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EWC Season 24 Preview: Prime

We’re back on Day 2 of the EWC Season 24 Preview series, and tonight we’re looking at none other than our crown jewel of the Indy scene – Prime!

Prime saw a dominant year from start to finish, with a scintillating G1 tournament and no shortage of championship opportunities, but the biggest news was the shake up upstairs. Out was Victor Price as GM, and in his place is none other than Indy darling and Prime’s Indysputed son – Jordan Freakin’ Sharpe! Sharpe won the bid to be the new General Manager of Prime the old fashioned way, by taking Victor Price one on one at the season finale last year and Sharpe hasn’t slowed down since. We’ve got a LOT to cover, so let’s take a quick recap of the news broken by Sharpe himself this January.

Contract Negotiations
Prime pulled out all the stops in the off season, inking three new superstars to their roster in the returning Draco Lazarus, Ahiga Lopez, & EWC NextGen champion Sunny Skye. Prime also renewed the contract of Amber Lisa Hall in the off season to keep their ranks full to the brim.

Changes from the Top Down
New year – New GM isn’t the only vibe Prime is giving out this season. In light of the changing of the guard upstairs, Sharpe has brought in former tag team partner and Prime staple Faith Rivers as his executive assistant to navigate this new season.

In addition to the new executive staff, Prime says goodbye to Marshall Evans and Hayley Kushnir and in their place welcomes Eric Mason and John Livingston to the announce table at ringside. Joe Danes will also be replacing Jenna Salvatore backstage, for all of Prime’s interview needs.

Big News for the Blue Brand
Prime hasn’t just made changes with their staff, because we’re getting a whole new experience sent straight to your television sets! Prime is kicking off the season with a brand new theme song for 2023, Shinedown’s smash hit ‘No Sleep Tonight’! You’ll hear it on Sundays, but not from Showtime… as Prime’s contract with Showtime expired on 12/31. The new home to the blue brand is none other than AMC. Not only does this change the Prime broadcast championship, currently held by Callie Clark, but it brings with it a slew of new sponsor deals as well!

The MVP bonus, traditionally $10,000 awarded to the MVP of the night is now being bumped up to $15,000 courtesy of Tide! Additionally, Monster Energy has stepped up, delivering a whopping $10,000 to the Match of the Night participants. But Jordan Sharpe has taken it one step further… partnering with Wendy’s to bring the Baconator Bounty to Prime this season! Before every show, a bounty will be placed on the head of a randomly selected participant on the show. Defeat them and collect the bounty reward for a delicious $25,000 bonus! However! Those meaty dollars aren’t just for the bounty hunter… if you’re selected and survive the bounty, Wendy will tip her red pigtails to you for your tenacity and double the money up to a grand total of $50,000! We hear the first bounty will be placed on Wednesday and you will not want to miss it!

Keep your Eyes on Prime!

Additional news we’ve received, is that former Television champion Nevaeh has inked a deal for 6 appearances this season on Prime, as well as the current Undisputed Champion herself – Melody Malone – committing to a three appearance deal on the blue brand this season.

The Shinijoshi, one of Prime’s hottest up and coming stables, has recently announces they’re beginning their junior recruit program and Prime could NOT be happier to see their ranks expanding.

And of course, who could forget… the Prime season premiere… airing LIVE from Los Angeles, California on February 19th….

While the final card has yet to be released, we’ve gotten some exclusive deets on episode 104 of Prime – the season opener loving dubbed Clash at the Coliseum.

As we first broke yesterday, we’ll see the Prime side of the Legend of the Cage tournament bracket kick off, and we’ll be getting news about Prime’s infamous G1 tournament from the newly christened General Manager himself.

Sour Candy will be making an appearance, and after what she and Jordan Sharpe went through at Wrestlefest, we can’t wait to hear what she has to say!

Leader of ‘The House’ Jack Severn has promised a “State of the House” address at the season opener as well. Knowing the battles The House has had with the Shinijoshi, one can only imagine what’s going to go down on February 19th.

