled because they couldn’t come to terms with the fact that we beat them at WrestleFest and instead of walking out to thar ring and shaking our hands and admitting we were the better team they decided to repackage themselves at The Psych Ward and jump us when our backs were turned…

Love: How ‘tough’ of them right?

Lane: Because nothing says ‘bad asses’ like having to jump someone after a match when they aren’t looking but that’s the route they wanted to go…they were hoping to end us right then and there and that was their intentions Ace, they wanted to break Bobby’s ankle to the point he could never wrestle again and clear their path to those…

Jimmy points at the EWC Tag Team Championship Belts

Rose: They shattered my ankle and left me wounded…

Bobby points down at his ankle, covered by the grey protective boot

Rose: They took their best shot yet here we stand…they failed Ace, we took that attack and came back ready for more, we showed them we could take their best shot and it wouldn’t be enough and what people are missing is that it pissed us off…it lit a fire inside us to come back here and make them pay for what they did…

Lane: See it’s one thing to beat a team…we already did that but it’s another thing to put them through a table that’s on fire…

Love: And we have a little extra something for them…

Bunny holds up a can of lighter fluid and smiles

Rose: It’s not going to be enough just to put them through the fire…I want to make them BURN Ace, to make them feel the pain I felt…to make them question if they will ever wrestle again. They tried to take away the one thing in life I love…the one thing in this word I’m good at and they did that because they couldn’t beat us so tonight Jimmy, Bunny and I are going to take away this mirage that they have tried to build around them, that they are this ‘hardcore’ pair to be feared, we are going to strip that away from them and expose them for who they really are…

Lane: Blue Phoenix with black eyeliner…

Rose: We are going to make them BURN for what they did to us and when we are done…we are going to make them unrecognizable to anyone that ever knew Stephanie and Phoenix and we will send a message to any other team that might think about trying to do to us what they did…

Lane: If you take a shot at the kings you better not miss…

Love: Hopefully the people in the front row brought their sunscreen because it’s about to get hot up in here…

Rose: I’ve thought about this moment since December Ace, for the chance to pay these two back for what they did to me and tonight I get that chance on EWC’s biggest stage, StrangleMania…it’s time to make some history and send The Psych Ward to the Burn Ward!!!

Jimmy and Bunny walk over to Bobby and the three nod at Ace Heart

Psych Ward Vs The Southern Express

The camera cuts to the ring side area, where there are tables everywhere. Laid out on the ring floor, stacked two high unfolded lining the entrance area between the stage and the ring. We then cut to the announce table.

Woo: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a match I think we have ALL been waiting for. There is no love lost between PsychWard or The Southern Express and they intend to make it VERY clear in this match based on the remarks from both teams already.

Gomez: This is war tonight at Stranglemania Marcus, and PsychWard has had to tap into their dark side powers as it were to prepare for this match.

Woo: The question is: can the EWC Tag Team Champions dip their toe in the hardcore waters and come out STILL the champions?

Gomez: No way. PsychWard looks too dialed in to not walk out the winners here tonight.

Woo: Bold prediction Valentina. Let’s see if you were right!

Cut back to the ring where Nina Dobrev is standing by.

Dobrev: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is for the EWC Tag Team Championships! This is a FLAMING TABLES match being held under tornado tag team rules. There are no tags, and the only way a team can win is to successfully put a member of the opposing team through a table that is on fire! Introducing first!

Smoke starts forming on the stage as AC/DC plays the opening chords of “Can’t Stop the Bleeding” by Tom Morello. Stephanie Matsuda steps out on the stage, crouching in the smoke before Phoenix Winterborn steps in behind her, a hand resting on her shoulder with a smirk, and Marissa Davidson to his right.

Dobrev: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of three hundred and fifty eight pounds… they are the team of Chi-Town’s Finest, Phoenix Winterborn and the War Queen, Stephanie Matsuda… PSYCHWARD!

Matsuda stands up next to Phoenix, bumping the backs of their fists together as they start to make their way towards the ring. Taking opposite sides of the ring, they slide in front of each other before hopping up and climbing adjacent turnbuckles, posing for the crowd as their music fades out slowly as Marissa surveys the ringside area.

Dobrev: And their opponents…

AC/DC’s electric guitar kicks in to play ‘Stranglehold’ by Ted Nugent as the crowd gets to their feet. Some of the older females in the crowd start to scream like they did when they were younger as Bunny Love walks out onto the stage and is quickly followed by Bobby Rose, who is still in his grey walking boot, and Jimmy Lane. All three are wearing white sleeveless t-shirts and old blue jeans. All of their wrists and hands are taped up as well.

Dobrev: Being accompanied to the ring by Bunny Love… from Nashville, Tennessee… They are the EWC Tag Team Champions of the World… Bobby Rose and Jimmy Lane… THE SOUTHERN EXPRESS!

Bunny leads the way as the pair reach out and high five with the fans as they walk to the ring, but they are very quickly met with resistance as Pheonix, Matsuda, and Marissa come charging in, effectively rushing the tag team champions and pinning them against the guard rails. UltraViolence has a baseball bat to the throat of Bobby Love, Matsuda has a crowbar digging into the chest of Jimmy Lane.

The referee calls for the bell because well… There’s not tags, so there’s no reason to wait! Marissa is in an all out fight with Bunny Love. they are grabbing hair, pulling clothes, slapping the absolute tar out of each other. Bunny lands a particularly deadly blow on Marissa and they both tumble to the floor, rolling around as they continue to fight.

Woo: I’ve always wanted to say this..

Gomez: No…. Don’t you dare!

Woo: (in his best Joey Styles impersonation) CATFIIIIGHT!!!

Gomez: Dear God I need a new announce partner.

Back in the aisle, Phoenix and Matsuda both grab the arm of the person they are holding and look to irish whip them into the other guard rail, but Bobby and Jimmy use this brief respite from their larynx getting crushed to reverse course and send Phoenix and Matsude into the guardrail instead. Bobby looks at Jimmy, raises a finger and says “ONE SEC” to his partner of over 40 years before he hobbles his way back through the entrance way, his boot making a loud THUD every time it hits the floor. Jimmy looks completely bewildered but has no time to process before he is double teamed by PsychWard! A Bat to the back and a crowbar to the midsection have Jimmy Lane on his knees in visible pain. Phoenix with another bat shot, Stephanie goes around and locks in a choke on Jimmy Lane with the crowbar as Phoenix Winterborne throws a hard shot right to the ribs of Jimmy lane! Lane is now on his hands and knees, trying to avoid any more damage from the bat, but also trying not to pass out from the crowbar.

Bunny Love comes out of nowhere and jumps on the back of Stephanie Matsuda, locking in a sloppy sleeper hold. The War Queen shrugs Bunny off easily, but had to let go of the crowbar to due it. This allows Jimmy to grab Phoenix by the feet and pull him to the floor with a hard THUD! Jimmy coughs a few times to clear the throat and then immediately gets to his feet, where he is met by Matsuda, who starts throwing hands with Jimmy! Punch, punch, punch, punch. Phoenix is back to his feet now and quickly sucker punches Jimmy, sending the grizzled vet toward the ring and slamming into the apron. PsychWard use this time to grab Jimmy by the hair and roll him into the ring.

Woo: This match finally makes it to the ring, but PsychWard is firmly in control because this is essentially a handicap match now! Where the hell is Bobby Rose?!

Jimmy gets to his feet and backs up to a corner just in time to see both Phoenix and Matsuda charging in. Jimmy squares his feet and starts throwing jabs at them one by one! First Phoenix, then Stephanie, then Phoenix again… He’s just barely keeping them at bay. Just as it looks like Jimmy might be able to hold them off, they both charge, one goes hi, the other low, and Jimmy is on his ass getting stomped by the challengers. The sadistic looks on their faces shows that they are both enjoying this punishment that they are delivering right not. They pick Jimmy up and lock him in for a double suplex, and with the extension Jimmy’s legs hit the ropes, bouncing him back and allowing PsychWard to force Jimmy to land face first instead! Jimmy is getting to his feet as Ultraviolence and the WarQueen hit the ropes, coming off and nailing a double flying forearm smash to either side of Jimmy’s head. Jimmy crumples to the mat. Phoenix looks to The War Queen and the both nods, understanding that it’s time.

