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A Look At The Current Tag Teams & Factions of the EWC

While all of our past and present stables and tag teams have been amazing, the numbers were on the lower side over the past few years. Finally, though, we seem to have earned some more factions as well as established tag teams.

Before I go over the new names and faces, though, here are the factions and teams we’ve had for a while now.

Current Factions:
America’s Most Hated: They haven’t fully collapsed like FEUD has, mind you, but they’ve been having their own share of struggles. With Clay Byrd seeming to have a horrible case of ring rust, Dominic Sanders retiring last year, and now Cyrus Black disappearing yet again, it’s ultimately consisting primarily of Melody Malone and Iggy Swango. Will they recruit anyone? And if so, who?

F.E.U.D. (Family Endures Until Death): Whereas many people originally believed the Shieldmaidens would fall apart, this seems to be the ultimate fate for this group, as one can see over the past episodes of Paramount. Much like The Shieldmaidens, the members are still active in the EWC, but nowadays, they seem more keen on fighting one another than other opponents.

The Shieldmaidens: Despite their numerous struggles, including The Titaness leaving the group, they continue to show up on Rampage and fight. They are one of the few factions to have not yet earned EWC Gold, but maybe that’ll change. Only time will tell.

Current Tag Teams:
Damage Inc.: For a while, Malice and Mayhem were off the radar. They returned at the very first episode of Paramount and officially turned their backs against their former leader, Mercenary. We’ve since seen them in vicious back and forth frays against EWC’s Outlaw. The real question that is going through many people’s minds is whenever their feud ends – regardless of the result – will we continue to see Malice and Mayhem? Or will they leave the WC, content with finishing up their grudge against Merc?

Faithful Heroes: The team of Faith Rivers and Jordan Sharpe. Much like DSR Part Deux, the two are currently focusing on their solo careers; however, when we did last see them, they got close to dethroning The Southern Express. They’ve shown a very ‘in it to win it’ attitude, and will be another team to look out for when they next enter a ring.

Psych Ward: Matsuda and Phoenix Winterborn used to fight under the name of Blue Phoenix. But now that both have seemed to make a heel turn after being fed up with consecutive losses, they’ve changed their name to The Psych Ward. No matter what you may think of their new name or attitude, they’ve shown when they’re determined on achieving something, they go for it, as they recently earned their chance to fight against The Southern Express once again.

They had said opportunity at last year’s WrestleFest, but failed to defeat the champions. Will this year be any different? Only time will tell now that they’ve gotten more fierce with their own changes.

Seltic Tribe: Many critics would say that ST is by far the worst tag team; however, both “Psycho” Saoirse Maguire and Jackie “Bandit” Layton have ignored their words and continued to fight on. They recently scored a win over one of our newest teams, The Young Lions. No matter what the doubters want to say, one thing can never be taken away from ST, and that is their never die or give up attitude.

SMILE: Stitches doesn’t usually come off as a team player from a first glance. But as of last year, he agreed to have Felix Lestrange – a partner in crime he knows from his life – become his very first tag team partner. If and when they appear, these two will definitely be a team to keep your eyes on, as both members are outright ruthless and brutal.

The Even Foxier Ladies Of Dream Sound Revolution Part Deux: Although Iggy Swango and Melody Malone are currently focusing on their singles careers, they both were also the EWC Tag Teams for their own reasons.

The Southern Express: Don’t let their age fool you. They’ve proven time and time again that despite not being as young as most of the other established groups, they can definitely hang with any and everyone put up against them. Part of how they rightfully won 2020 EWC Tag Team Of The Year was by their repeated displays of athleticism.

And now for the new names and faces! Here are the factions and teams that made themselves official as of Season 22!

New Factions:

3C: Arguably one of the biggest – and maybe strongest – current factions within the EWC. With 3C consisting of Jordan Freaking Sharpe, Candy, Robbie Rayder, Gabi Vee, and Saidie Sharpe, there’s bound to be a lot of action wherever they may go, regardless of the types of fights they can be found partaking in.

The Love Club: Though the paperwork hasn’t come into EWC headquarters yet, there have been numerous rumors about this becoming an official group. Be sure to keep your eyes open!

New Tag Teams:
Stitches x Nevaeh: Nevaeh shocked everyone when she intervened in the Wes Walker vs. Stitches match at Paramount #001 and not only cost Wes the match, but allied herself with Stitches. They went on to become an official team. Even though their tag team career has gotten off to a slightly rocky start, they are – without a doubt – two of some of the most vicious wrestlers within the EWC. But how long will this team last? It’s something that many are curious about, as both Stitches and Nevaeh aren’t exactly buddy-buddy with one another.

Texas Angels: An old team that got a makeover, so to speak. Samson’s Angels have returned and even transformed. They haven’t yet made an official debut, so be sure to keep your eyes open for when they step back through the EWC’s ropes!

The Xtreme Ravagers: We got a sneak peek of Samantha Hamilton and Xavier Reid teaming up at last year’s Brawl finale, and they both vowed they would become an official unit. Many thought this was just a bluff. They swiftly debunked that theory and had their first official match at Brawl #564, where they not only secured their first official tag win, but an MVP award. Stitches x Nevaeh won’t be the only team with two ruthless members we’ll be seeing this year. Both The Titaness and Reid have had history with partaking in violent X-Division matches, and continue to wander into said territories. This will definitely be another unit to keep your eyes open for when they fight.

The Young Lions: Last, but certainly not least, we have PRIME’s Lorenzo and Jamie Love teaming up together. Their own start has been a bit rocky, but there’s no doubt we haven’t seen the best of them just yet. Even though they came up short in the Triple Threat match to determine who would face The Southern Express, both team members showed the lengths they would be willing to go to in order to secure a victory. We hope to keep seeing these two come back into the EWC’s rings.

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