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Word from the Wolfe Pack | January 26th, 2022

A lot has happened since the EWC Honors show on January 22nd, and we’ve got all the tea ready to spill so let’s jump into it.

  • Is the Dream done?
    • Sources attending the EWC Honors show in Los Angeles confirmed that both Melody Malone and Iggy Swango were in attendance at the show, but that neither were seen together at any point. With Iggy moving to Brawl to be closer to her prince charming, is the Dream done? Insiders for the EWC HQ state that neither woman has filed their official licensing for the Tag Team for the upcoming season. It could be possible that the two-time Tag Team champions are now permanently on the outs.
  • Booming Business for EWC?
    • After the accidental endorsements in 2019 for the Fleshlight debacle and the 2021 Stranglemania debut of the Queen’s Crown Royal commercial, it sounds like the EWC is getting their hands into the advertising pot. Rumors are circulating that the EWC has begun branding several products of their own as they head into their 25th year. EWC’s chief branding officer has declined requests for comment, but we can’t help but speculate how much money might be left on the table if they don’t capitalize on the marketing success of their superstars.
  • Jordan Sharpe Retirement Tour?!
    • As first broken on EWC’s social media Fighter Talk, Jordan Sharpe will be calling it quits as of Wrestlefest XX. Rumors are swirling about his plans for this season, but early reports suggest we’re going to see Jordan Sharpe reliving some of his most memorable moments as he could very well be set to face names like Stitches, David Miller, Dio, Jamie Love, and more as he rounds out a very lengthy EWC career.
  • EWC Honors gone too far?
    • Lots of rumors swirling around backstage that the atmosphere behind the scenes of Paramount are much different this year. The back to back brand of the year is going big this year with a stadium tour that will take the brand around the world but the real rumor comes straight from the top: sources close to GM Chris Brock say that he has possibly a bit more swagger this season than in years past. Has the spotlight gone to Brock’s head?
  • Silent King?
    • Ace King, per sources, has still yet to respond to Tyler Bradford’s accusations of avoiding him on the EWC’s social media platform Fighter Talk. Is Ace truly avoiding the most hated man of the year? Or does the former Undisputed champion have bigger thorns in his side to address first?
  • Stranglehold on the buy rates!
    • Early reports are in from Ahmedabad India, and they’re forecasting a phenomenal Stranglemania for the EWC. The massive 132,000 person stadium has already sold 65% of the tickets for the EWC’s benchmark pay per view before the 23rd season has even begun! With the main event already signed, sealed and delivered the fans have clearly already decided that seeing this event live and in person is going to give them their money’s worth.
  • Management Under Fire!
    • An anonymous source is reporting that EWC had to cover thousands of dollars in hotel damages caused by Chris Brock last season. Sources indicate the behavior has already got EWC brass leery of this coming season and the potential for even more costs to cover damages and some very questionable ‘hazardous material cleaning fees’.  Could this be why Chris Brock has been adamant about Paramount’s future success? Or is the two-time EWC General Manager of the Year looking for a distraction from his personal mishaps?
  • EWC Champions on the outs?
    • We’ve received an exclusive report from EWC’s 2021 Manager of the Year – Bunny Love – that seems to indicate that the Southern Express are retiring at the end of the 2022 season. According to Miss Love, “This wasn’t a knee jerk reaction on their part, Bobby and Jimmy have been the premier tag team in this business for almost 5 decades, last season was a season we will never forget and they want to take this year and celebrate their careers. They want a chance to say goodbye to each and every person they touched…and their fans as well…” As the longest reigning tag team champions in EWC history, our guess is that’s going to be a VERY long list of people to cross paths with.
  • Big Time Broadcast?
    • The heads of the EWC have begun to tease another match on the Stranglemania ticket in India this March. Advertisements local to the famed pay-per-view location have started talking about a Money In the Bank ladder match set for Stranglemania and now EWC sources are confirming that the Broadcast champions will be competing in a Money in the Bank ladder match at Stranglemania for a shot at their respective brand’s top championship! Further details are still emerging, but we’re hearing that the window to cash in the Money in the Bank is narrow. Expect them to demand the shot be cashed in by Parabellum so that the championships are locked in as EWC rolls into Night of Champions in August.
  • Is all fair in Love and War?
    • The Wolfe Pack has received an exclusive copy of a memo sent to the head of the legendary EWC managerial family, Tommy Love in regards to his work with Jason Hunter, the son of EWC Hall of Famer Ruthann Hunter and it’s spicy!

Dear Love Inc Family,

I am writing this on the behalf of my new Client Ruthann Hunter. For those who don’t know who I am. I am Tara Michaels and I’ve worked with one of the best men in this business Jaden Hunter. I also worked along with many others who have done great things in this business but it seems at this moment. I have to take care of some business in the public since this is how a certain family loves to handle things. They don’t have the class to do things in private. I will admit my friendship with the Hunter Family has always been a rocky one but I made a promise to Jaden, that I would look out for his family. Tommy Love and Bunny Love? You have forced me to do this. You do not want to return my calls or the emails I have personally sent you.

After seeing how the new season cards have come out I truly am disappointed in the service you are providing for my client’s son. She is the one that told me to do this and let you know.

You truly have disappointed her.

That is not understatement either!

You made a promise Tommy and I quote

“2022 will be the year that was promised to all the EWC fans when you signed your name to that contract, you will ascend to the heights you were destined to Jason, you will take your rightful place here in the EWC…I know it’s hard to be the child of ICONS, Bunny and Buddy face that pressure every day…so we know a thing or two about stepping out of the shadows to become great and that’s what we are going to help you to do Jason…become great here in the EWC…that is my promise to you…”

You have already failed with this promise based off the Rampage card that was just announced.

If you either do not return my calls or reach out to me I will be forced to take your two to court and take over the responsibility of Jason Hunter’s management . You have truly shown that you don’t care for Jason Hunter and only have him on your side because of his name, the fame it will bring you, and also how he has given you and your clients a touch of the style the Hunter lives around here in this world.

As of today your use of the private planes is cut off. The use of getting the special privileges that come with being associated with a Hunter has been revoked until you two reach out to me and Ruthann Hunter regarding what you are doing with her son’s career. We are also planning to take your two to court over this issue if your two again don’t reach out to us. ASAP!

A Hunter name should NEVER be advertised on a damn Gambit card.

Tara Michaels.

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