Who will drop the ball?

Dear Future Stars of Wrestling,

It has been a while since I have been on this brand. The date was July 19, 2015, a young man who had come back from something might not believe would happen. I came back from a bad horrible car accident and was told my dreams of stepping inside of this ring ever again was over. Like always I proved how those words aren’t even in my DNA. The next taping I was in a match and I told everyone I was on a hunt. I did just that..after each match, I proved that I was hungry. I was ready to do what I do best in the ring, that is to get the job done.

I showed that every night on Future Stars of Wrestling day in and day out. I slowly felt I was becoming something I always wanted to be but then I became the champion. The first-ever champion for the brand I view as my home. I was honored because of the fact I knew how hard everyone back then was working so hard. We didn’t want to be looked on as misfits.

We were proud to be a part of a brand that helped you become something you never thought you would become. Now as for me, I will admit. I let the glory get to my head till the point I felt I was ready for the big time. So, after I lost the second chance of becoming the champion again. I felt I was ready to move on.

Truly deep down I knew it wasn’t but I wouldn’t listen to anyone so I made the move and it just didn’t work. Now I am coming back home to where it all began for me but the redemption I am seeking doesn’t start there. It will start… I can’t tell you that… you will witness when. When it happens everyone will be eating their words.


Jason Hunter  

Prince of Wrestling  

Jason couldn’t say no to the challenge that was placed in front of him. He stepped inside the ring and he just didn’t know when it happened. He at times would think maybe it was when he took the wrestler and gave him a hard powerslam down to the mat. Was it then he knew he needed to come back? Or was it when he did a sharp crust snap mare to the wrestler? Or when it was when he took his foot and punt kicked the dude in the head. He didn’t know when it was but after that match was over. He knew he was ready to have more. He needed more and it can’t be fed in Japan.  

Jason entered the arena standing where he felt the ramp would be once everything is set up. While he was walking down in his mind he was at the day of the event taking in every sound and sight of the fans. It just brought a smile to his face. He stopped where he felt the ramp would stop looking towards where the ring would be. He slowly walked over to where the ring would be getting down on his knee and touched the ground with his eyes closed softly. He stood up taking off his shades placing them in the middle of his shirt with his hands in his pockets.   

“July 19, 2015, a young man walked through the curtains on the very first FSW Episodes. He stood in the middle of that ring he declared he would be on the Hunt. He declared he would be ready for anything that will be placed in front of him.”  

He rubbed his chin a bit before placing his hands inside of his pockets. 

“I could go down the list of some of the best matches I had but we are not here for a history lesson. I have made the choice to return back to where it all began for me. I am back on Future Stars Wrestling. I have been keeping an eye on how Future Stars Wrestling has grown over the years. It grew into a project that many might not have seen coming.”  

He chuckles softly.  

“You see there is a reason why that is because every wrestler that is on this brand knows they are the real future of one of the best companies in the whole wide world. They don’t need people from Prime, Brawl, and Rampage to tell them this. They know this and this scared everyone else on the other brands. That is why I made the choice to come back on the biggest night for my home brand Future Stars of Wrestling. I will be stepping inside the ring against Robbie Rayder.”

He smirks a bit.  

Robbie, I have noticed you had some great matches in your career. You have the talent to go far not only in FSW but on Rampage… or even the # 1 brand Brawl but something is missing. Maybe Chris is hoping you found what it is when you face me.  I notice the way Chris books his wrestlers isn’t just throwing them together. He places them in a match against ones he knows that will push the other person. Your problem is… once you drop the ball you just go into a hole and disappear.  

He smirks a bit again as he runs his hand over his hair moving his head to the side.  

“Dropping the ball is something many might feel we have in common. The only difference between you and me when it comes to dropping the ball. I learn after many years you can’t stay in that hole of misery. You need to raise above pick it up and don’t stop. People might feel I did but I drop the ball here but I pick it up in Japan and open my underground wrestling company. After you lost the title… what did you do… you keep the ball on the ground. Are you going to pick it up now?” 

He smirks.  

“Just because you haven’t seen me in any wrestling ring. It doesn’t mean that I have ring rust! You are looking at a person that eats, breaths, and sleeps on repeat wrestling. I train day after day still just in case when I feel that itch. I train day after day still just in case when I am ready to step inside of any ring. That day has come. I was going to let everyone just wait and see what amazing things I can do inside of the ring on Thunder next month but I made the choice to give everyone a sneak peek.”

He grins licking his lips.  

“The sneak peek just happened to feature you in my return. So, Robbie, you step inside the ring with someone who doesn’t just say it with the confidence they are the one that will STEAL the damn show. You are stepping inside of the ring with the person that WILL steal the damn show. No matter win, lose, or draw. I will make sure the match will be the thing everyone will be talking about. It will be on the lips of every damn star, paper, and anything else you can think of.”

“People feel when people talk bad about your match in a bad way oh that means you didn’t do that well. It wasn’t all that great but it’s just the opposite if you truly take the time to think about it all. It shows people fear what will you be able to do the next time you are inside of that ring. Now Robbie, do you want that? Do you want people to be in fear of your skills? Do you want people to be in fear of what you are capable of doing inside of that ring?”

He laughs.  

In what I have seen so far I don’t feel you do. You know why? I am on the hunt again. I am on the hunt to regain what I know what I am entitled to inside that ring! I have PASSION, the DRIVE, and HUGER to go after what I want to regain. You are on the pathway towards what I want and I am not going to let you get in my way. I am going to do what I do best in my matches. I am going to STEAL your passion. I am going to STEAL your drive. I am going to STEAL your crown and place it on top of my head.  

So, I am not going to ask if you are ready… I am not going to tell you I am going to destroy your world… all you need to know I am going to STEAL THE DAMN SHOW!  

Jason places his shades on his face and walks away.

What do you think?

Written by EWC Staff

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