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Word from the Wolfe Pack | March 30th 2022


We’ve received word at the EWC Network that Darius sustained multiple injuries in the Flaming X match against X-Division Champion El Pablo at Stranglemania and will be out of action for an unknown amount of time. We reached out to Darius for a comment and this is what he had to say.

“Word flies around this place quick … Yes, I’m injured; my shoulder, tricep, and knee. I’m not sure what the injuries are or how severe, but I know enough to know I’ll be out of action for a while. Before I fade to black, however, I’d like to pass a message along to the X-Division champion …  Well done, champ. We showed the world what the X-Division is all about, and you showed me the X-Division is for everyone, even if they’re a walking Skittles package. You took me to my limit, and I thank you for it. You proved to me you ARE a good fit for this division and an even better champion. I hope our paths cross again in the future because I want a round two. Enjoy the run and keep kicking ass … I’ll be watching.”

We at the Wolfe Pack want to wish Darius a speedy recovery and a safe rehabilitation of his injuries.


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  • Caleb Scott MIA?
    • Caleb Scott has not been seen or heard from since the brutal Hellevator match at Stranglemania. Caleb was thrown off the roof during the match and just 1 week later he now has an FX Broadcast Championship match against Rebel Rhodes at Brawl. Rumors are flying within EWC saying that he has disappeared for good. Where has Caleb been and will he be healthy enough to compete?
  • Every Wicked Crypto?
    • Following Stranglemania, rumors have been spreading about James Keaton’s involvement in a potential crypto venture. As we understand it, The Wicked has been spotted and heard mentioning his new NFT. We remain unaware as to what the NFT might be, but sources have mentioned that it could be related to his victory over the other Broadcast Champions. Could this the be the first of many cryptocurrency-related ventures in EWC? Will we see such things as El Pablocoin? Is James Keaton going to run a sky-high electric bill just to spite the EWC fans? More on this as we become aware of it.
  • Another Stranglemania Injury?
    • Unconfirmed reports are beginning to circulate regarding the younger sister of former Rampage General Manager Michael Saint – Olivia Saint. After the powerbomb from Jason Hunter that sent her through the flaming table, the youngest Saint was reportedly out on her feet post-match and was taken to a nearby medical facility for further testing. If and when we receive any concrete reports as to her condition, we’ll be sure to pass that information along to our pack.
  • Not so Sabotaged
    • Despite their loss at StrangleMania, we’re hearing exclusively that Sabotage has no intention of splitting up. They will both focus on healthy singles careers while also continuing their pursuit back into the Tag Team Championship picture.
  • A byproduct of Stranglemania has Brawl in a stranglehold
    • As previously announced on the Wolfe Pack, Brawl superstar Darius is currently out on injury leave which leaves his match with Xavier Reid for the upcoming 581st edition of Brawl without a viable challenger. Brawl GM Jim Connors has been mum on the details, but tells us to expect “an unexpected challenger” for the newly re-minted International champion.
  • Green on a Rampage?
    • Sources from the Narendra Modi stadium have confirmed that while Stranglemania pulled in amazing numbers locally – there were some other big numbers being thrown around as well. Namely, the price tag of the damage done in Melody Malone’s locker room. As the EWC cleared out, stadium crews discovered the locker room nearly obliterated down to the studs in some places. Final numbers have not been disclosed, but when we reached out to business manager Rachel Howard, we were told that the “issue has been handled”.
  • Not so Missing in Action?
    • We have some strange news in the morbidly interesting. An EWC executive, which requested to remain nameless, spent some time scouting in Los Angeles last week and reported back to having been at a DJ Chris Calz0rz concert. For those not in the know, that was the stage name used by King Flip’s long time manager, Chris Calvin, who has been reported (by Flip at least) as being dead. The two were as close as brothers at one point and, though we never saw a body, a news report, or anything in-between, the King has made several mentions to his good friend having taken their own life some time while Flip was away from Extreme Wrestling. What could this mean? Did Chris Calvin go full Andy Kaufman on our Benchmark of Brawl? Did King Flip lie about such a thing? Or has someone completely and boldly stolen the late manager’s stage name? King Flip declined to comment when we reached out to him.

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