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EWC Elite Fifteen: February Review

The Elite Fifteen… If ever there was a list that was THE list to get on. It’s that month’s Elite Fifteen. A list that symbolizes the very best wrestlers in the world. The Elite Fifteen is a highly prestigious rankings that are based on things such as wins, main events, MVPs, title victories, so on and so forth. The E15 for February was released and we know the current top 15 superstars of the EWC.

Number Fifteen: The Extreme Ravagers –
Starting off our list is the team of Xavier Reid & Samantha Hamilton, known as The Extreme Ravagers. Representing The Love Club, this team definitely has the juice. With four singles titles held between Reid and Hamilton, it was no shock that they won their debut tag team match against fellow Love Club team “Young Lions” and a team of Gabrielle Visconty & Saidie Sharpe (representing 3C), while also picking up the MVP award for the night. It seems the sky is the limit for this currently undefeated tag team. And they take Number Fifteen on our list.

Number Fourteen: King Flip –
At Number Fourteen on our list, King Flip. King Flip had a busy February, as he worked all EWC Brands that month. Flip picked up a few wins and was able to get his momentum rolling. One has to assume Flip has his eyes on the Monday Night Brawl FX Broadcast Championship.

Number Thirteen: Southern Express –
Number Thirteen on our list goes to current EWC World Tag Team Champions, The Southern Express. Southern Express were injured at WrestleFest, and they still wear those injuries. But even still the Tag Champions went 1-0 in February and even picked up a MVP award. A strong finish this month for our tag champions.

Number Twelve: Marcu$ $t. John –
Last season wasn’t the breakout season Marcu$ had probably hoped for, but he did break even with a 3-3 record for the year. But his season was off to a good start when he won a #1 contendership match to find himself in the inaugural CW Broadcast Championship Match. Marcu$ would lose in the main event of Paramount 002, but his road is already off to a good start for the year. Currently 1-1 with a good bit of momentum behind him as he looks to dethrone David Miller and continue his path.

Number Eleven: Josh Gavin –
FN’R Newcomer Josh Gavin was able to secure a spot on this list, going 1-0 for February which included winning a #1 contendership match. Can he keep his momentum rolling and maintain his spot on the E15? This will be one to watch out for.

Number Ten: Killjoy Ito –
Former X-Division Champion Killjoy Ito comes in at Number Ten. He went 2-0 for the month of February and is trying to get his X-Division Championship back. That’s a lot of momentum rolling in his favor, and he might be in for a really good season.

Number Nine: Dio –
The Ninth place on E15 for February goes to Dio. Dio went 1-0-1 for February and very nearly won the EWC Indy Championship in the main event of PRIME 76, wrestling champion Jordan Sharpe to a double count out and joint MVP award. Dio has a lot of momentum on his side and we roll into March.

Number Eight: Xavier Reid –
Xavier Reid already made this month’s rankings via Xtreme Ravagers, but he also had a good singles run. He went 1-0 and also picked up a main event MVP award. Reid is the #1 contender to the EWC International Championship and he is rolling along into the match with a lot of momentum.

Number Seven: Jordan Sharpe –
Our Number Seven spot goes to current Indy Champion Jordan Sharpe. In February he went 1-0-1, including two title defenses, 2 MVP awards and a main event spot! The current face of EWC PRIME has a lot of momentum on his side as we roll into March and the rest of the season.

Number Six: David Miller –
CW Broadcast Champion David Miller cracks the list at Number Six. He is 2-0 for the month of February, including winning the EWC CW Broadcast Championship. David Miller has a lot of momentum rolling and looks to be a dominant champion on the Paramount Brand.

Number Five: Ace King –
Our Number Five spot goes to current EWC X-Division Champion, and the number one contender to the EWC Undisputed Championship. Ace King went 2-0 for the month of February, which included two MVP awards and a main event spot. He has all the momentum in the world rolling into March.

Number Four: Bosa-
Bosa had a very good February, going 2-0 and picking up the FX Broadcast Championship in the main event of BRAWL 564. Bosa claims he is one of the best in the world, and his title win combined with his E15 placement certainly back up those claims. 2021 could be the year of Bosa.

Number Three: Faith Rivers –
Number Three on this month’s list, Showtime Broadcast Champion Faith Rivers. Faith went 2-0 for the month of February, which included a title win, a title defense and a main event spot. She has a lot of momentum rolling and looks to be one of PRIMEs top stars at the moment.

Number Two: Asriel Buzzard –
HBO Broadcast Asriel Buzzard finds himself ranked Number Two for the year at the moment. Buzzard had a good 2020, and his 2021 is off to a hot start. He went 2-0 for the month of February, which included a title win, a title defense and a main event slot. Asriel Buzzard is looking to prove himself as one of the brightest on FNR, and in the whole company.

Number One: Stitches –
And our Number One spot of the month goes to EWC Undisputed Champion Stitches. Stitches went 2-1 for the month of February, including defending his Undisputed Championship in a Unification match with Wes Walker. That match also got Stitches a MVP award, and was the main event bout of the card. Stitches has a lot of momentum rolling into his title match with Ace King, and all eyes are surely on that one.

February was the first Elite Fifteen of the season, so we don’t have any drops or additions to report currently. Congratulations to everyone who made the legendary E15 and good luck to everyone trying to make the list for March.

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