Mac @ Night: 2021 EWC Scorecard

Mac @ Night: S02E02 – Tonight on the 13th Episode of Mac @ Night, I introduce and breakdown the newly signed off on and approved Scorecard!

Follow along on the EWC Forums by opening up the new scorecard ( and listen as I break down the changes, what the scoring team should look for and how the handlers in the EWC can try to maximize points. This Scorecard should match up well with all writing types and word limits.

Some of the key changes are:

– Match Relevancy and Character Development are now equal in points, more importantly both have a better explanation on how to attain these points. I feel like those under a word limit and those who write shoot style promos will especially appreciate the CD adjustment and breakdown as we really strived to level the playing field for all writing types.  I think the scorer knows exactly what to look for now in both off camera and straight shoot styles. While the writer has a clear understand on how to maximize points without having to change writing styles or conforming to some robotic sounding format.

– Argument goes from 8 to 5 total points with a better breakdown. “Homework” is replaced with “Research”, as that better encompasses what we want to see. I think the break down and explanation is much clearer. Research is now worth 2 max instead of 3, and gone is the “deep dive” (most hated that term) and instead is replaced with a more accurate “up-to-date on current events” which we define as “in the last cycle”. So the last month of EWC action.  I go into depth on this in the podcast.

– Flow goes from 4 to 3 max points with a much better breakdown of how to earn each point.

– Creativity and Entertainment get split up like in the Legends scorecard, which is something people seemed to like. Both are broken down much more. The points stay the same but its clearer on how to attain them / what to look for.

– Total Max Points go from 25 max to 20 max

– We also replaced “Comments” with “If points deducted, explain why: ###” and “If points deducted, how can the writer improve: ###”.   This appears in each section and should solve the biggest issue the majority of the fed has with our scoring: the feedback. You should now clearly know why pts are deducted and how you can improve in that particular area.

The most important thing about all this: Write the way you want to write. Don’t conform to some odd robotic style. Write for you.

Follow along with the podcast to get a full and clear picture, especially if you are a scorer in the EWC. Its important that we are all on the same page and all have a clear understanding.

Tonight’s drink: Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Founded in 1999 and based in Chicago, Illinois.  

I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode. I’ve been in the efed / efedding world since 1995 and running my own efed (The Extreme Wrestling Corporation) on and off since 1997. I come into each podcast with over 26 years of experience in the hobby, but I humbly understand that I don’t know it all and don’t pretend to. This podcast is my opinion and I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I love efedding, I love the efed world, this hobby is important to me and I genuinely wish to see every efed have longevity and success.

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section on our forums.
See you next time. Stay safe!

– Mac 🥃

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