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Introducing the EWC Broadcast Championships

Lamented by champions and challengers alike, the EWC Television Championship is arguably the hardest championship to win and retain in the EWC. Inaugurated in 1997, the Television championship has led a very…colorful life. Upon its reinstatement in 2017, the Television championship began its tenure that current EWC fans know and love.

The original Television championship wasn’t just littered with defenses week in and week out, but the strap has a pedigree to make most of the EWC jealous. From being in the hands of Hall of Famers Ruthann Hunter and Griffin Hawkins, to surefire future Hall of Famers like Dominic Sanders and Ace King and other longtime EWC staples. Thanks to the likes of Kendrick Kross, Jordan Sharpe and the reigning Undisputed champion himself, the Television title has been a hallmark of every brand in the EWC. However, everything changed on FSW #80 where Killjoy Ito defeated Draco Lazarus to take the Television championship from FSW to Prime… for good.

With the championship firmly in the hands of Prime, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the brands in the EWC started itching for the same kind of unique challenge to not just win the championship but manage to retain it in the grueling schedule of perpetual defense. It was with that in mind, that the EWC brass debuted a brand new championship on the Brawl #564.

FX Broadcast Championship

The FX Championship. Named for the channel sponsor of the EWC flagship show, the FX Championship was crowned after a hard fought battle between Brawl’s upstart Callie Clark and the winner of last year’s Drake Memorial Cup – Bosa. Leading into Stranglemania, Bosa boasted an impressive defense against Noah Hartt and has his eyes set on staking Brawl’s name back at the top of the EWC mountain.

Brawl wasn’t the only brand to get in on the branded championship craze though. Paramount beat Brawl to the punch in announcing their own premiere championship – the CW championship on the first episode of the EWC’s 22nd season.

CW Broadcast Championship

Not to be confused with a potential cruiserweight championship in the EWC, the CW championship mimics the Brawl FX championship in being branded with their channel sponsor. Inaugurated on Paramount 002 – David Miller came crashing into the scene with a win over Marcu$ $t John and successfully defended at Paramount 003 against Gabriel Ohio. Miller hopes to keep the momentum going by facing off against Brawl’s undefeated Bosa in a non-championship bout at Stranglemania in a match that is sure to not just highlight the incredible superstars involved, but the level of talent that is marching through the EWC behind these newly minted championships.

Speaking of mint, the Green brand wasn’t going to be left in the dark with the flurry of new championships coming out of Brawl and Paramount.

HBO Broadcast Championship

Rampage 479 saw Asriel Buzzard beat Iggy Swango and Alex Carbajal in the season opener, and with the shock of being awarded the HBO Broadcast championship at the conclusion of the match. Buzzard took off, bulldozing through the competition to defeat Alex Carbajal once more in singles competition as well as Josh Gavin on Rampage 481. The undefeated Rampage champion is headed to Stranglemania with the championship over his shoulder but looking over his other one as the woman he pinned to earn the championship – Iggy Swango – seeks to redeem her loss on the season opener.

All of the other brands have unveiled their championships, so where does this leave the OG championship?

Showtime Broadcast Championship

Prime wasn’t shy in revamping their own championship, putting their own blue mark on it as Faith Rivers walked into the Prime season opener in Monza, Italy to face Victor Jarvis in the first round of the G1 B-block for the Television championship, and walked out with the newly rebranded Showtime Broadcast championship on her shoulder. But the storied history of the Television title lived up to its legacy, as Faith was the only one of the broadcast champions in the 22nd EWC season to fall short in defending her championship going into Stranglemania.

The Television championship has had a tumultuous history in the EWC, but the success of the HBO, FX, and CW Broadcast champions thus far begs the question… is the original Television championship – the Showtime Broadcast championship – the only one cursed to swap hands at a head spinning speed? Or will the pressure of maintaining the broadcast championships on the other three brands finally catch up to their unwitting champions, and the free-for-all truly begin? Only time will tell, but if they’re anything like their predecessor? Those brands are in for a very wild ride.

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