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Weekly Roundup for 4-9-2022

We’re still riding high off of Stranglemania, but the grind doesn’t stop for anybody folks! Brawl is ready to dive headlong into preparation for Hardcore Revolution next month and Rampage has turned the dial to eleven as we begin the second annual Best of Rampage Tournament! So let’s see what these brands brought to the table this week, here in the EWC.

BRAWL #581 (Throwback Edition!) Recap & Highlights



Zack Tyler VS The Creeper VS Mark Mania     WINNER via submission:  Zach Tyler

Match Highlight:  Mark was playing possum; he moves at the last second, bum-rushing Zack into the turnbuckle, then spinning around to seat himself, seizing a headlock on his rattled foe. The crowd knows what’s coming, and they pop huge as he launches out with a Crazy DDT! Tyler flops gruesomely from the impact, sprawling out into the center of the ring, where he’s promptly stepped on by The Creeper.



Nick James VS Nina Samson     WINNER via submission:  Nina Samson

Match Highlight:  Nick James rolls over onto his knees as Nina is trying hard to keep her advantage. Nick stands up before dropping right back down and slamming Nina down onto her back. Nick does it again before Nina breaks her grip. Nick shakes his arm before pulling her up by her hair. Nick screams in her face before throwing her across the ring with a hair toss.



Sour Candy VS Mark Storm     WINNER via pinfall:  Sour Candy

Match Highlight:  Storm heads to the top rope as Sour Candy gradually makes it back to her feet. Storm launches himself towards her, managing to connect with his signature missile kick from the top rope, forcing Sour Candy backwards as she crashes to the canvas! Storm kips himself back up to his feet afterwards, roaring as the crowd roar with him – a grin begins to stretch on his face as he signals the end of the match. As Candy struggles to get to her feet, Storm pounces immediately, rushing towards her as she latches onto the ropes, he delivers his signature Shoot to Kill bicycle knee to the back of her head!



Darius VS Xavier Reid     WINNER via n/a:  Match did not happen due to Darius’ injury at Stranglemania 

Highlight:  Xavier runs towards the ropes, rebounds off them and jumps into the air and stomps on the chair that is around the wrist of Peach Gelato…she screams out in pain as she grabs her wrist. Xavier looks at Tommy, with pure rage in his eyes…


Tommy unhooks the championship and hands it to Xavier as he walks over and picks Peach up, locks her in full nelson as Xavier cocks the International Championship back…



Caleb Scott VS Rebel Rhodes     WINNER via pinfall and STILL FX Broadcast Champion:  Rebel Rhodes

Match Highlight:  He does so, and she immediately launches in, hitting him with a second Rhodes Kill! He sits up JUST as immediately from this one, as if gaining strength from the profound punishment laid upon him. He yells hoarsely, coming alive, points at his jaw, growls something dark and bloody-minded at the Rebel. She shakes her head, and hits the ropes, Power Slides through his legs, kips up as he tries to round on her from an unsuccessful swing. She goes for her Shot, but it’s blocked! Scott SNEERS, shoves her away, then steps in to capitalize on the stumble, scooping her up for a suplex… And, as he turns, reverses into a powerbomb. Black Night!



Antoni Malietoa w/ KU VS Ruthann Hunter     WINNER via pinfall:  Ruthann Hunter

Match Highlight:  Malietoa scoops Ruthann up, distinctly says, “I’m sorry,” in range of the fans at ringside, and then runs her across the outside into the barricade, leaving her in a devastated pile as he returns to the ring. He has one foot through the ropes when he stops, shakes his head, and returns, the count broken. Ruthann is picked up, and slung across his shoulder, whereon he proceeds to roll her into the ring and take his place beside her, hauling her upright to measure her for stiff forearm strikes.



King Flip VS Stitches     WINNER via disqualification:  King Flip

Match Highlight:  Flip slaps the mat and rolls out of the ring. He checks up on his manager for a moment but she seems to be collecting herself against the guardrail. He slides back into the squared circle just as Stitches is once again obtaining a verticle base. But the Clown sees the assault coming and catches Flip with a Samoan drop. With one hand still on his midsection, Stitches gets up and stalks Flip. Running neckbreaker connects to keep the King off his feet. The Clown signals for Flip get up as he stomps on the ground. Slowly, Flip gets to his feet and turns around. Beautiful Disasterpiece!

BRAWL #581 MVP: King Flip

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: King Flip v Stitches

Connor’s Corner

Sour Candy has really turned the EWC on its head this season so far. Gone is the sweet and easy going former Undisputed champion, and in her place the sour one has already made waves. After starting this season off in the Wondercrush against Stitches, Sour Candy garnered company-wide attention as she brutally shattered a crystal bust of Nicholas Cage in former stablemate Jordan Sharpe’s face on Paramount 16. Taking her frustrations out in the ring has been hit or miss this season, as Sour Candy narrowly missed the opportunity to compete at Stranglemania for the International championship, but put on a phenomenal performance on Brawl against former Undisputed Champion Mark Storm. Will her new sour demeanor propel her into the International title conversation once more? Or will her plans be derailed by her former 3C partner and fellow Brawl superstar Gabi Vee? Either way, it looks like Jim Connors is ready to go all in behind the former Indy champion and I wouldn’t be shocked to find her at Hardcore Revolution with something to prove.

