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Post by Rafe White on Jul 2, 2020 7:22:32 GMT -6

On the outskirts of Ryōgoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan, there stood a hotel of massive size. The bustling street corners nearby were full of vendors of exotic meals to the average American. Deep-dished octopus, pork buns, and even their own version of American meals. Inside the hotel itself were it’s residents for the week. People were checking in by the handful, with the excitement of EWC coming to the land of the rising sun being palpable in the air. It was a breezy afternoon, and most of the residents within the hotel were out and about, either in the cafeteria or checking out. One particular patron was missing, nowhere to be seen within the large building. Outside, past the vendors, past the noise of the streets, there stood a lake about three blocks away from our original setting. This lake was vacant of any people until this individual stepped foot on the grass surrounding it. With a set of black boots, sleek black pants, a leather jacket, and a single black glove on his right hand, the camera picked up the visual image of one Rafe White. His face gave off an expression of concentration, as he stared into the water for a moment, taking a slow stroll on the grass. His breath was steady, taking a moment to construct his words. Once he did, he spoke with a soft tone.

As the prophecy foretold, David defeats Goliath.

I mean, to be fair, did anyone really expect for any other result? Did anyone really think for a moment that I, a man of faith, would lose to a belligerent fool such as TANK? For the second time in a row, I have once again spoiled my match ahead of its occurrence. To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t even bother to hear what he had to say to me before the match. I can only assume it was the same old tired speech, full of lies and contradictions. I had countless other things to take care of besides wasting my time watching a man-child ramble about me, and my victory only helps construct the presumption I had. This, my friends, is true. A simple man who believed only in himself wouldn’t have survived TANK in such a brutal match, or even Mercenary for that matter. But here I stand before you, more than just a man. I did what many consider “difficult” with the snap of my fingers. Of course, I suffered the pain of being put through a table at the hands of TANK, but…

He smiled a sly grin, stopping in his tracks.

The pain Ace King felt was much worse.

He took a step forward, offering his hand out to the camera.

As I reach my hand out Ace…. I feel your sorrow. I feel the pain, regret, and rage in your soul, for letting yourself be so easily fooled. This pain you feel is so much more than physical. Your pride, and dare I say, your ego, has been crippled because of what happened at Hardcore Revolution. The secluded comfort you felt speaking to Jim Connors led to, what you may call, a “sneak” attack. But you know the rules of this game Ace. You know that around here, regardless of the brand, you always have to watch your back. What you may consider an act of a coward, is quite simply an opportunity that presented itself to us. Kendrick Kross, myself, and Axel Zane, who I will speak on in just a moment, saw an opportunity to send a message. The Messiah Bomb through an office table was the ink written to the rest of RAMPAGE. To say I sympathize with you at all would be a complete lie, rather… I feel joyful to know how human you really are.

His hand slowly retracted, reaching itself into the pocket of his jacket for comfort, as he looked up in the sky.

Too often, men such as yourself tend to believe that they’re immortal. You believe that because you have a championship title, or in your case, two of them, on your shoulders, you think you are the be all-end-all of this company. Of course, to you, that’s not how it is at all. You try to defend your ego by saying you’re a “hard worker”. You believe that those two words alone excuse you to run rampant and just have this confidence. It’s been long overdue for you to finally be the victim for once. To show these people you aren’t all-powerful. By having those titles, you paint a bullseye directly on your forehead, and it was about time someone took the shot, so you have no one else to blame but yourself for letting your guard down. In the terms of a “gambler”, I guess you could say, the house always wins.

He chuckled softly, letting out a soft sigh before nodding.

Believe me Ace, we will meet again. As for the specific situation, you and I simply have to wait and see. But I have oh-so much more to say to you when that time comes. Now… now there is, how did it go… “a conflict of interests”, I have to settle.

His smile went away in a casual manner, as his usual, blank expression was plastered on his face.

Now, while I can’t begin to comprehend the inner workings of BRAWL’s esteemed general manager, I can give those listening to me right now my take on what a “conflict of interests” means to me. To many of you, you believe that because Axel Zane and I assisted one another in a mutual goal, we have something to settle. Truth be told, I approve of Axel to a certain degree. Like me, he is new to the BRAWL audience. He is undefeated here, coming off two victories in impressive fashion. Our conflict with one another isn’t spawned from our actions of Hardcore Revolution, rather… it’s more of our, “views” on this Earth we both live in.

Rafe took a moment, rummaging through his pants pocket to pull out a small book. This book, in question, was a pocket bible. Rather than read a passage, he held it to present to the audience.