Woo: Looks like it might be time to… GET THE TABLES!

Gomez: Pun aside, The War Queen and UltraViolence are indeed searching under the ring for something. There are tables everywhere though, what could they possibly be looking for?!

Phoenix Emerges from under the ring with a giant board that is wrapped in barbed wire, a small charge looks to be in the center of it.

Woo: Is that… C4 in the middle?! What the hell are they thinking here?!

Gomez: They’re thinking that they promised to end The Southern Express and they are going to do just that.

Marissa has made it to ring side now as she slides a table under the bottom rope. The camera cuts to a shot of Bunny Love laid out, blood dripping from her face as she is struggling to move. Back in the ring, Marissa is setting up a table as Matsuda and Phoenix bring the barbed wire wood piece into the ring. They set it atop the table and go to grab Jimmy Lane. Matsuda goes to the top rope as Phoenix puts jimmy in the Electric chair pose. Jimmy is trying to wiggle free, but can’t so he quickly reaches into his pocket and then smashes something into the face of Phoenix Winterborne.. A white cloud engulfs the top half of Phoenix Winterborn. Matsuda does not see this and continues with the Readjustment, but Jimmy is able to get away at the last moment and Stephanie Matsuda ends up doing an almost senton motion, landing on the board

The C4 charge detonates, but the table does not as the crowd cannot believe what they are witnessing! Matsuda is writhing around in pain as Winterborn now is covering his eyes. The camera closes up on the back of Stephanie Matsuda as she rips her flesh from the barbed wire. Long cuts are quickly filling with Blood.

Woo: Jesus! Bunny is busted open the hard way, The War Queen is earning her moniker with that spot and Phoenix might be blind!.. Is that cocaine that Jimmy threw into his face?

Gomez: Talc Powder. The 80s wrestlers best friend Marcus! I think both Bobby and Jimmy know better than to mess with the white stuff anymore.

Jimmy is back up now and looking around, trying to get his senses about him. He sees that amtsuds is on her hands and knees still recovering from the barbed wire and C4. Her skin has a black laquer to it from the blast, but the dried blood isn’t stopping the fresh blood from seeping through. Marissa is quick to pull Phoenix out of the ring and douses him with water to flush his eyes out. Phoenix quickly blinks a few times, gives the thumbs up and then gets back into the ring and engages with Jimmy again. This gives Marissa the chance to grab Matsuda’s attention and brign her to the outside as she pulls out a roll of gauze and medical tape and tends to Stephanie’s wounds.

Woo: Marissa sure is coming in handy here. She’s got the cure for whatever ale’s her clients apparently.

Gomez: That’s what a good manager does, Marcus!

Back in the ring Winterborn has Jimmy locked into a suplex hold, but instead of a suplex, he pancakes Jimmy right onto the barbed wire board, finally breaking the board and the table underneath!!! Jimmy screams in pain as Winterborne looks around for his next weapon of destruction.

Bunny is finally back to her feet now and she goes right back at Marissa! This time though, she has a chain wrapped around her fist! The shots keep hitting Marissa right in the back of the head, as Marissa scrambles to try and fend her off. Matsuda is patched up and gets back into the ring now she grabs Jimmy by the hair and rips him up and out of the barbed wire. Jimmy screams again as his flesh is torn apart. Matsuda and Winterborn go to engage the lone Tag Team champion but are interrupted by what sounds like… a cattle bell?!

Gomez: What the shit is that sound?

Bobby Love comes out of the entrance way, dragging a metal trash can on wheels and ringing the cattle bell. That distracts PsychWard enough that Jimmy is able chop block them both simultaneously to the closest knee, sending them to the mat. Bobby stops at the bottom of the ramp, right in front of the ring apron and looks behind him. The trash can has some sort of liquid in it and attached to it is a branding iron?! A red hot branding iron!!! Bobby takes the arm of the iron, dips the business end into the liquid and it lights the whole thing on fire!!! The crowd is cheering now as Jimmy has Matsuda in the corner putting the boots to her as Bobby gets into the ring and walks over to Winterborne. He quickly kicks him in the guy, which flips him over as Bobby shows the branding iron to the nearest camera. It has a giant “ LC” on it. Bobby screams to the camera “Love Club… They will never forget us now!” and then pushes the branding iron into the back flesh of Phoenix Winterborn!!! He screams in pain as Bobby leaves it there for about 3 seconds before Matsuda is able to escape Jimmy and run over to break up the branding of her tag team partner by launching her body in a rolling senton type maneuver! This forces the brand off of Phoenix, but it lands on the ma and catches it on fire!!! The mat starts to engulf almost instantly.


Some EMTs rush the ring and immediately douse the ring mat with fire extinguishers, putting out the fire. One of them grabs the brand and puts it back into the liquid now that it’s cool, and it just fizzles out. Jimmy and Bobby are on the outside now, Bunny is next to them. Jimmy turns to Bobby and yells “WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG?!” to which Bobby replies “I HAD TO SHIT!” Both men shake their heads as they regroup. They don’t get long though as Marissa attacks Bunny this time with a spear like maneuver! They go crashing into the guardrail until the ref has finally had enough and separates the two. PsychWard goes to Marissa, Bunny is with The Southern Express. Bunny starts to patch up Jimmy as he and Bobby quickly go over some strategy. Bobby looks over to his opponents and sees Matsuda walking toward the ring again. He taps Jimmy on the shoulder to get his attention and they both head to the ring, Phoenix as well.

All four competitors are back in the ring now and they waste no time colliding again. Jimmy locks up with UltraViolence and Bobby with The War Queen. Jimmy looks to transition to a waist lock, but Phoenix immediately pivots out and shoots Jimmy to the ropes. Matsuda gets control of Bobby and sends him hobbling into the ropes, boot and all, but as he comes off he’s caught with a superkick from the War Queen!

Gomez: Yahtzee!

The kick sends Bobby hip first into the board wrapped in barbed wire that is STILL in the ring. Bobby cries out as Matsuda keeps the pressure on, going right for the ankle that is still in a boot. On the outside, Bunny has moved a table closer to the apron and begins covering it in lighter fluid. Marissa sees this and immediately gets onto the apron in front of Bunny, trying to get the attention of her clients. Bunny quickly lights the table on fire and then gets on the apron, confronting Marissa once more. Phoenix on the rebound goes for a clothes line on Jimmy, but Jimmy ducks and hits the opposite ropes, connecting with a shoulder tackle that sends Phoenix to the mat. Matsuda sees Bunny on the Apron and moves in to get some payback from earlier. Jimmy sees this and immediately moves in as well, but not to intercept. Matsuda connects with Yahtzee on Bunny, Jimmy connects with a dropkick on Marissa. THEY BOTH FLY OFF THE APRON AND ONTO THE FLAMING TABLE!!!

The crowd is in awe of what just happened. There is a moment of almost dead silence as everyone processes what just happened.

Woo: OH MY GOD! Bunny and Marissa have been put through the flaming table!!!

Gomez: This does NOT end the match folks, but this does just demonstrate that there is ZERO love lost between these two teams. They were both willing to sacrifice their managers to win this match!

Back inside the ring, Jimmy is pulling Bobby up, the barbed wire having down its job and the blood flowing from Bobby’s arm and side.

A quick shot to the outside shows Marissa and Bunny writing in pain, blood flowing down Marissa’s face now too. The drop kick connected JUST at the right spot to bust her open.

Jimmy and Bobby take the barbed wire board and slide it out from the ring, then follow to the outside. They rummage under the ring. Bobby comes out with a Kendo stick, Jimmy with a chair. They slide into the ring and go to attack, but Phoeniz is quick to stop Bobby in his tracks with a kick to the guy that allows him to grab the kendo stick. Jimmy, on the other hand, is able to connect with the chair shot, sending Matsuda to the mat. UltraViolence hits Bobby in the booted ankle with the kendo stick, Jimmy hits The War Queen over the knee with the chair. Winterbourne attacks the ankle again, Jimmy attacks the knee again. They are staring right at each other as they go blow for blow. Bobby is screaming with each hit. Phoenix reaches down and grabs the boot, ripping it off of Bobby Love, exposing the injured ankle.

Woo: Oh this could be really bad for the Tag Team Champions.

