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We have made it a good bit into the new season, and you know what time it is. The first Elite Fifteen has come out and Oliver Sheen is here to break it down for everyone at home. Now, I have to say that it’s not the most surprising list, but that’s what we call consistency. That said, there are some new names which tells the story of our season—New Blood.

#15: CANDY

Starting off our list is Candy, the former Undisputed Champion, who started off the season with a loss to Wes Walker in the season premiere of FSW. That said, she hadn’t been slacking. In fact, she strung together two wins heading into Stranglemania over Killjoy Ito and Mercenary. Killjoy Ito had been riding momentum since defeating Stitches and Mercenary had been building him since becoming the #1 Contender to the FSW title. So, Candy has put herself in the talks for the championship. Personally, I saw her a bit higher at first, but after analyzing the list thoroughly, I get why she’s here. That said, never count Candy out, she might shock you.

#14: BOSA

The Samoan Warrior is one of the many injections of fresh life into the company. The rookie has taken Brawl by storm, serving as the premiere new star on their roster. And he hasn’t disappointed. He has garnered himself a few wins, but only found himself this low after failing to put him into the International Championship picture. It’s not to fault him, however. Bosa’s ceiling is higher than anyone thinks. He’ll keep pushing and if you listen to the crowds, you can tell that they’re already behind him.


The big man has finally put himself in line for the FSW Championship. After getting through some tough matches, including a multi-person match and a very game Joseph Hall. A loss to Candy doesn’t look too bad on paper, but it could be considered a small roadblock in momentum. I can see him climbing this list if he knocks off Stitches. That’s a tough task, though. Many people believe that SZN 21 will be the Year of the Clown. Not if Merc has anything to say on it.


The poster child of the Shieldmaidens has been working hard since the season started. She has been on a pendulum of momentum since the season started. She gave herself a chance in the battle royale to become the #1 Contender for the US Championship, but she lost to Nezumi Hazama, in the Ladder Match. She lost to NSFW and in the Triple Threat for the International Championship contendership. Many people would sooner chronicle her failures, but the Titaness has made good on many things. For instance, she got a key win over the X-Division Champion in a MOTN. Furthermore, I can say that these are trials for her to overcome as she’s being presented to the top of EWC’s echelon.


If Bosa’s the rookie star of Brawl, then Darlene is that of FSW. She may have lost the chance to go for the FSW Championship, but she made good on putting herself against one of the most underrated competitors in EWC in Wes Walker. She’s hungry and vicious like a wolverine, and she’s posing to take the entire company by storm. Stranglemania will be her first major test, and I look forward to seeing what she does.


Now we’re breaking into our top ten. The Prime’s Ace started off the season by beating Stitches and getting an MVP and a MOTN off it. Then he defeated El Pablo before making the decision to become a full-time FSW star. Buddy Love is something else entirely because he’s helping the eternally talented man into a household name. I’m waiting to see what he does. He may leave Prime on a sour note, dropping a match to Dominic Sanders, but he’s already making moves to ensure that his “Ace” status only changes colors.


Clay Byrd is finally hitting a stride. Losing in the season opener may have hurt him a bit, but he bounced back. He took down a game Bosa and Samantha Hamilton in order to punch his ticket to Stranglemania. He took down Iggy Swango. But the most important thing he has done since becoming the contender? Well, he got his vengeance for the season opener by putting down Ace King. If that’s not momentum, I don’t know what is. He walks into Stranglemania, hungry and poised to make his mark in the company.


In this analogy that I’ve been pushing, Bosa is Brawl’s biggest new star and Darlene’s FSW’s. However, Rampage has Nezumi Hazama, who is the highest ranked rookie on the list. He’s the rookie of the month and he’s showing everyone just how hungry he is. After making the switch from FSW to the Green Brand, he has been on a tear. Brazen as they come, the Rat King will look to see if he can challenge against Scorpio’s mighty SZN 21 run so far at Stranglemania.


The current number one contender for the Indy Championship, Dominic Sanders has been doing what he always does. Winning and making sure everyone knows it. Killjoy Ito, Jordan Sharpe, Alexander Daemon, El Pablo, all of them have fallen to Dominic Sanders and his dubious methods. No matter how he does, he has been winning and now he has his sights on the Indy Championship. All it takes is for him to continue being the brick wall that he has been for Prime. Not if Jordan Sharpe has anything to do with it.


Ace King, the most dominant champion in EWC history, has been in an odd place. Winning? Oh, he’s still doing that. Getting MVPs and MOTNs? Yeah. But he’s still trying to completely cope with not having the US Championship anymore. That hasn’t stopped his performance except losing to Clay Byrd. But what we’re seeing is either an evolution or a regression in the Gambler. That said, he has defeated Xavier Reid and now we’ll see if Ace will go back to his gold-winning ways at Stranglemania.


It wasn’t until very recently that Gabi Vee was on the Stranglemania card. She’s the only person this season that has put a stain on Scorpio’s record. He beat Stephanie Matsuda. Something has changed in Gabi Vee and it’s working. She’s the epitome of consistency here. I’m excited to see what comes next for her as time goes along in this season. Though, it’s extremely odd that she didn’t get put on the main card of Stranglemania.


The newly crowned Television Champion. Lavender came out of the gate swinging and provided us with the first title change of the new season. That was enough to skyrocket her up to the top four of the Elite Fifteen. She has her first test against Faith Rivers at Stranglemania. She may no longer be the bridesmaid, but she must work to continue being the bride.

#3: NSFW

The number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships have been the talk of the company for better or worse reasons. Regardless of what you think of them, they are the team to beat in EWC right now. They’ve proven that in presentation and success. What’s even worse is that their motivations are so concrete in their minds that they’re willing to do anything to win. They have truly blossomed into a terror and they’re rightfully holding onto the #3 position.


I can only imagine that the separation between 1 and 2 was millimeters. Scorpio has taken the whole EWC by storm. Riding high off the momentum of knocking off Ace King and ending 777, he went on to defeat Xavier Reid. Was that enough? He then went on to defeat Melody Malone. Finally, how does he cap off his campaign for the Undisputed Championship shot? He defeated Clay Byrd. Scorpio is on fire right now. He has a tall task of double duty at Stranglemania, but if he walks out with both belts? Well, he may have already put his ballot in for Wrestler of the Year.


Our Undisputed Champion sits on top of the list. That championship she carries came off an amazing main event match at WrestleFest. For SZN 21? She put herself in the sights of Scorpio after failing to defeat him. But since then? She has been back on her successful route. She’s another star that will have to go through double duty at Stranglemania, but she has proclaimed to the world that she will try to break the legendary 393 day reign of Jaden “Xplode” Hunter.

The Elite Fifteen is always an interesting way to gauge who is the most successful star we have in the EWC. The first one of the new season always serves as a benchmark for what people have to look forward to. With Stranglemania coming up, we may see the whole foundation of the company change in a single night. I, for one, am looking forward to what happens. I’ll see you all there.

FSW: 4


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