Mac @ Night: What’s The Deal With This “Family” Thing?

Mac @ Night: S02E08 – Today on the 19th Episode of Mac @ Night, I answer some questions such as:
“What’s the deal with this ‘family’ thing in the EWC?”, “Did twitter kill efedding?”, “What’s the right way to recruit new members?”, “RP vs Angle, which is better?”, “Did you see those lists making the rounds?”, and other things. In this episode I also break down how some of the things are done in the EWC, how I personally feel about the hobby and I defend someone very close to me.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode. I’ve been in the efed / efedding world since 1995 and running my own efed (The Extreme Wrestling Corporation) on and off since 1997. I come into each podcast with over 26 years of experience in the hobby, but I humbly understand that I don’t know it all and don’t pretend to. This podcast is my opinion and I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I love efedding, I love the efed world, this hobby is important to me and I genuinely wish to see every efed have longevity and success.

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section on our forums.
See you next time. Stay safe!
– Mac 🥃

Music by Audiobinger

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