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Word from the Wolfe Pack | April 6th, 2022


Brawl went sideways on Monday, and the office of Jim Connors has passed on to our team that International Champion Xavier Reid has been fined $35,000 for his attack on Peach Gelato! Has Reid lost his cool one too many times? Thank goodness he inked a new deal with Brawl to start the season, hopefully his bonuses can cover it.


  • Uprising goes Undisputed?
    • For the second year in a row, the Undisputed Championship will be on the line at the Paramount Wrestling Brand Exclusive PPV Uprising as Winner of the Drake Memorial Cup Asriel Buzzard takes on Undisputed champion Killjoy Ito. This marks the second year in a row Ito has competed for the Undisputed championship at this PPV as well.
  • BORT is full of MOXIE
    • A huge sigh of relief on the green brand, as one of last years’ rumble winners Moxie makes his return to Rampage this Friday night! The Wrestlefest main eventer is taking the place of the incapacitated Samantha Hamilton in the A pool of the Best of Rampage Tournament. Will Moxie’s BORT turn out better than last season? Or will the Wrestlefest hangover still be present after several months of inaction?
  • Hall of Fame Tour?
    • Ruthann Hunter is slowly making herself around to the other brands in EWC with a match on Brawl and now a tag team match on Paramount with her son. Is Prime the next stop on this Hall of Famer’s list?
  • The Wicked going American?
    • The rumors swirling around backstage are that CW Broadcast Champion James Keaton has DEMANDED a title shot at the North American championship currently held by Jordan Sharpe. Could this be the main event of Uprising?
  • Missing in Action?
    • Brawl Superstar Stitches was last seen being escorted out of the Arrowhead Pond in a straight jacket by multiple medical personnel. Has the carnival clown finally cracked?
  • Not so NextGen
    • Prime superstar Amber Lisa Hall has been seen training with the NextGen class, taking pointers and also reaching out to the other EWC coaches to help push herself further. It looks Amber is truly trying to improve as she approaches the G1 tournament.
  • Another Injury?
    • Word coming from Brawl #581 is that Jim Connors is going to declare Gabrielle Visconty unable to compete after her altercation with Xavier Reid. Sources tell us he is going to err on the side of caution and hold her out another Brawl, but what does this mean for Gabi Vee’s announced match against Sour Candy?

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