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Word from the Wolfe Pack | March 16th, 2022

The Road to Stranglemania is about to reach its destination! So check in with me, your weekly dose of EWC tea, as we take a listen at what’s churning out of the rumor mill this week.

  • Working Injured?
    • Coming off of a rumor we heard earlier this season, the injury bug seems to keep lingering around Amber Lisa Hall of Prime. She’s been fighting through it as she can, and hopes to be fully healed by the time the G1 comes around after Stranglemania. Luckily for her, the first round of the G1 is still over three weeks away, giving her ample time to heal up.
  • Steamin’ Green?
    • While on the trip to India, it seems that things were heating up between Jason Hunter and Alexandra Calaway. The two were spotted holding hands while at a romantic dinner.  It seems things are really heating up between the two, especially after the interaction we saw between them on Rampage. What does this mean for the Rampage roster?
  • Under Pressure?
    • With the Drake Memorial Cup leaving Wrestlefest behind and making a new home at the grandest stage of them all, the general managers have all seemed eager to stake their claim to the winning heir/ess to the trophy. The all-star lineup has already turned heads, but who among them will be able to shoulder the pressure of not only competing in the memorial cup, but bringing the trophy home to their respective brand? Not to mention, the elusive and undisclosed “golden ticket” on the line too. We have speculation as to what that may entail, but the only way for one of those four to find out is to secure themselves the victory in a brutal Weapon X match.
  • Legendary Rage!
    • Ruthann Hunter was seen backstage absolutely trashing her locker room after the comments made by her some Jason. Will the tough love between a mother and son be too much? Or will they find a common ground between them as they square off with El Chupacabra and Olivia Saint at Stranglemania?
  • A Promotion for the Promoter?
    • Royce Foxx, a well-established promoter during the early to late 2000s, has resurfaced as of late. Foxx has run multiple small-time independent promotions through the Mid-West in America and has been around for over thirty years. Rumors are starting to crop up that he’s been sniffing around EWC signed talent in hopes of signing one to his brand to reestablish his infamous reputation and to have final shot at taking a wrestler to the top of the wrestling world. 
  • Seeing Red (again!)
    • StrangleMania XVII is soon upon us, but the week after sees Monday Night BRAWL throw it back with a special episode in store! The special, known as “Throwback BRAWL,” is a celebration of not only the red brand’s anniversary but that of the EWC as a whole, celebrating 25 years with the Honda Center being “rebranded” the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim for one night only. The card is still being solidified, but we do know that the FX Broadcast Championship WILL be on the line in what will be the first stop on the road to Hardcore Revolution!
  • Stranglemania Fever hits India!
    • We’re just under two weeks away from Stranglemania XVII and the fan festivities are beginning in full swing! This week’s roundup will feature an exclusive schedule of events that various EWC superstars may be participating in, and we’re hearing rumors of a couple of exclusive ticket packages that could get a few lucky EWC fans right up close in the action at the big event. How does your favorite superstar prepare for their match? Can you outlift Rampage GM Grizzly Duggan? Only one way to find out! The EWC FanFest begins March 24th!
  • Broadcast In the Bank?
    • One of the staples of the EWC brands is the Broadcast championships, and at Stranglemania the champions will all come to blows for the rights to a Money in the Bank briefcase to challenge for their brand’s championship any time before Parabellum! Now, as we sit here and look at the Stranglemania card, we can’t help but ask ourselves… would we be so bold as to try to cash in on the biggest night of the season? Something tells me, these champions might be easy pickings for the broadcast champion and MITB winner to swoop in for the W after the brutal nights they’ll have ahead of them.

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