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Word from the Wolfe Pack | March 9th, 2022

You know why you’re here… you want to know all the backstage gossip and drama and baby we’ve got it ALL for you here! So settle in, the road to Stranglemania is only getting bumpier.

  • International Crisis?!
    • Rumors backstage following Brawl #580 have got General Manager Jim Connors sweating bullets. In the aftermath of Gabi Vee’s victory over Xavier Reid, the new International champion was being heavily attended to by medical personnel. Could the International championship match at Stranglemania between Gabrielle Visconty and Iggy Swango be in danger? We’ll keep our ears to the door as we follow this potential heavy blow to Brawl.
  • Fancy Like Oooh
    • An eyewitness wrote in this week to break some particularly juicy gossip originating from…Applebees? Reports are coming in that a low key meeting between Eddie Dozier and Callie Clark took place in the land of $1 margaritas where they were seen allegedly sharing a milkshake. Was it the Oreo one? We’re dying to know.
  • Second Gen swinging for First
    • Jason Hunter was overheard after Brawl went off the air on Monday saying he needed to work harder and get stronger if he was going to get the revenge on Antoni Malietoa that he deserved. When asked about his mother’s match on Rampage, the young Hunter scoffed and was heard saying “she better win, I don’t care if she’s my mother”. Does the young man of the first family of the EWC have some hard truth for his mom come Friday? We’ll find out soon.
  • Uncensored Interview?
    • We at the Wolfe Pack are hearing that an exclusive uncut interview is being shopped around that took place between a media rep in New Delhi and the EWC’s Melody Malone. In it, the Rampage superstar evidently stated several things that were requested to be cut from the dialogue before it went to air. We weren’t about to pay the cost, as the price tag has begun climbing as a bidding war has begun between two anonymous benefactors over the exclusive rights to the contents. 
  • Is Orange… yellow?
    • With the Hellevator match looming on the horizon for Stranglemania, and the competitors as of yet unknown, everyone is buzzing about potential entrants. What we’re hearing though, is Paramount’s task force might not be up to the challenge of bringing the W home for the Orange brand going up those 16 stories. Several whispers backstage seem to indicate that many of the rumored names for Paramount have crippling fears of heights, and may even pull out of such an intense match. We can’t imagine such talk going over well with the Paramount General Manager Chris Brock…
  • Is Bunny Hopping off?
    • Speculation has begun as to how long Bunny Love may stick around with her current cohorts. With the Southern Express on their self-induced farewell tour and Xavier Reid dropping the International championship to Gabi Vee, would it be a stretch to see the 2021 Manager of the Year look for greener, younger pastures? Or will she stick it out when the well dries up?
  • Brand Warfare Come Early?
    • After last year’s brand showdowns between Brawl and Paramount, and Prime and Rampage respectively… eyebrows are being raised at the decision for Prime to host the G1 tournament at the same time as the Best of Rampage Tournament. Is this Victor Price looking to steal the shine off of Rampage after Rampage bested them during last season’s Invasion Series? Or is this just a savvy business move to build Prime towards their annual pay-per-view World Wide in June?

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