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EWC Rookie Spotlight is a monthly column dedicated to newcomers to the EWC and what makes them tick. Our first feature is on Rampage’s own NEZUMI.

Thank you for your time, first of all. So when did NEZUMI decide to pursue professional wrestling?

“I decided to pursue wrestling truthfully last year. When I came out for my tryout for EWC, that was when I decided to fully invest in a career. That said, I’ve been training in martial arts and wrestling for a few years–about five? I spent two years in dojos and then the next three in the ring, getting my ass kicked. The thing about Japanese wrestling, or puroresu, is that they believe too much in the fighting spirit aspect of things.”

“They’ll beat the crap out of you and tell you to get up after the fact.”

I see. Well, nothing good is ever easy so they say. So how did that road lead you to the EWC?

“I heard EWC gave a lot of money in their contracts. I asked one of my teachers about it and he said that I didn’t have a big chance. I got in touch with some people and a guy knew a guy. It wasn’t anything grandiose.”

And what do you strive for here in EWC, what are your goals? In the first year? Five years?

“Okay, I hate these questions.”

Well I’m certainly not trying to offend, here. Just doing my job.

“I don’t think anyone should measure themselves in a time span like that. The world doesn’t work that way. When you have to deal with the reality of, say, death and disease, you don’t get to think about the future too often. In my first year in EWC? I want to become Undisputed Champion. I’m already making strides by taking a few awards and a contendership of my own.”

“Rookie of the Year is my goal because I want to step over all the other members of my class.”

I see. Well those are some pretty bold claims. Not many have become Undisputed Champion in the first year. I guess that’s part of the reason you switched from FSW to Rampage?

“Money and opportunity. FSW wasn’t a bad place by no stretch of the imagination. It’s just that I needed to hit the ground running. My critics will say that I did out of fear or that I’m a sellout.”

“The sellout part is true. I have no sense of brand loyalty. The only thing that I’m loyal to is myself.”

You got any EWC dream matches?

“I really wanted to face Scorpio off the gun. I got that match.”

“Darlene is another one, but it’s mostly because I want a chance to really see if she can back up what she says. I’m a miserable kind of person. The most gratifying thing in the world is watching how people have to watch me succeed.”

And what trait will lead to that success, do you think? What about NEZUMI makes him the most dangerous for his opponents?

“It’s a trade secret.”

“I’d sooner let my critics, my fans, and my co-workers decide that about me. Whatever horror stories that will be publicized in my honor will all be true. And when those dangerous traits start to stack up, I’ll let the people that dare challenge me make the judgment on what they should be most afraid of.”

“I think the universal consensus is that I’ll stop at no end to make sure I get what I want.”

“Greed is a terrific motivator.”

That it is. Before we go, NEZUMI, come up with a question I can ask the next rookie in our next spotlight interview?

“Oh, this is cute.”

“I was going to be arrogant and make you ask them something about me, but I refrained.”

“Here’s one.”

“Which Muppet could you take in a fight?”

After hearing this interview, I have no doubts that NEZUMI could take down any Muppet he wanted. Catch us next month for another look at a promising EWC Rookie.


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