I’m Sorry Prime

Post by Xavier Reid on Jul 2, 2020 8:56:37 GMT -6

The camera opens as Xavier Reid takes a seat behind the table in the conference room inside The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. Tommy Love walks in behind him and also takes a seat, he leans forward and speaks into a microphone for the wrestling media that has joined them so late in the evening tonight.

“Xavier Reid will be reading a prepared statement, we will not be answering any questions tonight, due to the time…Xavier…”

Xavier looks down at his notes

“It takes a big man to apologize for the mistakes he’s made in the past but that’s what I am here to do tonight…I want to apologize to everyone involved in Prime, from the roster to the GM’s, to the fans and the staff of Prime, I am truly sorry…FOR GIVING LIFE BACK TO JORDAN SHARPE!!!!

Tommy smiles as Xavier keeps reading

“He had a 1-4 record with a 30th in the Rumble and was HANDED a spot in the G1 as basically filler when the GM realized he had 3 spots still open, that was the Jordan Sharpe that stepped into the ring with me at Prime #043 and I can make the excuse my mind was elsewhere, having just won the X-Division Championship and looking ahead to facing off against Iggy Swango and Ace King in a battle of champions on Brawl but my indiscretion that night gave birth to this Tide-Pod movement of a virus that has swept through Prime…”

Xavier drops his head and Tommy reaches out and puts his hand on his shoulder, urging him to continue with a smile

“In the seven matches before me Jordan Freaking SUCKED and then he beats me and seven matches later he’s EWC TV Champion…serious guys I’m extremely sorry for what I left you with but I have returned to make amends…to correct this abomination…”

Xavier crumbles his notes into a ball

“The virus that is Jordan Sharpe has grown out of control, claiming the Undisputed and FSW Champions in its wake but it ends at Prime #068 and the hands of the man that sadly unleashed it onto Prime…Jordan I’m going to beat you back into dark hole I found you in, back into the man that didn’t believe he had a chance…back into the sad little guy whose own inner voice thought he sucked…that’s the Jordan Sharpe I’m going to return to Prime…back into the shell of a man he once was…”

Tommy laughs at the thought of this Jordan Sharpe

“There will be no cute little taglines from me, no #WelcomeToTheIndie because this isn’t a return to Prime for pleasure…no it’s strictly business…I’ve come back to destroy the monster I created that night in Athens, Greece. Jordan I know you are full of confidence and it’s going to make it so much sweeter to be the one that takes that from you…I’ve watched from afar for too long now…it’s time to fix the mistake that is Jordan Sharpe…thank you…”

Questions are screamed out as Xavier exits

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Written by EWC Staff

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