A Company A Family A Weakness

Post by Karzan Locke on Mar 4, 2020 17:18:07 GMT -6

“This world discarded you without knowing your true worth.
But, if you follow me you will make them all remember.”


We find ourselves peering in on a poor hapless journalist trying to make his way in the world. He even went so far as to learn English. And yet for all his struggles and trials he has finally hit a brick wall. Trying to get a word out of this mammoth of man who has been standing in front of a punching bag for upwards of 15 minutes.

“Ummm, Mr Locke?”

Every now and then the mountain drags a finger down the bag and cocks his head to the side. The journalist looks around the small gym in the small seaside town and sees that people are avoiding this hulk. However as much as they probably want to flee, they’re very interested in someone who should not physically exist. When he looks back at the behemoth, he feels a great fear well up inside of him as he locks eyes with this beast. His legs feel weak and he drops to the ground.

“I admire family. My Family is the most important thing in the omniverse to me. Mother gave us everything we need. She gave us power and purpose. So, when I see that the men who will be on the opposite side of the ring to me are a family it makes me realise how truly disadvantaged I am. Their bond is truly beautiful.”

The leviathan wraps his arms around the boxing bag as if embracing it one would a lover.

“But it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t beautiful.”

The colossus begins to squeeze.

“There is life in family. My life is My Family. Everything I do is for Mother and the Family she has cultivated. So, it is going to be so very sweet when I crush them. When I make them realise how worthless their ties are to each other. Because they believe in these earthly vanities like money. But that’s all ephemeral. In life there is only power, and the true power is Fear.

Their connections to each other will ultimately be their downfall.

When they watch on in horror as I squeeze the life from their bodies and feast on their flesh they will realise where power truly lies.

It isn’t in a corporation. It isn’t in money.

It’s Fear. It’s Me. It is Mother.

And when they’ve given up and they’re searching for something to save them.

They will remember.

They will remember, Mother.”

And with a sickening pop the punching bag explodes forth. We leave the small gym. We leave the journalist questioning everything he thought he knew.

What do you think?

Written by EWC Staff

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