Phoenix comes down with another strike onto the exposed ankle and Bobby wails. Jimmy slams the chair over the side of Matsuda with monumental force. Jimmy then throws the chair outside and rushes UltraViolence, who can’t get out of the way and is thrown onto the mat hard by a spear. Bobby rolls out of the way and gets to a corner and pulls himself up by the good leg and his arms. Jimmy checks on him in the corner, but Bobby waives his partner off. Bobby hops to Matsuda, not putting any pressure on the injured ankle. He picks Matsuda up looks her in the face and screams “THIS IS FOR BUNNY!” before he spins, looking for a spinning heel kick but Matsuda blocks and has Bobby’s GOOD leg in her hand. It takes her a moment to process that Bobby has his full weight on his “bad” leg right now. She looks at him, he looks at her and shrugs as Bobby then jumps off the “bad” leg and connects with a roundhouse kick!

Gomez: BOBBY LANE IS NOT INJURED?!?! How long have they been playing us all here?!

Woo: I don’t know but damned if it’s not entertaining!

Bobby gets to his feet now, one barefoot, the other in a wrestling boot still, and grabs Matsuda, pushing her into a corner. On the other side of the ring Jimmy pushes Winterborn into a corner. They look at each other to synch up then throw their opponents at each other! Right before they collide though they doge… DOUBLE YAHTZEE!!!! Bobby and Jimmy both fall to the mat simultaneously! Both members of PsychWard go to the outside immediately to grab a table. They both slide them in, then set them up. Matsuda then takes her table and puts it on top of the first table. Phoenix has now found some lighter fluid and doused BOTH tables in the Firestarter. Matsuda with the lighter now lights them both on fire then heads to the top rope. Bobby Love is pulled to his feet by Winterborn and put into the electric chair position. Matsuda is staring down at the flames as a smile crosses her face SHe jumps as the camera pans out to see Bunny hit the table with a left over fire extinguisher! MATSUDA HITS THE READJUSTMENT THROUGH THE TABLE but it was not on fire! The ref waves off the win, telling Phoenix that the tables were not on fire.

Gomez: Where the hell did Bunny come from?!

Bunny is shown, her face a crimson mask save for her bright white teeth as she laughs at the misfortune of PsychWard. The camera cuts to a shot of Marissa, handcuffed to the guardrail, kicking and screaming as she tries to free herself. Back in the ring, Bunny throws something to Bobby Love who is still on the mat, having taken the full effect of the Readjustment through TWO tables. Jimmy though is back on his feet and sees what happened. He quickly pulls Bobby to the corner, shakes the cobwebs loose on his partner and points to the object Bunny threw him. It’s a shoe with Thumbtacks glued to the bottom. The lightbulb goes off and Bobby starts to ptu the shoe on as Jimmy slides out and grabs a table from the outside. Bunny takes it from there and sets it up as Jimmy slides in and starts attacking Phoenix Winterborn with boots to the ribs. Bunny has quickly got the table set up and doused with fluid. She reaches into her pocket and produces a pack of matches. She lights one and tries to throw it at the table but it goes out immediately. She lights another and the same thing happens. Bobby finally takes the matches, having put the shoe on, and lights the entire pack on fire at once. He gives it to Bunny who sets it on the table, which is set ablaze immediately. Jimmy picks up Winterborn and lets him stand in front of the table. Jimmy and Bobby Look at each other then To their dazed opponent… MIC DROP! BOBBY HIT PHOENIX WITH THE THUMBTAKCED SHOE!!! Phoenix is launched into the flaming table and is immediately set on fire, blood begins to pour out of his face where the thumbtacks hit him!

Bobby and Jimmy fall to the mat in a heap, physically and Mentally exhausted.

Dobrev: Here are your winners and STILL… EWC Tag Team Champions… THE SOUTHERN EXPRESS!

As the announcement is made, Jamie Love is seen rushing to Bunny to check on her. Bunny nods to signal she is ok and points to the ring where the referee has handed the EWC tag team titles to Bobby Love and Jimmy Lane. They are out of breath and barely moving. Tommy and Buddy Love are at ringside now, checking on the Southern Express. They get them rolled out of the ring and the trio that just went to war begin to slowly walk back toward the entrance stage.

Woo: MY GOD! What a war we just witnessed! Neither team was willing to hold ANYTHING back in this one. In the end The Southern Express have done it again.

Gomez: If you would have told me that Bobby and Jimmy were going to walk out still champs I would have bet against you, but I have to give them credit, they fought their hearts out tonight and were the better team.

On the entrance ramp, Killjoy Ito stands with the X-Division championship over his shoulder, Xavier Reid with the International Championship over his shoulder, Samantha Hamilton next to him and Lorenzo is joined by his partner Jamie Love as the Southern Express make it back to their Love Club. Tommy, Buddy and Bunny Love look on with nothing but smiles at all the Gold that they have acquired tonight.

Woo: Like them or not, you can’t deny the results. The Love Club now holds three EWC championships and Killjoy very well could make it a fourth when he gets his Undisputed championship opportunity down the road.

The camera pans across the expanse of the Hard Rock Stadium, showing the thousands of excited fans cheering and holding up signs. Eventually the camera stops on the ring where Marshall Evans stands with a microphone ready, he’s dressed to the nines in a fancy grey suit with white sneakers.

Evans: Ladies and gentlemen, how have you enjoyed the show so far?

The fans let out a long cheer, followed with various chanting of their favorite stars.

Evans: Well, you haven’t seen anything yet, coming up a little later, PRIME exclusive content is coming your way. Put on your seatbelts because the finals of the….

A man with the sparkling cowboy hat continues his energetic entrance as he’s pointing at the fans, reaching out with high fives and yelling various things. He swings around with his arms wide open showing his flashy jacket with tassels hanging off of it everywhere. He climbs the ring steps then jumps through the ropes, he quickly runs off of the ropes past Marshall Evans who is standing there with his jaw hanging open, not understanding what in the world is going on. The flashy, sparkling dude climbs to the top ropes, he quickly runs his hand over his short beard and gives another section a point. He jumps off then does a quick arm flex. He walks in front of Evans, nodding his head excitedly.

Evans: Well, well. That was quite an entrance. Mister….?

The man grabs the microphone full of enthusiasm.


Evans: Another Keaton, any relation to James or Mark Keaton?

Keaton: WHAT?! Did you say MARK KEATON?! He’s my little BROTHER!! I’ve been searching all over the EARTH for him!

Evans: I really don’t see the resemblance. Well, mister Keaton. What brings you out to the ring here at Stranglemania?

Zander quickly looks around, he bounces off of the ropes and stops in front of Evans again, he twirls the microphone around before answering.

Keaton: LISTEN EVANS!! I’ve come here from a FAR AWAY place! A place where certain types of people would call you a LOONEY TUNE just for mentioning it! Y’see, this federation of wrestling is THICK to the wall with dastardly villains, PAL! What the EWC needs is a heeeero like me, a guy with just the right amount of muscles, a guy with the wrestling knowhow to tackle such treachery, the COWBOY FROM SPACE, Zander Zak Keaton! Are you catchin what I’m throwin, guy?!

Evans: Interesting, have you signed any official contracts in EWC yet?

Zander quickly looks around, he grabs the microphone off of Evans again and runs the ropes, he runs by him then bounces again, he stops right in front of Evans.

Keaton: NOT YET! Little man!

Evans turns, he gets another microphone from a staff member, he gives the fans a deadpan expression that gets some laughs. He then turns to ZZK again, the man is vibrating and having trouble staying still.

Evans: Well, Zander Zak Keaton, we could start our negotiations later on, maybe after this very show, that’s if you’re interested in joining my brand, PRIME.

Keaton: WELL!!! THAT depends, guy. What is the word limit on PRIME?!

Evans: What?

Zander looks around right quick, he runs the ropes again, this time he keeps passing Evans without stopping, going faster and faster. His flashy cowboy hat flies off and his brown hair whips out behind him as he runs determined.

Evans: Over to you guys!

Evans points to the commentary table as he watches Zander run the ropes still, eventually ZZK stops, he climbs the second ropes and points to another section of fans as Immigrant Song plays in the background.

