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Word from the Wolfe Pack | April 13th 2022


After the attack, tonight by Xavier Reid post-match on Adrianna Aquilla, Paramount Wrestling Senior Official Matt Mercer reversed the original decision and awarded the match to Aquilla. During the post-show media scrum, GM Chris Brock had the following to say about the altercation: 

“What Xavier Reid did tonight was completely uncalled for. There is no reason to attack someone like that, especially after you just beat them in an X-Division match. I fully support the decision that Matt Mercer made and unlike my counterpart on Brawl, I am willing to make Reid really pay for it. I am levying a $75,000 fine against Reid and will be recommending to the EWC Board of Directors that Xavier be forced to attend anger management classes until such a time that he can show that he knows what it means to carry that International Championship that he holds so dear to him. As for Aquilla, I have no update on her medical condition, but hope that she makes a quick recovery.”


  • Already Rocky?
    • EWC legacy superstar Jason Hunter has been working and focusing so hard with BORT coming up, but has also been splitting time with the newly opened Gentlemen Club/NightClub in honor of his father. With the recent blowup that happened on his GF Alexandra’s IG live if there is already trouble for the couple?
  • Lovin’ It?
    • We’ve received eye witness reports claiming that King Flip took DOUG IN A BARREL to McDonalds after their last match on Rampage. When pressed for further details, our team was told “you just had to be there”
  • Primed for an exit?
    • There have been rumors circulating that Saidie Sharpe is looking for a change of scenery. The PRIME superstar’s deal is said to expire this summer, could she be looking to greener pastures?
  • A Soupy Scoop
    • Speaking of greener pastures, a source backstage said Grizzly Duggan was spotted eating an experimental new Campbell’s Chicken, beef, ham and potatoes soup. Could this be the end of the line for ol’ reliable Chicken Noodle?
  • Bahamian Rhapsody
    • While he’s been silent over the last couple of weeks, we’re hearing unconfirmed reports that Brawl superstar Ku has been spotted vacationing in the Bahamas. No word on whether or not the NextGen star Cruz was with him.
  • Bankrolled!
    • Unconfirmed reports are coming to us that the alleged damages in Melody Malone’s locker room from Stranglemania were covered by former FX Broadcast champion Tyler Bradford. While no one from Bradford’s camp was able to comment, the remittance to EWC for the costs was confirmed to come from Bradford’s American Express card.

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