News & Rumors

  • Shinijoshi Silence? 
    • Former Indy Champion Narumi Tsutsumi has been tight lipped about the timing of her rematch clause and brand contract negotiations with the Network, but has vowed to take her game to the next level to live up to the promise shown in her infant youngblood years in the EWC. For her first season in her graduated form, the Onihime has confirmed that she’s been honing her skills and learning new moves to showcase the EWC.
  • Superstar Declines Legends of the Ring?
    • Family of Amber Lisa Hall, Saul Silverman, went on record to Network producers saying he’s convinced the Prime superstar to opt-out of the Legends of the Ring tournament pool. He insists she’s not ready and certainly not in championship form just yet. Amber declined to comment on his words, but her husband had a very convincing middle finger when reached for comment.
  • Prime Time Participation
    • With news of Shinijoshi’s upcoming recruits out there, contacts close to the faction have confirmed to the Network that they’re entertaining new group brand deals and even secured new theme music heading into their planned appearance on the AMC season premiere of Prime, where the expanded Shinijoshi will affirm their intentions of flipping the EWC landscape on its head. 
  • Broadcast Title in her Crosshairs 
    • News out of the camp of Prime superstar Alyson Cross is that she has her eyes set on the AMC Broadcast Championship. Also she is also going to be searching for the person who cost her at WrestleFest. It would appear that she is more determined to distance herself from her family. 
  • Priming up for a New Season
    • During the off season, Yoshiharu Kubo returned to Utori Sushi as usual but has been notably also training harder than before for EWC too. 
  • A friendly face?
    • After a disappointing season, Prime’s Amber Lisa Hall was happy to be re-inked to Prime. Fortunately for her, her luck might be turning around as she’s already rumored to have made fast friends with Prime newcomer Lila Rue.

Champion Spotlight

Damage Inc – EWC Tag Team Champions

How would you sum up your 2022 season?

  • We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  With Mayhem’s injury keeping us on the shelf for most of the season we had to play catch up with the time we had to work with.  Considering we came out the other side of the season as champions it looks like we accomplished that goal.   

Has being champion changed your perspective on being in this industry?

  • It has finally put us in the place where we always belonged and we intend to stay here for as long as possible.

What can we expect to see from you in 2023?

  • More dominance.  Now that we have something to lose our focus is singular and our goal is clear: Beat everyone who comes for these titles.  No exceptions. No excuses.  No mercy. Damage will be done.

Do you have your eye on any particular challengers next season?

  • Moonshine Incorporated talked awfully loud at Wrestlefest for a pair of unknown hillbillies.  King Dong probably isn’t dead in their desire to be champs.  The House is rising and definitely poses a threat to any title holder, especially on Prime.  Then there’s all the incarnations of the Shinijoshi: Yomi, Bloody Sureiyazu, and of course our old nemeses from Senshi of the Blade.  Any combination is a threat that can’t be overlooked.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are now, next season?

  • Work.  Hard work.  And accept that defeat will be a part of a journey that will be hard before you start to enjoy it.

Any final thoughts?

  • Damage is our business and these titles are our business statement.

Callie Clark – Showtime Champion

How would you sum up your 2022 season?

  • Amazing, near perfect. If only other people didn’t prevent me from getting wins it couldn’t have been better. On a personal level I went through a lot in 2022, I started the year with Sabotage and then they abandoned me. But that lead to me discovering a new side of me and joining up with The House, which greatly improved my season. Getting a monkey off my back when I won this title was a moment that meant a lot to me.

Has being champion changed your perspective on being in this industry?

  • Being a champion in EWC truly means you’re one of the best in the business. I had to bust my ass to get to this point and it was the most satisfying title win I’ve had in my career.

What can we expect to see from you in 2023?

  • More of the same. Somehow, someway, I’m going to make it an even bigger and better year for me than 2022 was.

Do you have your eye on any particular challengers next season?

  • There’s 2 actually, Narumi Tsutsumi and Amber Lisa Hall. Narumi is more of a personal reason as I’d like to put her on the shelf for what she’s done to The House. As for Amber, she’s a good prospect but she’s too nice. I’d like to break her spirit and teach her that nice girls finish last.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are now, next season?

  • Be me obviously. But since they can’t do that, you have to be absolutely ruthless, willing to do anything to get what you want.

Any final thoughts?

  • In 2022, I made a name for myself, in 2023 I make sure nobody will ever forget me. To anybody who steps in the ring with me, get in my way and I’ll break your arm. And remember, The House always wins.

Scorpio – Indy Champion

How would you sum up your 2022 season?

  • A year of reflection and renaissance. It was a long journey this year but I’ve been able to look back on my choices and actions over the past few years and see where I’ve fallen from grace and shamed myself. The last season has allowed me to pull myself out of the hole I was in and prove I’m still one of the biggest names in the EWC, now it’s time to flourish as the new Indy Champion. 

Has being champion changed your perspective on being in this industry?

  • Truth be told I was almost ready to hang up the custom Louboutins. Getting my hands on gold again has proven this industry still needs me – I can’t allow Malone to walk around as the only vaguely fashionable champion can I?!

What can we expect to see from you in 2023?

  • I’ll be defending the Prime Minister title at every opportunity and the Indy Championship whenever called for. I will be a leader of Prime… and who knows… maybe beyond…

Do you have your eye on any particular challengers next season?

  • Callie Clark is sniffing at my heels and Narumi won’t give her title up that easily. Plus it seems Dalilah is keen to step it up. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are now, next season?

  • You’re welcome to try, bitch.

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