Dio Vs Faith Rivers Vs S.I.N Vs Jordan Sharpe

Woo: Well .. that sure was something .. and as they leave the ring .. lets move onto our next match .. for all those still needing a fix of blood and violence, here’s a match that promises both. It’s a Four Way Match with the winner becoming the G1 Tournament winner and the Indy Champion.

Gomez: However, as you can see the ring is surrounded by at least two hundred light tubes and there’s a lot more on the tables surrounding the ring. It’s going to be a smashing time as glass, blood and guts will soon be spread all over the canvas.

Woo: For those that watch Prime, you will have seen the G1 Tournament that has been running this season. Faith Rivers heads into this match having lost her Showtime Broadcast Title and will be looking o regain some momentum. Sin was, on a technicality, unbeaten in the G1. Similar can be said for Dio as even the Indy Champion had to settle for a draw when they clashed.

Gomez: let’s not forget the record breaking champion himself Jordan Sharpe who would love to crawl out of Stranglemania with even more days on his reign

Dobrev: The following match, set for one fall, is a Light Tube Death Match and it is to crown the winner of the G1 and it is also for the Indy Championship!

The lights suddenly go out, plunging the arena into darkness. AC/DC begins to play ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ by The Rolling Stones and, after a short wait, a spotlight floods the entrance way revealing Silas Isaac Naberius. He slowly turns around, raises his head head and tilts the brim of his Panama hat up as he scans the arena as his Pet slips into view behind him. He begins to twirl his cane and makes his way down the ramp.

Dobrev: Making his way to the ring, residing in Whitechapel, London, England… weighing one hundred and sixty-seven pounds… SILAS ISAAC NABERIUS!

He climbs the ring steps and takes a moment to look over the crowd, his gaze passing over the front rows before him. He takes off his hat and places it on the ring post and places his cane on the top turnbuckle. He steps between the ropes and walks around the ring, still inspecting the crowd, before finally settling into his corner.

AC/DC transitions into “Legendary” by Skillet. The opening lyrics can be heard throughout the arena.

Oh!Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh ohOh!Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
By now, Faith Rivers has made her way out from the back and is pumping up the crowd to her song as she makes her way down the aisle.

Dobrev: Making her way to the ring from Miami, Florida… give it up for… FAITH RIVERS!

After sliding in under the bottom rope, Faith gets to her feet and continues to work the crowd as she walks to the center of the ring where she holds each of her arms out to the side and spins in a circle. As she does this, pyros go off in each corner. From there, Faith retreats to her side of the ring and waits for the match to begin.

Dobrev: Next, residing in Seattle, Washington… weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… DIO!

The lights dim down, and AC/DC’s lead singer Brian Johnson’s voice comes over the PA system.

”I am your Crux.”
The phrase kicks off AC/DC playing the sounds of “Change (in the house of flies)” by the Deftones. Dio emerges from the curtain and stands atop the stage. He surveys the crowd, tugging at the collar of his leather jacket before heading down toward the ring. He slides in and surveys the area as he backs up into his corner.

Dobrev: And finally residing in New Brunswick, Canada… weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds… he is the Indy Champion! JORDAN FREAKIN’ SHARPE!

Jordan Sharpe comes out, wearing the newest JFS Officially Licensed T-Shirt. Accompanied by Carley California, he heads down the ramp with gusto, with plenty of merch to pass out for the fans whether it be hats, shirts, tumblers, pop sockets. He hands them out to any kids, neckbeards or people he thinks are cool beans. As he makes it to the ring, the fans chant ‘NO!’ after each ‘You ain’t ready’ in his entrance music as he poses against the ropes.

Woo: What the hell is that he’s got in the bag?

Gomez: Looks like boomwhackers from here.

Woo: A what?

Gomez: It’s a light plastic tube used as a musical instrument when hit together….. the idiot! He’s gotten confused about boomwhackers and light tubes!

It all starts in a cluster as Dio fights Faith and Jordan fights S.I.N. It’s all a sea of Right Hands until Faith ducks one from Dio and hits him with a Spear. Faith turns as Jordan smacks a boomwhacker over her head. Faith is largely unfazed unlike Jordan when S.I.N smashes a lightube over his head. Faith attempts to Superkick S.I.N but he catches her foot. Faith hops for a second before Dio blasts her with a Clothesline. Dio stomps on Faith while S.I.N builds a small lightube pile. S.I.N grabs Dio looking to piledrive him onto the pile but Dio is able to lift him and White Noise S.I.N through the pile sending glass everywhere. Dio gets to his feet but turns to see Faith holding two light tubes. She drops one to the mat and smashes the other over Dio’s head before DDT-ing him on the other. Jordan is back on his feet and drops some lightubes onto the fallen Dio. Jordan holds his hand out to Faith. They shake before then turns hitting Faith with a quick European Uppercut before Bodyslaming her on top of Dio, and in turn the lightubes.

Jordan then turns round to face S.I.N who is back on his feet and kicks Jordan in the gut. S.I.N then grabs Jordan in a front Facelock before climbing to the middle turnbuckle looking for a Tornado DDT. Jordan punches S.I.N in the gut and climbs the turnbuckles himself looking for a Superplex. S.I.N blocks him before Suplexing Jordan and himself through a lightube covered table at ringside. Faith slowly gets to her feet. Her bare back is covered in blood and shards of glass. She lifts Dio to his feet. His head and torso are both covered in blood. Faith hits Dio with a Right Hand to the jaw followed by one to the gut that makes Dio scream in pain. Faith holds Dio for a DDT but he backdrops Faith onto some shards. Faith drags herself to the opposite corner as Dio sets some lightubes in the corner he is in. Dio walks over to Faith and stands with his back against her front and hits a series of back elbows. Faith looks dazed as Dio grabs hold of her hand and whips her to the opposite corner. Faith however manages to counter it reversing the Irish Whip sending Dio face first toward the corner. Dio is able to stop his momentum before he gets to the corner and turns around just as Faith grabs him and part shoulder, part spinebusters him through the tubes in the corner.

Woo: We said there would be blood and destruction but I don’t think there’s been an offensive move so far that hasn’t ended in a lightube smashing.

Gomez: Sharpe and Sin are in a pile of wood and glass at ringside. Dio and Rivers just about went through that corner and there is glass all over the ring.

Faith drags Dio to the middle of the ring but before she’s able to do anything, Jordan Sharpe smashes a lightube across the back of her head. Turning his attention to Dio, Jordan dumps him into the corner before building two separate stacks with the lightubes and maybe a boomwhacker at the bottom. Jordan walks to the corner and punches Dio keeping control before hitting Dio with an Ode To Milo through one of the stacks.

Kickout. Or rather Missile Dropkick to the face by S.I.N. As Jordan gets to his feet, S.I.N picks up a piece of glass before putting it in his mouth. He chews on it for a moment before spitting bits of glass and blood into Jordan’s face for a Secular Haze. Jordan crumples to the mat clutching at his face. S.I.N can’t take advantage as Faith spins him around and blasts him with a Halo. Before she can take any advantage Dio blasts her with a Tranquillity through the second stack. He makes a cover.

Kickout. Well Jordan pushes Dio breaking the count anyway.

Woo: The big moves are coming out now. Plus the level of violence has been raised with piles of lightubes being destroyed and even eaten. That was disgusting

Gomez: Everyone is getting covered in so much blood, I thought there was a red light on the ring for a moment.

S.I.N. is on his feet and he lifts Faith to hers. She elbows him in the gut and hits a Right Hand before dropping him with a Faithful onto the shards. Before she knows it, Faith is sent face first into the shards as a result of a Sharpeknife. Jordan turns at the last second in time to see Dio coming toward him and hitting a Laertius Effect. He covers Faith Rivers, who is the nearest to him.


 And your winner of the G1 via pinfall… and NEEEEEW INDY CHAMPION! DIO!

Dio gets to his feet as the referee hands him the Indy Championship. Dio places it on his shoulder and with a pained expression raises his hand in victory as EMTs check on his opponents.

Woo: He came so close to it in the Prime Season Premiere but now Dio is the new Indy Champion AND he’s the G1 Tournament winner, but he came through an absolute war to do so. We can’t forget what an amazing Indy Champion Jordan Sharpe has been .. an end of an era. 

Gomez: I take my hat off to him but I also have to take it off to everyone in this match.