My view is compiled in these pages. Wherever I go, no matter the country, continent, or plane of existence, I carry with me my higher power’s word. My view is to bring peace, prosperity, and ultimately, a better way of life to those in desperate need of it. Axel, on the other hand…

He closed his eyes for a moment, almost grimacing at the thought of his opponent.

He seeks to feed off of the evil written in this piece of holy literature and use it against those to fuel his drive for blood lust.

He opened his eyes, licking his lips and scratching his chin, before slowly taking a seat on the grass. He sat with his elbows on his knees, watching the water in front of him flow softly. He spoke, not acknowledging the camera with his vision.

I know your pain, Axel. While I don’t know your life story, or why you actually choose to be this way other than what you’ve told us, I can safely say you’re someone that understands suffering this mortal coil you’re trapped in. I wonder as to what caused this mindset of unleashing your anger and rage onto the rest of this world. A bad childhood… a criminal record… who knows? It’s not my place to judge. The principles of my views, my prophetic visions, aren’t based on assumptions, they are based off of the words and actions of another man. You speak of being this being of evil, and I simply shake my head in disappointment. You capitalize off of fear, and wish to spread it like a plague to make victim after victim, and why? Because you’re a man who likes to see others suffer? Because your own life has been so unfortunate for you that you wish to self-project that feeling of despair on others?

He turned his head, his look now more stern than anything else. He breathed through his nostrils, clearly antagonized by Axel’s previous words.

Let me make something clear to you, Axel. You may be undefeated so far, and you may think that you’re on the path to something great, but the life you live at the moment is one that will lead you to a path of self-destruction. There have been-oh so many wrestlers like you who repeat the same message about being a sickness, only to burn yourself out before you can make it to the top. Evil has no layers to it, as it is simply a raging fire that can easily be put out by men like me, who wield hope in his hand.

He holds up his pocket bible, pointing at the cover with vigor.

This, Axel, THIS, is the answer to all of your questions. For every evil act you intend, there is a way to counter it through the wisdom written in here. Regardless of our previous interaction, regardless of what you say about me or my beliefs, it is nothing but heresy to the highest regard to try and throw me off of my game. TANK, Mercenary, Faith Rivers, all three competitors that doubted myself and HIM, MY LORD, YOUR LORD. OUR. LORD!

His voice had picked up in tone, and it only took a few seconds for him to push himself off of the ground and speak into the camera.

Deny his word all you want, but I am evidence that his will is being done here on the Earth he created! Again and again, through the trials and tribulations I am put through, I rise above his challenges and come out a better man because of it! I have faced giants, potential superstars, and naysayers who believed they were above my book. The difference between you and I Axel, is while I accepted the bad times and obstacles in my way, you decided to give up before reaching the finish line and using evil as a marketing tool. You speak of taking down heroes, you promote this idea that this era, this AGE, is yours to conquer. Look around you Axel, this is a Godless land that is in need of order, unity, and a greater purpose. You believe that because you defeated two lowly men you’re all of a sudden someone to be recognized, but I acknowledge those wins as hollow victories, similar to your words, as they mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. What, in theory, happens if the “Age of Axel” materializes itself and becomes reality? You become a target for those wanting to strike you where you stand. Look, LOOK at what you did at Hardcore Revolution, striking down a man who believed in the same idea as you. You attacked the very thing you are wanting to be, and the irony in that is just rich.

He paused, collecting his breath, before continuing in a calmer tone.

You and I do not have to agree with one another. You and I do not have to play nice, but you will learn to co-exist with me for the time being as we work as a unit to prove BRAWL’s dominance over RAMPAGE. I speak my words because I deny your brand of inhumanity and cruelty, for this is my duty. I was not set here in the EWC to control this brand or become a dominant face… but to spread a message to those in need of it. One of us is set to have their winning streak broken, and the evidence points that I, Rafe White, will be victorious from my past encounters. This darkness you speak of will not affect me, as I carry with me the torch of God. I will search through this valley of despair, and will plant hope to rid BRAWL of not just your dark void, but of those like you who wish to infect this brand, for he has given me this power to rid this world of evil. You may not accept this Axel, but you will learn to recognize it, and once I defeat you in the middle of that ring, and you look up towards his kingdom in heaven, you will know your impurity will never overthrow his power.

For that is his will, and I, The Sage, The Prophet, Rafe White, his humble servant, will see to it that it is done, to the valiant end.

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