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Word from the Wolfe Pack | February 2nd, 2022

We’re just one week away from the premiere of EWC season 23 and the rumor mills are heating up here at EWC HQ! What’s new this week? Let’s find out.

  • Is the Price wrong?
    • Chris Brock was given a chance to respond to the allegedly false rumors reported on in the last Wolfe Pack and instead chose to respond on EWCs social media platform, fighter talk.  An anonymous source inside of the General Manager’s inner circle has informed me,however, that he is not happy to be dealing with Victor Price and his infantile behavior when he is focused on plans for season 23.
  • Missing the Moxie?
    • With the season openers fast approaching, there’s been one name suspiciously missing in action. Wrestlefest main eventer Moxie was nowhere to be seen when Rampage announced their 495th episode coming live from Long Beach. An EWC spokesperson confirmed Moxie’s absence for the foreseeable future as he has requested and been granted time off, but would not disclose the reason why. Early speculation points towards a possible injury suffered that requires significant treatment, but nothing has been confirmed. The Wolfe Pack has reached out to Moxie and his mentor Amis Shelton, but has yet to receive any further update.
  • New Merch coming to
    • The Wolfe Pack has seen prototypes of new exclusive EWC merchandise for the upcoming season. Though these prototypes haven’t hit the distribution centers, we’re curious to know if these will see the light of day, or if they’re all just pre-orders from Tyler Bradford’s burner accounts.
  • Connors Contract Conundrum?
    • As Monday Night BRAWL prepares for its Season 23 Premiere, rumors have been swirling around the pipeline about the contract negotiations that Jim Connors has been dealing with. As revealed by Xavier Reid during the 2021 EWC Honors presentation, the reigning and defending International Champion is still in talks with the General Manager over the final details of his new contract…and things have seemingly taken a strange turn. We expect to hear more on this as it develops, with details possibly coming as early as February 7 when the red brand kicks off the season LIVE from Dodger Stadium. We at the Wolfe Pack can’t imagine Connors would be all too happy if his franchise player went into the coming season as a free agent…

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