Dio is now handed both the Indy Championship and G1 2021 Trophy

Woo: Wait .. what’s this now? It seems something is starting to appear on the X-Tron.

The feed cuts to the X-Tron.


To EWC…….

Darkness is suddenly filled with light as multicolored strobes shoot through the fog, footsteps can be heard getting louder and louder….. 

…the fog pulls back as NOAH HARTT steps through wearing leather pants and no shirt, showing off his collection of tattoos, he looks straight at the camera and folds his arms….


Footsteps can be heard behind NOAH HARTT, the blonde figure steps to his side wearing a leather jacket and his hair a little spiked, he also crosses his arms. REMARKABLE MARK KEATON looks tough.


The EWC tag team division just got 98% cooler…


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Ace King Vs Stitches
Featuring Griffin Hawkins as Special Guest Ref

MATCH WRITER:  Robbie Rayder
The camera shows Marcus Woo and Valentina Gomez standing at ringside. Work begins in the background with Nina Dobrev watching nearby.

Woo: We’ve been building up to the crescendo here tonight in Miami and now, it’s time for the Main Event here at StrangleMania.

Gomez: I for one have been waiting all night to see how this will all play out. I may not like anyone in the match, but this will be one of those times that I just don’t care, I just want to see the violence.

Woo: As you can see behind us, the ropes have been taken off the post as they set up… well, we don’t know what really to call it. For those of you who know the EWC, Weapon X is often associated with a scaffold match with weaponry littered on the scaffold and a title hanging above the Scaffold.

Gomez: And this match has the scaffolds criss crossing from post to post above the ring. But with the ropes being removed….

The two turn and look behind them as the first cage wall is attached to the apron and the exposed posts.

Gomez: … and the cage walls being added to the ring, this almost feels like a Lion’s Den or a MMA-style type of scene.

The four walls of the cage are attached to the corner posts, then the crisscrossing scaffolds are connected at the corners of the cages.

Woo: And… oh this is quite interesting. I mean, we were not privy to any of the possibilities of what this match could entail…

Members of the EWC Road Crew begin placing items on loops along the top edges of the cage walls. Other items are underneath and along the sides of the scaffolds.

Gomez: … and if you have a weak heart or are prone to being a little squeamish, this may be the last match you want to watch.

Woo: It looks we’re just about ready to go. It’s the Main Event here at StrangleMania. We’re dubbing this match as ‘Submission X’ for the EWC Undisputed Championship. Let’s go to Nina Dobrev for the introductions.

Nina Dobrev stands at ringside as the door to the caged den stands open. AC/DC begins to play “Made In Hell” by Rob Halford and the crowd goes crazy! Griffin Hawkins comes out with his hair in a ponytail and a referee shirt on.

Dobrev: Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Main Event at StrangleMania. Welcome… to Submission X. First… the Special Guest Referee… from Windsor, Ontario Canada… EWC Hall Of Famer… GRIFFIN HAWKINS!

Woo: EWC Hall of Famer….that has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Gomez: Whether you love or hate him, Griffin Hawkins deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame…multi time World Champion, longest reigning TV Champion, former International Champion, former United States Champion, one of the highly decorated stars in EWC history. But we’re not here to talk about his accolades…we’re here to see if he will call it right down the middle!

Woo: Earlier in the night Hawkins made it clear that he is not intimidated by Stitches and he’s not going to allow his friendship with Ace King to be a factor in this match..I’d say he’ll call it right down the middle!

Gomez: But does Hawkins know what he’s getting into? It’s been 3 years since he stepped into a EWC ring, a lot has changed…especially with who the Undisputed Champion is. If he’s not careful..he may not make it to the Hall of Fame induction!

He makes his way down to the ring among the cheering crowd. He stands in the middle of the ring, throwing the devil horns in the air, pumping up the crowd shouting “The Jukebox Hero is back!” Griffin walks over to the far corner as his music fades out.

Woo: Ladies and gentlemen… It’s been a long time coming. But, after so many incredible matches, we’ve finally arrived at the big one: Let’s go!

Gomez: We still don’t know if Ace is going to be cleared to compete!

Woo: You may be right about that, but wait…

Woo puts a finger to his ear, his brow furrowing as he listens to the voice on the other side.

Woo: Yes, I’m being told that EWC chief physician Dr. Hiro Lee is ready to speak, so let’s not waste any more time and go backstage to him.

The feed cuts to the media room, where Dr. Lee straightens up his tie before stepping up to the podium, flash bulbs going off and reporters murmuring to each other.

Dr. Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, I know you’ve been wondering about the condition of Ace King, particularly as it relates to the main event of StrangleMania.

Dr. Lee pauses for a drink of water, a look of concern on his face.

Dr. Lee: The EWC medical staff has run a battery of tests, and we’ve…

Again, Dr. Lee pauses as he tries everything to keep his emotions in check.

Dr. Lee: We’ve… We’ve concluded that-

Voice: -That Ace King is going to fight.

The stunned media members turn their heads to find Ace King himself standing in the doorway, prompting a big reaction from the capacity Miami crowd. Dr. Lee leans forward on the podium, looking completely exasperated.

Dr. Lee: Ace, I really don’t-

King: Understand what this match means to me? There’s no way you could. I’ve lost opportunities because medical people thought they knew what was best for me, and I will be damned if I lose another one.

Ace stands tall in the doorway, sheer intensity etched on his face. Dr. Lee stares at him for a few seconds, then sighs and shakes his head, leaving the podium as Ace turns and leaves the room, cameras following him as he slowly makes his way back to the gorilla position, the feed cutting back out to the ring. After a few seconds, Hard Rock Stadium is plunged into darkness, and the crowd erupts. After about 15 seconds of nothingness, a solitary burning spade appears on the X-Tron.


A few seconds later, a spotlight washes on the stage, where AC/DC is sitting with acoustic instruments. The band members look to their left, where a massive house of cards has been wheeled onto the stage. Brian Johnson reaches into his pocket and pulls out a matchbook, striking a match and tossing it onto the cards, igniting them instantly as Angus Young plays the opening notes to an acoustic version of ‘Ace of Spades,’ again sending the crowd into a frenzy. As Brian Johnson sings ‘If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man,’ the foundation of Hard Rock Stadium shakes as the challenger slowly rises from a platform beneath the house of cards, his eyes laser-focused on the Submission-X structure.

Dobrev: Introducing first, the challenger… From Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… THE GAMBLER! ACE KING!

Ace closes his eyes for about 10 seconds as he stands beneath the house of cards. He then looks up, renewed vigor in his expression as he gingerly steps out of the blaze and onto the ramp itself.

Woo: This is unbelievable! Ace King was so close to having his rightfully-earned opportunity taken away, but he’s stepped up and said ‘NOT TODAY!,’ and here he is, ready to fight.

Gomez: I have to say, from what we saw earlier, this is a SHOCKING development, but the question still remains of just how much he’s got in the tank over the course of an hour!

Ace appears to share in the shock, puffing out his cheeks as he remains locked in on the structure, trying not to let the moment get the better of him as he walks around the structure. Without so much as a second look, he walks up the steps and puts a hand on the door. He takes one look out to the crowd to acknowledge the thunderous ovation he’s receiving, then walks through the door of the structure before stepping to the middle of the ring as the lights finally come back up.
As Ace King stands waiting inside the cage the lights in the Hard Rock Stadium go dark. Suddenly ‘The Morning Light’ by Voyager begins to play as strobe lights begin to flash at the sound of the beat. As the song reaches the twenty-one second mark and the synthesizers kick in the curtains brush open as a dozen cloaked silhouettes march out onto the stage, led by one giant silhouette and two smaller silhouettes. All of the silhouettes gather in the centre of the ring with the three leading standing in the middle. As the song reaches the forty-two second mark and the instruments kick in the strobe lights kick up mixed with a bunch of brightly colored lights that illuminate the entire stadium. The three cloaked figures standing in the middle of the collective remove their hoods, revealing Stitches’ cohorts; Marionette, Felix Lestrange and Harrow Quinn. Missing from the collective is Nevaeh, unless she is under one of the other hoods.