RAMPAGE #498 Recap & Highlights



King Flip VS DOUG IN A BARREL, Jimmy Dumb As Heller & Peach Gelato     WINNER via pinfall:  King Flip

Match Highlight:  Flip stops early but it doesn’t matter. DOUG has already finished his beer. The crowd roars. He takes Flip’sbeer and finishes that one too! DOUG looks like he’s going to be sick for a moment. Then it happens. BEEEELCH! A thunderous response from the crowd puts a huge smile on DOUG’s face. Flip extends a hand… and DOUG accepts. They shake hands and hug to the appreciation from the audience in attendance. Then Flip shoves him with Chanel in position behind. DOUG topples over Chanel and lands on his back. Flip hops onto the guardrail. ROYAL BLOOD!



Mercenary VS Queen Melody Malone     WINNER via pinfall:  Melody Malone

Match Highlight:  With a grunt, Merc scoops her up and hits a delayed fallaway slam into the far corner, Malone’s body bouncing twice before she comes to rest at his feet. Bending over, he grabs her by the throat and pulls her up only to send her right back down with a pressing choke slam that leaves him in half-guard, sprawling out to drop his substantial weight across the Queen, bombarding her with hammering blows she tries to weather by raising her arms and warding off the massive ham hocks. In this position, it’s just not a fair contest – Merc pounds her flat, and then hooks the leg for a pin



Darna Dare VS Jason Hunter VS Ruby Clifton VS Tanja Devereaux VS “The Love Child” Jamie Love     WINNER via pinfall:  Darna Dare

Match Highlight:  Jamie is back on his feet, and Jason looks across at him. He offers his hand, and after an uncertain hesitation Jamie moves to accept it. No! Despite his injuries, he grabs on and whips Jason into the ropes, meeting him with a dropkick! Jason lands backfirst, and rolls straight to his feet, only to eat a hard superkick from Love, flush on the chin! The Prince of Wrestling bounces off the ropes, ragdolling as Jamie rockets in with a spear that carries the pair of them to the outside!



Alexandra Calaway VS Mark Storm     WINNER via pinfall:  Mark Storm

Match Highlight:  Calaway to her feet, Mark Storm up and ROLLING ELBOW from Calaway catches Storm on the jaw and drops him to a knee. Calaway takes a few steps back and then jumps into a v-trigger knee strike right between Storm’s eyes! Storm hits the ground like a sack of potatoes!



Alexandra drags Storm up to a knee, she places his head between her legs and jumps backwards into a splitting pedigree! Storm’s face and nose go directly into the canvas! BOW TO THE QUEEN! Calaway rolls Storm over and cover!



Lavender VS Karver     WINNER via pinfall:  Lavender

Match Highlight:  Karver drags Lavender up and throws her down with a one-handed spinebuster. Karver goes for the cover. ONE… KICKOUT BY LAVENDER. Karver drags Lavender up by her head and hits another spinebuster. Karver drags Lavender up and slams her down with a third. Karver drags Lavender up and gets her head between his legs… piledriver! Lavender’s head spikes clean into the canvas. Karver goes for a cover. 

RAMPAGE #498 MVP: Melody Malone & Lavender

MATCH OF THE NIGHT:  Lavender vs Karver

Duggan’s Diamond

After hitting milestone match 100 on Rampage, Grizzly Duggan’s pick was obvious. The former champion has seen a steady stream of success this season, but fell just short at Stranglemania in her bid for her coveted shot at the Undisputed championship. She got right back to her winning ways on Rampage, and has herself firmly positioned as the current #2 contender for the Undisputed title. She’s opted to forego the BORT this year after last year’s near miss, but with her laser focus on bringing the Undisputed title to Rampage – we can’t say we blame her. She’s without a dance partner as of yet, but Scars and Stripes is coming in hot and we’d be shocked if this name didn’t find its way onto the marquee.

Coming Soon! Matches to set your DVR for!

Prime #94G1 MATCHUP FOR THE INDY CHAMPIONSHIP  Amber Lisa Hall v Narumi Tsutsumi |  Indy champion Narumi Tstusumi has fended off a pretty hefty list of challengers for her championship, but this upcoming G1 tournament is going to test her in a whole new way. Amber Lisa Hall has been dedicated to tearing it up and I can’t wait to see not only what she brings to the table? But what Narumi will have to do if she plans to survive the G1 as Indy champion.

Paramount #18SINGLES MATCHUP Marcu$ $t John v Asriel Buzzard | After failing to capture the North American championship at Stranglemania, Marcu$ $t John looks to bounce back on Paramount and he’s going to have to do it in a big way, squaring up one on one against the 2022 winner of the Drake Memorial Cup. Marcu$ might have lost his shot at the North American title, but a win over the man with a guaranteed Undisputed Title shot at Uprising might just potentially send him into the Undisputed Championship conversation. Asriel is no stranger to high stakes matches though, and one can’t imagine he’d take the next challenge after that monumental win at Stranglemania lightly.

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