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January is typically a slower month in the land of the Extreme Wrestling Corporation, especially when its not the year of Legends of the Cage, but I have some steaming hot tea to share with you all about the immense amount of movement that will be occurring prior to the start of EWCs Season 23! All four main roster brands will be looking different in the start of season 23, and we even have a few new faces PLUS the first names to join the new brand UNCHAINED as well as the first set of names for the new development brand NEXTGEN! So let’s get into it:


Let’s get the big one out of the way first, shall we?

Ruthann “Ruthless Aggression” Hunter is coming OUT OF RETIREMENT to rejoin EWC in 2022 and will be on the green brand! That’s right, the widow of Jaden “Xplode” Hunter is coming back for another run in season 23, but she won’t be alone! The Prince of Wrestling, Jason Hunter, is leaving his orange brand roots on Paramount Wrestling to join his mother on Rampage as well! There has already been rumblings that the Hunters will be tagging in season 23! What does this mean for Rampage?

That’s not all of the movement for Rampage either. PRIME superstar Megumi will be shedding the blue brand and chasing the green on Rampage, as well as Lavender and Ruby Clifton! The landscape of Friday nights suddenly looks very different!

Rampage will begin the season with two championships on its brand, the HBO Broadcast Championship and the EWC United States Championship.


Speaking of changes, the first name for the EWC’s new brand UNCHAINED has been announced as well! Gideon Gage will be leaving Rampage to join Unchained after his loss to FNR GM Grizzly Duggan at WrestleFest XIX!

The only other name announced for Unchained so far, is EWC newcomer Lucretia De Milo, who up to this point has been a mainstay of independent wrestling! What can “The Iconoclast” bring to the EWC? You’ll have to tune into Unchained to find out! We expect more news later this year as Unchained begins mid-season on July 31st.


Brawl will be getting a bit of a face lift as well as the self labeled “Bitch of Brawl” Hazel Overton has announced that she is retiring from EWC!

That’s not all though as a pop star and a philosopher are also on their way to the red brand! Iggy Swango will make her return to Brawl in Season 23, along with former Indy champion Dio from the Prime Brand! Monday nights just got a little more entertaining folks!

Also, I have been told and can confirm that the Love Club tag team of EWC International Champion Xavier Reid and EWC United States champion Samantha Hamilton, better known as The Xtreme Ravagers, will be returning this year!

Brawl begins the season on February 7th, with two championships, the FX Broadcast Championship and the EWC International Championship


Is addition by subtraction possible in wrestling? I certainly think so! Some big changes are coming to PRIME this season!

First up, Callie Clark will join her stable mate Eddie Dozier as she moves to the blue brand for season 23!

We also will see some new faces as wrestling newcomer Cal White will make his professional wrestling debut for the Prime brand in 2022!

The big news though, is that the Beast of Brawl is now… The Beast of Prime?! That’s right folks, inaugural FX Broadcast Champion BOSA will be moving to the indies to fight it out on PRIME next season! It’s never been a better time to be blue!

Prime starts its season on February 13th with two championships, the Showtime Broadcast Championship and the Indy Championship.


Before we get into the last main roster brand, let’s also take a look at the NEW development brand of the EWC, NEXTGEN!

Announced for the Purple and Gold brand thus far are the following names:

Sleepy Winters

Joceyln Gage (no relation to Gideon Gage I’m told)

Alexander Devin

Sunny Skye

Little is known about these names, but we all here at EWC Network are eager to see them on the NEXTGEN brand, which launches on March 31st.


Could Monday Night Brawl be challenged for the crown of the “Flagship” show of the EWC? This reporter thinks so as in season 23 we get some BIG additions to the orange brand!

“Remarkable” Mark Keaton will be stepping up from the Indies to tackle the big time on Paramount this year!

Also, it looks like we are going to witness the reunion of The Faithful Heroes as former Showtime Broadcast champion Faith Rivers and her Faithful army come to Paramount Wrestling!

And if that was enough to get you to tune in on Wednesday nights, former United States champion Asriel Buzzard has made his intentions known that he is leaving Friday Night Rampage and taking his talents to Paramount!

Paramount starts the season on February 16th, with the EWC Undisputed, EWC X-Division, AND EWC World Tag Team championships all on the brand in addition to the CW Broadcast Championship and the EWC North American Championship! That’s a lot of championships!

Season 23 of EWC officially kicks off on February 7th with Monday Night Brawl #578! Stay tuned to for more exclusive breaking news as the season kicks off nears!

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