The instruments in the song suddenly calm and eventually fade into silence. The intense flashing lights dissipate and the stadium is once again thrown into darkness. A few seconds pass with nothing but complete and utter silence until the beat drops in for ‘One Missed Call (2008) Theme’. As the beat drops the curtains are brushed to the side, smoke spewing out from behind the curtains, and out walks Stitches with the Undisputed Championship placed over his right shoulder. A wide, red-painted Chelsea-esque grin is across the face of Stitches as he stares out at the crowd of people in attendance. Stitches turns around to Marionette, Felix Lestrange and Harrow Quinn and tells them to ‘go to the back, I’ve got this’. The three of them nod their heads almost in unison before turning around and leading the rest of the silhouettes backstage. Stitches turns back around, with the Undisputed Championship over his shoulder, and looks up at the scaffold cage looming nearby. Ace King is standing inside the cage, waiting for Stitches to enter and for the match to get underway.

Dobrev: And his opponent, from the Carnival of Shattered Dreams… weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds… he is the EWC Undisputed Champion! STITCHES!

Stitches methodically makes his way down the ramp, staring down the crowd members who dare lean too far over the crowd barricade. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he stops and once again looks out at the crowd of people before him. Stitches then approaches the steel stairs that lead to the entrance to the scaffold cage and enters through the door. Once inside the cage, Stitches walks slowly over to the opposing ring corner and climbs up onto the cage and throws his arms out wide for the crowd to embrace him, the Undisputed Championship dangling precariously on his shoulder. As expected, the crowd does not embrace a sinister-looking clown. Stitches hops down from the caged corner, turns around and faces Ace King who is standing in the opposite corner of the ring, raring to go. Griffin Hawkins is holding him back, standing between the two men. Griffin walks over towards Stitches with his hands out and says “give me the belt” but Stitches just lays it down at his feet. He goes to pick it up but Stitches places his foot on it, preventing from picking it up. He rises back up going “You wanna go right now Clown?” not showing any intimidation. Stitches holds his hands up in a backing up notion saying “just kidding tough guy..” as he laughs. Stitches simply smiles at Ace King as Griffin hoists up the Undisputed Championship for the crowd to see before handing it through the cage door to Senior Referee Toyo Yasahiro. Yasahiro hands the Title to the time keeper.

Gomez: Big fight feel here tonight.

Woo: Well it IS the main event of Stranglemania. Look in a dictionary and you’ll see this match as the definition of ‘Big Fight Feel’.

All three men stand in the ring as Yasahiro walks back over and padlocks the cage door closed. Griffin calls for the bell and it rings.

Ace and Stitches both circle around the ring. Ace reaches back and grabs the cage wall, shaking it to test its mettle. The weapons on top of the cage wall shifts from side to side with the test.. Stitches has a slight smile on his face as Ace turns his body slightly, keeping the two men circling around the ring. Griffin stands by as the two lock up. Ace turns Stitches into a headlock and starts to drag him towards the cage but Stitches slides out. He gives a finger waggle towards Ace, who gives him a smile. The two lock up once again and Ace puts him in a headlock, then a takedown. Ace tries to switch into a front chancery but Stitches gets free and hits a headbutt above the eyebrow on Ace. Ace sits back, touching his forehead as Stitches gets to his feet, motioning Ace to stand.

Gomez: An early headbutt there. King checking he’s not cut.

Woo: I’m sure that was Stitches’ plan there. It’s a small but early victory if you can make an opponent bleed this early in a contest

The two circle again and Stitches grabs the cage wall, shaking it violently. A lead pipe falls from its loop and lands in the ring. Stitches reaches down to grab for it but Ace charges and smashes Stitches against the cage wall. Ace grabs the hair and slams the back of Stitches’ head against the cage repeatedly. Griffin stands by as Ace yells at Stitches to quit. Ace hits a knee into the gut of Stitches then runs him across the ring, throwing him against the cage wall. Stitches lands face down on the mat. Ace gloats to the crowd as something falls from the top of the cage near Stitches. Ace turns around, reaching down to pull up Stitches. Stitches turns and hits a right hand on Ace. Ace falls straight backwards as Stitches shakes his hand afterwards, showcasing a pair of brass knuckles that just laid out Ace.

Gomez: How hard did he hit King with those brass knuckles if it hurt his own hand?

Woo: So hard that I hurt

Stitches climbs on top of a prone Ace in a mount position. He starts to land another right hand but looks at Ace, then places the Brass Knuckles in his pocket. He presses his thumbs into the eyes of Ace, yelling at him to submit. Ace grabs at the wrists of Stitches trying to stop the pressure. Griffin tries to admonish Stitches but Stitches continues to attack at the eyes. Griffin grabs Stitches by the hair and pulls him off of the downed Ace. Stitches gets into his face of Griffin. The crowd pops as Griffin points at his Ref’s shirt but Stitches lands a right hand on Griffin. Griffin fires back and lands a series of right hands. Stitches falls backwards over Ace, who grabs an ankle lock on the fallen Stitches.

Gomez: This match a triple threat?

Woo: Smart move there by King grabbing Stitches in the Ankle Lock while his attention was diverted.

Griffin turns around and asks Stitches if he wants to quit but Stitches flips off Griffin. Ace gets to a knee as he holds onto the ankle lock. Stitches uses his free foot to kick Ace then rolls through, pulling Ace with his hooked ankle, driving Ace into the cage with a glancing blow. Stitches reaches into his pocket as Ace comes towards him. He goes for another loaded right hand with the brass knuckles, but Ace blocks it and grabs his fingers, pushing them back towards his wrist. Stitches grabs Ace by the tights with his off hand and pulls him into the cage. Ace slumps against the cage face-first as Stitches crawls over to the side. He attempts to stand but is gingerly walking, after the effects of the ankle lock. Stitches glares at Griffin as he limps back towards Ace. He pulls Ace up and presses his face against the cage, yelling at Ace to give up. Ace says no and Stitches rakes Ace’s face across the cage then asks again. Ace says no again and Stitches rakes his face once again, standing behind Ace as he does. Ace hits a mule kick low on Stitches, causing the clown to let go and fall to the mat.

Gomez: Smart move there by Ace. Knowing ring positioning and where the opponent is at all times. 

Woo: Plus a good old fashioned kick to the gooseberries works great.

Dobrev: – 15 Minutes have Elapsed. 45 Minutes Remain in the match.

Ace is bloodied from the cage, but he sees Stitches in pain on the mat. Ace looks up and starts to climb the cage. He reaches up and takes a light tube from a loop off the top of the cage. Stitches gets to his knees and crawls towards the cage wall. Ace jumps off the cage wall and smashes the light tube across the back of Stitches. The crowd pops as both men fall to the mat, Ace gets back up to his feet, the remnant of the light tube in his hand. He mounts Stitches and tries to drive the sharp remnant into the eye of Stitches. Stitches blocks it, pushing it away from his eye but embeds the edge into his forehead instead. The cut bleeds profusely as Ace continues to drive the edge downward. Ace pulls back and then goes for the eye again. Griffin grabs at Ace’s hand and pulls him away from Stitches. Ace screams at Griffin, shoving the special guest ref against the cage. Griffin shoves Ace back, and grabs his ref’s shirt. Ace flips off Griffin then lands a kick on the Hall of Famer. Ace goes for another kick but Griffin slides to the side then connects with a superkick. Ace falls backwards and lands on top of Stitches, who locks in a Dragon Sleeper.

Gomez: Are you sure this isn’t a Triple Threat?

Woo: Positive. Just the referee exerting his authority. But did you see the speed of Stitches to apply that Dragon Sleeper?

Ace gasps for air as Stitches cinches in the Sleeper. Griffin asks Ace if he wants to quit but Ace doesn’t. Ace’s face starts to turn blue from the lack of oxygen. Griffin asks again and Ace grabs Griffin by the shirt, pulling him down on top of the two of them. Stitches loses his grip in the scrum and Ace escapes, gasping for air. Griffin gets back up to his feet as the blood drips off the forehead of Stitches. Stitches gets up to his feet as Ace crawls to the far side of the ring, still gasping, getting the color back in his face. Stitches looks up and sees a rope hanging down about a foot from one of the scaffolds. The other end is tied near the middle of the X and Ace is leaning against the cage on the far side. Stitches climbs up the cage and grabs the rope. He jumps off the cage, and swings towards Ace on the rope, landing a missile drop kick into Ace, driving him into the cage. He lets loose of the rope as he connects and the rope recoils as a piece of cork board falls inside of the caged area. Griffin walks over towards the board then backpedals quickly as he sees a digital timer counting down with two wires connecting the timer to small packets of plastic explosives all along the board!

Gomez: Holy hell! 

Woo: Is it possible to submit if your arm is no longer part of your body? We may find out tonight! 

Griffin looks back over as Stitches rolls Ace over to his stomach and locks in the Cheshire Smile. Griffin slides over, asking Ace to give up but Ace won’t give. Stitches pulls back on Ace’s mouth with his fingers, trying to force the submission. Ace won’t quit and Stitches lets go. He stands up and grabs Ace’s wrists. Pulling upwards on the wrists, Stitches tries to dislocate the shoulders of Ace. Ace eases forward, trying to alleviate the pain, and edges closer to the cage wall. Stitches places his foot between the shoulders of Ace in a modified surfboard. Stitches tells Griffin to ask him again. Ace shouts out an obscene version of No to Stitches and Griffin shrugs his shoulders. Stitches lifts his foot up then curb stomps down on Ace’s neck, slamming his face into the cage wall. Stitches repeats this four or five times, bringing more blood out of the face of Ace King, shaking the cage wall in the process. Stitches stomps Ace one more time and dislodges a barbed wire baseball bat from the top of the cage. It falls and cracks Stitches across the back of the head, stunning him, and letting Ace loose from the double wrist grab.

Gomez: That’s a new counter on me. Don’t think I’ve seen that one. 

Woo: Laugh all you want but barbed wire has been introduced to this bloodbath.

Stitches staggers around, limping slightly, but stays on his feet as Ace grabs the cage, pulling himself up to his feet. Ace wipes the blood from his eyes and finds the barbed wire bat. He picks it up as Stitches turns towards him and cracks the Clown in the leg with the bat. Ace hits him once against and Stitches falls to the mat, clutching his leg. Ace stands over Stitches, pointing the bat at him, then slams the head of the bat down across the knee of Stitches. Stitches begins writhing in pain as Ace tosses down the bat. He grabs Stitches and pulls him up to his feet. Ace looks downward then hits the Big Slick on Stitches, driving his head onto the barrel of the barbed wire bat near the edge of the cage!

Gomez: Face first into the barbed wire. Now I get what you said earlier about feeling the pain of these moves. 

Woo: The plus side is that we didn’t actually go face first into the barbed wire bat, Stiches did.

Ace slowly gets to his feet, the blood pouring from multiple lacerations on his face. He clears his eyes once again and grabs the legs of Stitches, who looks to be out. The Gambler steps through and rolls Stitches over into a Texas Cloverleaf. Stitches doesn’t fight the move as Ace leans back. Griffin lifts the hand of Stitches and it falls once. He lifts it again and it falls twice. He lifts it again to drop it a third time but Stitches grabs Griffin’s wrist. Ace yells at Stitches to tap out as Stitches scrambles his hands around the mat, trying to find something, anything. His hand finds the lead pipe against the edge of the cage and he swings it backwards, cracking Ace in the ankle. Ace yells out and lets go of the hold as Stitches crawls away. Ace stumbles forward as Stitches crawls his way up to his feet, grasping at the cage as he does.

Dobrev:– 30 Minutes have Elapsed. 30 Minutes Remain in the match.

Ace turns and sees Stitches leaning against the cage. He musters up some adrenaline and charges at Stitches. Stitches rolls to the side as Ace nearly hits the cage, stopping himself by putting his hands out. Stitches drops behind Ace and pulls him down to the mat with a schoolboy. He holds onto the ankle that was just hit with the lead pipe and locks in a heel hook. He slides the pipe against the ankle and turns it for more torque and pressure on Ace’s leg. Ace reaches out then tries to kick Stitches with his free leg, but Stitches leans away, absorbing the kicks, holding on for everything he can to inflict more punishment on the ankle. Griffin starts to ask Ace but Ace taps out. The crowd pops as Griffin signals 1 for Stitches. Stitches lets go of the heel hook and slides the lead pipe out of the cage. Ace crawls away grimacing as he holds his ankle.

Gomez With that we open the scoring. Advantage Stitches

Woo: Now we look at all the possible scenarios. Does Stitches defend his lead? Does he try to lengthen it? If King wants to take the championship he NEEDS to get back into this and soon.

Griffin walks over and checks on Ace, then walks over and checks on Stitches. He then peers over at the clock still counting down on the timer on the board. Stitches gets to his feet, gingerly walking towards the cage as Ace pounds the mat with his fist. Stitches meanders over to one of the corners where another rope hangs down. He unties the knot securing the rope and down lowers two small bags from the scaffold to the mat. Ace looks over as they lower and land on the mat. He gets to his feet and rushes at Stitches. Stitches moves out of the way and Ace hits the cage. A box falls from the edge of the cage and lands beside of Ace. Ace turns around and sees Stitches holding the barbed wire bat. He spins it around in his hand, a smile on the clown’s face. Ace starts to shake his head no, but then motions Stitches to come get him.

Gomez: Don’t know what’s more scary. The smile on Stitches’ face or that motion by King

Woo: It’s gotta be done: WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!!?

Stitches flips him off and backs away, holding the bat in his hand. Ace looks around as Griffin steps to the far corner, looking at the timer on the board again. Ace looks upwards and sees something dangling from the cage wall. He leans backwards against the cage then looks up. Grabbing the item out of the air, Ace stands with a hammer in his hand as Stitches spits blood towards Ace. Ace charges as best he can with a bad ankle at Stitches. He swings with the hammer but Stitches blocks it with the bat. Stitches punches at Ace but he dodges to the side. Ace swings wildly again with the hammer, but Stitches avoids it. Neither are moving well, Ace with the damaged ankle, Stitches with the sore knee and shin, but both continue to swing and deflect the other’s attacks.

Dobrev:– 40 Minutes have Elapsed. 20 Minutes Remain in the match.

Gomez: If these two weren’t dangerous enough, they now have a barbed wire ball bat and a hammer. 

Woo: If in doubt beat your opponent into a pulp is in interesting strategy in a match like this. 

Stitches continues to backpedal around the ring, but falls over the box that fell into the ring a few minutes ago, landing on his back. Ace climbs on top and swings over and over with the hammer. Stitches blocks his hits with the bat but the bat breaks in his hands. Ace goes for another swing but Stitches spits in his face. Ace turns to the side and Stitches shoves him off of his torso. Stitches tries to scramble away but Ace swings the hammer and hits the knee of Stitches, stopping him in his tracks. Stitches reaches back in pain and Ace scrambles up, trying to lock in some sort of submission. Stitches blocks his attempts to grab a limb. Ace lands a hammerfist to the back of the head, stunning Stitches for a second. Ace locks his legs around the right arm of Stitches and locks in a crossface The crowd pops as Griffin kneels to ask Stitches to submit. Stitches fights the pain, shaking his head, blood spraying from side to side. Ace wrenches back, trying to get more torque on the neck. Stitches still says no. Ace looks around and his eyes widen through his blood covered face.

Gomez: How is he not quitting? The pain he must be in! 

Woo: Dammed if I know. But Ace NEEDS to get a fall soon to stay in this match. 

He lets go of Stitches’ head, but stays locked around the arm. Ace reaches over and grabs the two pieces of the barbed wire bat, the barbed wire connecting the two. Stitches buries his face in the mat as Ace tries to roll Stitches to the side. He manages to lift the clown’s head and neck and places the two pieces of the bat on either side, using the barbed wire as the ‘crossface’. The barbed wire pierces Stitches across the nose and mouth, causing him even more pain. Griffin asks again as Ace yanks back hard and Stitches’ left hand taps out. The crowd pops as Ace ties it up, Griffin signaling each has one fall.

Dobrev: 50 Minutes have Elapsed. 10 Minutes Remain in the match.

Gomez: Ace equalises! 

Woo: He needed to. It would have been easy for Stitches to defend his lead but Ace has literally forced his hand and we have a contest on our hands. 

Ace rolls off of Stitches and throws the bat pieces against the cage. He looks over and sees the box that Stitches tripped over. Griffin looks over at the timer on the board. He starts to say something to Ace and Stitches but does. Stitches crawls towards the center of the ring towards the two bags as Ace hobbles over to the box. He opens the box and pulls out a Battery Jumper Box. Ace presses a button then taps the connectors together, causing a spark to arc in the air. He attaches the cables to the cage and the entire cage shimmers slightly in the evening air.

Gomez: That can’t be good. 

Woo: I may have to push my seat back a bit. How about Cleveland?

Gomez: Knock it off.

Ace gets to his feet carefully not to touch the now-electrified cage. Stitches grabs one of the bags and gets to a knee facing away from Ace. Ace hobbles over towards Stitches, who turns and swings the bag, connecting with Ace’s ribcage. Ace grimaces in pain as Stitches dumps the first bag onto the ring, leaving a pile of thumbtacks. He picks up the second bag and opens it as he gets to his feet. Ace spins back around and lands a right hand to Stitches. Stitches holds the second bag in his left hand and lands a right hand to Ace. Griffin looks over at the timer on the board then walks back over towards Ace and Stitches in the middle of the ring. He starts to say something but Ace kicks Stitches’ left hand and the bag ‘explodes’, sending white powder into the air, blinding all three men. The three fumble about, and Ace and Stitches grab Griffin, thinking he is the opponent and whip him into the cage! A pop is heard as the battery box explodes, sending Griffin to the mat.

Dobrev: 55 Minutes have Elapsed. 5 Minutes Remain in the match.

Gomez: It’s one all, five minutes to go and the referee is down! 

Woo: We’re getting into the nitty gritty of this match but the advantage has to be with Stitches while Hawkins is down! 

Ace and Stitches look at the fallen Griffin then look at each other. Ace swings wildly but misses. Stitches tries to go low with a kick but fails as his ankle gives out. Ace capitalizes, turns Stitches over and locks in the House of Cards. The crowd pops as Stitches taps out immediately, but Griffin is still down on the mat. Ace lets go of the inverted cloverleaf and celebrates but sees Griffin laid out. He walks over to try and stir Griffin. Stitches quickly hits a chop block on Ace. Ace keeps his feet but Stitches gets a burst of adrenaline, grabs Ace’s legs and locks in the Prism Trap.. his version of the House of Cards. Ace fights for a brief second then taps out. Stitches holds onto the move and looks at Griffin, who’s still down.

Gomez: It SHOULD be two: two but it remains one all! 

Woo: I told you. This could have been much different had the submission following the House Of Cards counted. 

A siren begins to wail from the timer on the board as it reads 00:00. Stitches lets go of the cloverleaf and looks over at the board. Ace turns his head, looking at the board as well, slowly getting to a knee. Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange smoke appears, slowly rising along the corner of the cage, clinging to the post, the connectors on the cage corner and the scaffold. The siren goes silent, then the board erupts with an explosion that knocks both men to the mat. The cage walls are charred and crumble from the intense heat. The scaffold connections at the top of the cage buckle. The scaffold teeters and twists, sending many of the items on the scaffold down into the ring and the ringside area. The crowd is in shock as all three men are down in the ring.

Dobrev:– 58 Minutes have Elapsed. 2 Minutes Remain in the match.

All three men slowly start to stir as the scaffold teeters above them. More items fall down into the ring. Stitches rolls out of the way as a kitchen sink falls through the mat. Ace gets back to his feet barely and frames up Stitches as Griffin shakes his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Stitches looks up as Ace ‘shoots’ at him. Ace uses a quick burst and hits the Wild Card, flipping Stitches over with a Destroyer piledriver on the thumbtacks.

Dobrev: 59 Minutes have Elapsed. 60 seconds Remain in the match.

Gomez: King just made Stitches a human pin cushion here with that Wild Card

Woo: Question is now: Can he follow it up?

The crowd pops as Ace locks in a Fujiwara armbar on a downed Stitches. Griffin crawls over and lifts Stitches’ arm. It falls. He lifts it again. It falls again. Griffin struggles but lifts it a third time. It falls again to a huge pop from the crowd. Griffin signals 2 for Ace. Ace lets go and falls on top of Stitches, spent.

Gomez: Advantage now goes to Ace King for the first time in this match!

Woo: Can he keep it? Or does Stitches have a card up his sleeve?

Stitches stirs, reaches into his pocket to grab the brass knuckles from earlier. He jabs the brass knuckles into the temple of Ace, trying to get him to submit. Ace screams out in pain, holding on as Griffin looks for a submission. Stitches begins smashing his temple, trying to knock out Ace, but the bell rings.


Gomez: Ace has done it!! 

Woo: For fifty nine minutes the advantage was in Stitches’ court but like a good tennis match, one Ace changed everything! 

Griffin Hawkins takes hold of the EWC Undisputed Championship and hands it to Ace King, who, still out of breath cannot believe it. Ace hugs the belt with his eyes closed and lets out a roar. 

Gomez: He’s done it. Ace King is the new EWC Undisputed Champion. Stitches proved to be an amazing Champion and I’m sure he will be cashing in that rematch clause immediately, but this is Ace’s moment right now. He won Legends of the Cage .. he unfortunately wasn’t able to hang onto his X-Division Championship, but this win, certainly makes up for it. 

Woo: I wont lie Val, I’m pretty emotional watching him celebrate right now. What a moment for Ace King, the new face of the EWC. But Stitches, what a Champion Stitches was. He won the Rumble, he won the Undisputed at WrestleFest and he successfully defended it just a month ago, but tonight was not his night. Tonight and this moment, belongs to Ace King. Well deserved. 

Gomez: What a night this was. One for the record books. We saw Championships change hands, we Championships get successfully defended, we saw someone thrown off a roof, we had lava .. I mean .. what more could you ask for from Strangle Fucking Mania. 

Woo: That does it for us here tonight friends. Thank you to the city of Miami, the fans all over the world for tuning in, thank you for spending the last few hours with us. Lots of exciting EWC action is still to come. We are right back at it on Monday April 5th with BRAWL #566, then Friday 9th RAMPAGE #482, Sunday April 11th – PRIME #079, and finally Wednesday April 14th with – PARAMOUNT #004. Thank you again for tuning in, see you next time! Good night everyone. 

The scene comes to a close with Ace King celebrating in the ring as fireworks sound off all around the ring and outside the stadium. AC/DC also takes to the stage one last time to play us out.







Ryo Hazama
Southern Express
Ace King
Killjoy Ito
Xavier Reid
Gabrielle Visconty
Samantha “Titaness” Hamilton / Ace King
El Pablo
President Mac
Sarahe Gemini
Faith Rivers / JFS
Stitches / Iggy Swango
Roozilla / Jason
Melody Malone
Sil Frigida
Remarkable Mark Keaton



WINNERS: Team PARAMOUNT (Candy, El Pablo, Marcu$ $t. John)

Nightcall Vs Bullet Carbajal Vs Jason Vs Michael Cade
ELIMINATION ORDER: Bullet Carbajal, Michael Cade, Jason
WINNER: Nightcall

Noah Hartt (N/S)
Scott Coltrane
Zack Tyler
Autumn Raven
Josh Gavin
Ezra James
Laura Perelli
James Keaton
Jake Lumas (N/S)
Gabriel Ohio (N/S)
Colby Sol (N/S)
Kendrick Kross
WINNER: Scott Coltrane

Wes Walker (PINNED) Vs Killjoy Ito Vs Ace King

Bosa Vs David Miller
WINNER via pinfall: David Miller

Iggy Swango Vs Asriel Buzzard

Xavier Reid Vs Gabrielle Visconty

Adriana Aquilla Vs Darius Vs Robbie Rayder
WINNER via belt retrieval AND STILL NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION: Robbie Rayder

Moxie Vs Melody Malone

Dominic Sanders Vs President Mac

Psych Ward Vs The Southern Express
WINNERS via putting opponents through table AND STILL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Southern Express

Dio Vs Faith Rivers Vs S.I.N Vs Jordan Sharpe

Ace King Vs Stitches


FREEVIEW MVPs OF THE NIGHT: Scott Coltrane & Team Paramount
SMXVI MVPs OF THE NIGHT: Killjoy Ito, The Southern Express, Ace King
MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Ace King Vs Stitches (Main Event)


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